Katawa Nobilis

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Katawa Nobilis

Post by DMGnome » Thu Mar 10, 2011 1:00 am

We've got threads turning the Katawa Shoujo characters into MtG cards, Yu-Gi-Oh cards, statting them up in Bliss Stage . . . that's awesome. I've enjoyed both Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh in the past, and Bliss Stage is great.

But my go-to game is Nobilis. Coincidentally, the third edition of Nobilis has just been released.

Nobilis is a diceless RPG wherein you play the anthropomorphic personification of one of the building blocks of reality. You're walking around one day, when suddenly an Angel or a Devil or something much, much weirder appears in front of you and jams a shard of its soul into your heart, and now you are Storms, or Fire, or Hope, or Chains, or pretty much anything, really.

It is your duty to rule over that aspect of reality which you now control. You must guide it and protect it from those which would do it harm. When you're not busy with that . . . well, you can do pretty much anything you want.

Congratulations, you're now a god. What will you do next?

The obligatory poetic description concluded, I've decided to stat up the KS characters as Nobles. Because I can.

Shizune Hakamichi
Power of Competition


Aspect 1 (7 AMP)
Domain 2 (7 DMP)
Persona 4 (7 PMP)
Treasure 0 (7 TMP)

Estate Properties
Competition has winners and losers. (2)
Competition rewards success and punishes failure. (2)
Competition is never trivial. (3)

Eye of the Student Council
(Greater Divination of Yamaku [5 cp], Hard miracle [-3], Local [-1], Comprehensive use [-1], Uncommon [+1], 1 cp total)

Bonds and Afflictions
Bond: Misha is my translator and my friend. (4)
Bond: Lilly and I are enemies. (2)
Bond: Deaf (3)
Bond: Mute (3)
Afflictions: I can’t actually control my Anchors. (1)

Passions and Skills
Passion: I have to be the winner! (5)
Skill: Keen tactical mind (3)
Skill: Sign language (2)
Cool 4
Shine 4

Describing things, for those people (unfortunately, most of the world) who aren't familiar with Nobilis.

Attributes are the meat of the system. They go from 0 to 5. Higher is better, letting you do more things more easily. Each Attribute has a pool of Miracle Points (MPs) which let you go beyond your normal capabilities and do extraordinary things.
Extraordinary even for you, that is. You're mostly a god now, so you're pretty damn extraordinary on your own.

Aspect is the attribute that governs how physically and mentally godlike you've become. At 0, you're still human, more or less. At 5, you have superhuman speed, strength, and precision. You can outwrestle a bear, outthink Hawking, and outfight a small army, and you can probably do all three at once if you want. At Aspect 1, Shizune is a little sharper, faster, stronger than she was as a mortal, but she's mostly human. If she wants to dodge bullets, she's going to have to spend MPs.

Domain is the attribute that governs your control over manifestations of your Estate (that bit of reality you rule over). At Domain 0, you're a pawn of your Estate. It can cry out for your help if an enemy is trying to hurt it, but you can't do anything with your Estate without spending MPs. At Domain 5, you can create instances of your Estate with a wave of your hand, or destroy them with the same. The Power of Ice, for instance, could crush a city block with a glacier, or turn Greenland green, one acre at a time. With Domain 2, Shizune's direct control over Competitions is limited. She can tell what any given competition is about, or when it started, or similar minor info-gathering tasks.

Persona is the attribute that lets you affect what your Estate means. With Persona 0, you're extremely limited in your ability to affect what your Estate means. At Persona 5, you can change how the world experiences your Estate. Most Persona miracles draw on your Estate Properties: you can make something more or less like your Estate. With Persona 4, Shizune can make anything into a competition. She can turn a friendly game of Risk into a battle for the fate of humanity, or at least make everybody act as though it were. With a bit of effort, she can remove the Competition-ness from something, turning the Olympics into eh, just another one of those race things, we have those all the time.

Treasure describes a noble's iconography, those things and people which serve them. At Treasure 0, you don't have a lot of stuff, or you can't do much with the stuff you have. Any followers you have are human, or near as makes no dammit. At Treasure 5, your vaults are stuffed with riches, and you can call upon the power of your treasures to accomplish a wide variety of effects. At Treasure 0, Shizune is pretty much self-reliant. She has Misha, and that's about it.

Gifts are miscellaneous magical and miraculous abilities that you can use, from flight to fire breath to immortality. Shizune's Eye of the Student Council Gift lets her know about pretty much anything that happens in Yamaku, although it costs 2 MP of any type every time she uses it.

Bonds and Afflictions define truths about your character. They are generally phrased as things you must do, things you can't do, and things you are powerfully motivated by. When you do something in service of a Bond, you get free Strike, which makes it easier to do those things if someone opposes you. Afflictions work differently: they're always on, and people trying to counter them have to pay extra to do so. When Bonds or Afflictions make trouble for you, you get MPs.

Finally, Passions and Skills are pretty straightforward. They're the things you were good at or that drove you back when you were mortal. There are two special qualities lumped in with Passions and Skills: Shine and Cool. Cool makes it harder to interfere with you. You're too cool to be messed with. Shine lets you inspire people, and lets them do better than they could have without you.

Well, that's that. Thoughts?

EDIT: Messed up some of my math. Shizune should have 7 MP for each Attribute.
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Re: Katawa Nobilis

Post by Grand Haberdasher » Thu Mar 10, 2011 3:52 am

I don't know jack about Nobilis beyond what you posted, but I approve nonetheless. Now, let me throw my ill-informed thoughts into the ring!

Emi: Power of Exercise. Given her speed, she might have an aspect higher than Shizune. She'd probably have a fair bit of Shine, given her ability to get Hisao to stay healthy. She'd have a bond with Nurse, besides the obvious one with Rin.

Hanako: Power of Moe. Skills in chess and reading. Maybe a bond with Yuuko, besides the Lilly one. Afflictions related to her problems with people and her scars.

Rin: Power of Art. All I got is that she'd have a lot of Cool.

Lilly: Power of Tea.
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Re: Katawa Nobilis

Post by DMGnome » Thu Mar 10, 2011 11:10 am

That's pretty close to what I had in mind.
I envisioned Emi as the Power of Health. She doesn't have much direct control of Health itself, but she can tell how healthy something is, and with some effort, she can preserve and strengthen someone's existing Health. Aspect 4 or 5, which lets her do some kind of ridiculous things, especially with effort (like dodge bullets, or outrun lasers), but she's a goddess, mostly literally, so cut her some slack.
I kind of see Hanako as the Power of Scars, since they take up so much of her mind-space, and give her Estate Properties like "Scars change how the world looks at you."
Rin's definitely the Power of Art. With the properties "Art is incomprehensible" and "Art doesn't mean anything", she's got some fun options for Persona miracles.
Lilly's the Power of Tea.

Hisao, I'm probably going to stat him as the Power of the Heart, both the literal organ and its connections to love and choices.
Kenji, I have no idea what he'd be the Power of. Whiskey? Masculinity? Men? Paranoia? I think I'll probably just end up making him a really, really weird mortal.
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Re: Katawa Nobilis

Post by Grand Haberdasher » Fri Mar 11, 2011 2:25 am

DMGnome wrote:I think I'll probably just end up making him a really, really weird mortal.
Ooh, I like this idea. I gather that the Nobilis universe runs on some pretty strange rules, so anybody who's figured out THE TRUTH is going seem like an utter loon. Maybe Kenji had a run-in with the Power of Feminism?
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Re: Katawa Nobilis

Post by Rohalmen509 » Fri Mar 11, 2011 4:12 pm

DMGnome wrote: Kenji, I have no idea what he'd be the Power of. Whiskey? Masculinity? Men? Paranoia? I think I'll probably just end up making him a really, really weird mortal.

Must you ask? He has the Power of Conspiracy Theory, which gives insight onto everyone.
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Re: Katawa Nobilis

Post by DMGnome » Sat Mar 12, 2011 11:09 pm

A word about the cosmology of Nobilis: the world is round and floats in an endless void. It’s possible to leave the planet, but it’s hard and there’s not much out there. This is the scientific view of the world, called “Prosaic Reality” by Nobles and their ilk. It is a valid model of the world, more or less.
Then there’s Mythic Reality, where the world is flat and hangs from the branches of an enormous tree called the World Ash. The Ash is rooted in Hell, and Heaven rests on its upper branches. Surrounding the Ash is a wall of blue-white flames, separating Creation from the Outside.
Nobles are advised not to do miracles in front of normal humans. Mortals who see miracles being done are often forced to see Mythic Reality instead of Prosaic Reality. It’s called dementia animus, and it is officially a Bad Thing.

On to Emi!

Emi Ibarazaki
Power of Health

Aspect 5 (5 AMP)
Domain 2 (5 DMP)
Persona 1 (5 PMP)
Treasure 0 (5 TMP)

Estate Properties

Health requires vigilance and determination! (1)
Health is something you have to work for! (2)
Health is always achievable! (2)
Being healthy is fun! (2)



Bond: No legs (3)
Bond: I’m the fastest! (4)
Bond: I’m always cheerful! Always. (2)
Bond: I like helping people! (2)
Bond: I’m friends with Rin. (1)
Affliction: No one seems to take me seriously! (1)

Skills/Passions (Once you’ve got at least Aspect 3, Skills and Passions are mostly useless. But they’re here anyway, to indicate what she was like as a mortal.)
Skill: Runner 3
Skill: Paying Attention -1
Skill: Puppy dog eyes 2
Shine 4
Cool 4

A note about Shine and Cool: they only work on mortals. Nobles are immune to both the negative effects of Cool and the positive effects of Shine. Each point of Aspect gives you one free point of Cool and each point of Persona gives you a free point of Shine. If a character’s got more than that, that means they had some Shine or Cool before enNoblement. Oh, and Emi’s has Cool 4 instead of 5 because she had Cool -1 as a mortal.

Durant is a gift that makes Emi really hard to hurt. (Nobles are damn near impossible to kill, but Durant gives broader protection from injury.)

Emi's an Aspect-based character, so here are rules for Aspect!
Miracles work like this:
-Each attribute has ten miracle levels.
-You can do miracles up to your attribute level for free. For instance, Emi has Aspect 5, so she can do miracles level 0 to 5 without spending MP.
-Beyond that, you spend miracle points to do miracles of up to level (Attribute) + (MP spent).
-But you can only spend MP in groups of 1, 2, 4, or 8. So Emi can spend 2 MP to do a level 7 Aspect miracle. If she wants to do a level 8 OR a level 9 miracle, she has to spend 4 MP.
-Spending 8 MP at once also gives you a Terrible wound.

For Aspect, miracles are:
0: Peak performance. An ordinary human on a good day. You can lose a footrace, but it’ll be because you’re slower, not because you tripped on a rock or haven’t eaten breakfast yet.
1: High-level human. You’re a little bit better than an ordinary human. You can win a footrace, but not the Olympics.
2: World-record performance. Now you can win the Olympics.
3: You are perfect. You’re as good as the best human, ever, and you perform tasks with flawless grace and timing.
4: You’re more than perfect. Add incredible mental and physical force to whatever you want to do.
5: You’re a legend. You have perfect control over your body and mind.
6: You’re just plain ridiculous. You can act with arbitrarily high strength and speed, but you still have to (mostly) obey the laws of physics. You can’t pick up a mountain, because it’ll crumble. You can pick up something that weighs as much as a mountain.
7: You’re the stuff of fairy tales, but only short-term and locally. You can stomp the ground and make a Mt. St. Helens erupt, as long as you’re nearby. (Although depending on how volcano-proof you are, this may be a bad idea.)
8: You’re the stuff of fairy tales, period. You can stomp the ground and make Mt. St. Helens erupt, and also you’re in China.
9: You’ve mastered the technique. You can pick a level 7 or 8 ability and use it over and over for the rest of the story. You’ve mastered the Volcano Stomp! Use it as much as you want! (Although people would probably appreciate it if you didn’t.)
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Re: Katawa Nobilis

Post by griffon8 » Sun Mar 13, 2011 12:49 am

All I know about Nobilis is from this thread. I might have to check it out.

I like this so far. You've done my two favorites. :)
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Re: Katawa Nobilis

Post by DMGnome » Mon Mar 14, 2011 11:16 pm

The spiritual hierarchy of Nobilis!
You’re a Noble now, so you’re pretty awesome. Being able to drop-kick people into orbit earns you some respect. But you’re not the biggest fish in the sea. Above you are the Imperators. They’re the ones who made you a noble in the first place.
Imperators are . . . weird. Some are Angels, or Devils. There are the Magisters of the Light, who seek humanity’s preservation, and the Magisters of the Dark, who seek its destruction. The Aaron’s Serpents are snakes hundreds of miles long, born from the World Ash itself. The Wildlords are beings from beyond the Weirding Wall who have become trapped within Creation. True Gods are . . . well, they’re about half-plant, half-amoeba, half-primordial ooze, and nigh-omnipotent.
The Imperators are made of spiritus Dei, the raw stuff behind Creation. They are the causa causans, literally "cause of causes," the first cause. Each Imperator defines and embodies and controls and is a set of concepts. Parasiel, the Hundred-Handed Angel, is the Imperator of Conspiracy, Debate, Festivals, and Trade. Merely by existing he causes these things to exist in all the worlds on the Ash.
An Imperator has the ability to take a small part of its soul and implant it into the heart of any being it wishes, making that being into a Noble. Most Nobles are human, but some are animals, and some are something stranger (Walking Eye, the Power of Borders, used to be a pile of road dirt).
Imperators create Nobles because most Imperators can only be in one place at a time. Nobles can take care of social calls, promote their Imperator’s interests in the world, and—most importantly—protect their Imperator’s physical body. Because you see, most Imperators don’t spend much time in either Prosaic or Mythic Reality. They spend most of their time in the Deep Mythic, fighting the Great War against the reality-destroying beings called the Excrucians.
But more on that later. Now, on to Rin!

Rin Tezuka
Power of Art


Aspect 0 (5 AMP)
Domain 4 (5 DMP)
Persona 4 (5 PMP)
Treasure 0 (5 TMP)

Estate Properties

Art can’t be understood. (2)
Art doesn’t have a meaning. (2)
Art justifies its own existence. (3)



Bond: No arms (3)
Bond: Nobody seems to understand me for some reason. (2)
Bond: Emi is my friend, even if she’s a little frivolous. (1)
Bond: I’m an artist. (5)
Bond: I am completely unflappable. (2)

Skill: Artist 4
Skill: Doing stuff with my feet 2
Skill: Normal conversation -1
Skill: Philosophizing 2

Elusive is a simple gift which protects Rin from any attempt to mess with her mind. Mind control, hypnosis, memory changes, they all either bounce off or get blunted, even if those effects are miraculous in origin.

Rin’s got pretty high Domain, so here are the rules to go with that!
-Domain (indeed, every attribute) uses the same rules as Aspect in determining how much each miracle costs. If Rin wants to use a level 0, 1, 2, or 3 Domain miracle, that’s free. Level 4, still free. Level 5 costs 1 DMP a pop, and level 6 miracles cost 2 DMP each. Levels 7 and 8 will cost her 4 MP, and using a level 9 miracle will cost her 8 MP and a wound. (She doesn’t normally have 8 MP to spend, but it’s possible to go over starting levels through various means.)
-Level 0 Domain miracles are Estate-driven Divinations. See those Estate properties? If someone starts messing with them, you can tell. This is usually a sign that someone’s got plans against you, so it’s a nice early warning system, but it can be fooled or blocked.
-Level 1 Domain miracles are ghost miracles. You can do minor, unimportant things. The Power of Fire can light cigarettes. The Power of Water can dampen things. Rin, as the Power of Art, can make small, uninteresting paintings and sculptures.
-Level 2 Domain miracles are Lesser Divinations and Conversations. You can find out basic information about your Estate. Rin can learn who painted a certain painting and when. You can also talk to an instance of your Estate and persuade it to do little things. The Power of Cars can ask a car to move over so he can park, and it probably will. Rin can ask a painting to change which shade of blue it uses for the sky.
-Level 3 Domain miracles are Lesser Preservations, used to preserve or strengthen an instance of your Estate. Rin can make a painting weatherproof.
-Level 4 miracles are Lesser Creations, Summonings, and Animations. You can make a new instance of your Estate, call a pre-existing one to your location, or make your Estate move for you. Rin can make a painting, instantly. She can make a piece of artwork appear in front of her. She can make a sculpture come to life.
-Level 5 miracles are Lesser Destructions and Greater Divinations. Lesser Destructions destroy an instance of your Estate, in whole or in part. Rin can destroy a sculpture, or just its visibility. Greater Divinations use your Estate as a spy. Rin can find out about something that happened in front of a piece of art. Greater Divinations can also give occasional glimpses of the future.
-Level 6 miracles are Lesser Motions and Greater Preservations. Lesser Motions mess with the fate of a single instance of your Estate—Rin can change history to make Joe Snarfleman the guy who painted the Mona Lisa. Lesser Motions are purposefully vague in their capabilities, but they can generally only affect one instance of your Estate at a time. If you want to make Joe Snarfleman the creator of all the world’s greatest works of art, it’ll take a lot of time. Greater Preservations preserve and strengthen a lot of your Estate, and they do it well. Rin can make MoMA immune to anything but a nuke.
-Level 7 miracles are Greater Creations, Summonings, and Animations. You can create vast amounts of your Estate. Rin can remake the Colossus of Rhodes. Or she can make fifteen of them with equal ease. (Because really, why stop at one?)
-Level 8 miracles are Greater Destructions, which destroy equally vast amounts of your Estate. Poof. There are now no cave paintings left anywhere.
-Level 9 miracles are Greater Motions, which allow you to screw with fate and history on the large scale. Pretty much anything you can imagine doing with Art, Rin can do at this level. Da Vinci? Who’s that? Oh, you mean Joe Snarfleman. Mortals often look at the effects of Greater Motions and sense that something is wrong somehow, but other than a lingering unease, there’s nothing left of the old world.
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Re: Katawa Nobilis

Post by Grand Haberdasher » Tue Mar 15, 2011 2:24 am

DMGnome wrote:There are the Magisters of the Light, who seek humanity’s preservation, and the Magisters of the Light, who seek its destruction.
I'm gonna go out on a limb here, and guess that one of these is supposed to be the Magisters of the Dark.
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Re: Katawa Nobilis

Post by DMGnome » Tue Mar 15, 2011 10:41 am

. . . Yes.

I feel silly. Fix'd.
Fans destroy things by loving them too much. This is one of the fundamental laws of the universe.

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Re: Katawa Nobilis

Post by DMGnome » Mon Mar 21, 2011 11:28 pm

They rode into Creation from the Lands Beyond, mounted on pale horses. Their swords can cut soul from body, and they slew their way to the gates of Heaven before they were turned back by the unleashed power of Attaris Ebrôt Appêkã, the newly fledged Imperatrix of the Third Age. They dared not fight her; as the Imperator of the Age of Pain, Attaris was the very war they fought, and so they retreated, for a little while.
They are beautiful, more beautiful than even the Angels.
Their eyes are night-black and filled with falling stars.
They seek the end of all Creation.
They call themselves the Children of Harumaph; who or what Harumaph is, no one seems to know.
To us, they are the Excrucians.

The Deceivers say they love us, but they love us for what we truly are, not for what we pretend to be. They seek to free us from the lies of Creation and release the truth underneath.
The Warmains seek to test themselves against the forces of Creation. They will fight you, and they will break you. If you best a Warmain, then you are truly a thing to be admired. And so that Warmain will kill you, because they love those good enough to best them, and they claim that those they kill live on forever within them.
Mimics look like Imperators. They act like Imperators. They can create Powers. But in a Mimic’s heart twists a piece of the void, poisoning everything it does.

Finally, the Strategists.
Strategists hate Creation. To them, Creation is foulest blasphemy against the purity of the Lands Beyond. They armor themselves in the stuff of the Void, and they come to destroy Creation for the crime of existing.
Strategists are abominations. They are sick and twisted and wrong and they blame us for that.

On that note, on to Hanako!

Hanako Ikezawa
Power of Scars


Aspect 1 (5 AMP)
Domain 4 (5 DMP)
Persona 2 (5 PMP)
Treasure 0 (5 TMP)

Estate Properties
Scars are both physical and mental. (1)
Scars change how the world looks at you. (2)
Scars change how you look at yourself. (2)
Scars last forever. (2)


Unblemished Guise

Affliction: Scarred (5)
Bond: Lilly is my (only) friend. (4)
Bond: Reading is a way to escape. (2)
Bond: I’m scared. (2)

Skill: Chess 1
Skill: Reading 2
Skill: Social Interaction -1
Skill: Being Alone 1
Skill: Run Away! 1
Skill: So frickin’ adorable 3

I was tempted to give Hanako the Fire-Breathing gift, but I went with Unblemished Guise instead, which lets her temporarily hide her miraculous nature and pretend to be a normal mortal.

And with Hanako done, it’s probably time to explain Persona.
Persona is attribute dealing with what things mean. Whereas Domain lets the Power of Fire summon wildfires and burn down forests, Persona lets the Power of Fire be like Fire: hot and hungry and destructive. Persona lets the Power of the Sun bring enlightenment to the masses, or the Power of Wolves make someone remember what it’s like to be alone on a dark night with something hungry and fierce and stronger than you out there hunting.
Same cost rules apply as for Aspect and Domain.
Persona 0 is the Sight: you can see people who have a strong connection to your Estate. You can recognize Nobles of closely related Estates, or Excrucians attacking your Estate.
Persona 1 miracles are Blessings and Curses. You give someone or something a tiny bit of the essence of your Estate, or you take just a tiny bit away from them. Rin can make someone a bit more or less artistic, or make them more or less easy to understand (because one of Art’s properties is “Art can’t be understood.”)
Persona 2 miracles are Lesser Incarnations. You can spend time as an instance of your Estate: Shizune can be present in any competition, Hanako can spend time as someone’s mental or physical scars, etc. Fuller explanation of Lesser Incarnations is available here: http://imago.hitherby.com/?p=6289
Persona 3 is Lesser Emulation. You apply one of your Estate’s Properties to yourself as an Affliction. Hanako can make herself temporarily immortal (because Scars last forever).
Persona 4 is Lesser Enchantment. You make something else more like your Estate. The Power of Frogs can turn someone into a frog, or she can just make them ooze slime or give them the ability to jump really well. The thing is still what it was before; new properties are added, but old ones aren’t removed, just hidden, preserved, or suspended. If Rick gets turned into a frog, he’s still recognizable as Rick, assuming you’re willing to accept the possibility that Rick might be a frog now.
Persona 5 miracles are Lesser Sacrifices, which remove your Estate’s nature from a thing. That thing still exists, but it’s no longer part of your Estate. A race might no longer be a Competition, but it still exists as, perhaps, an Exercise. You can also remove your Estate’s properties from a thing: Shizune can make something unimportant (because Competitions are never trivial).
Persona 5 miracles also include Greater Incarnations, which let you incarnate in places like Heaven or Hell, and also let you incarnate in multiple places at once. The Power of Rain can be in every raindrop in the world. The Power of Cities can be in every city. Et cetera.
Persona 6 miracles are Lesser Bindings and Greater Emulations. Lesser Bindings affect how someone relates to your Estate. Emi can make someone driven to exercise obsessively, or make someone so anti-exercise he or she starts firebombing gyms. Greater Emulations apply your Estate’s Properties to you, writ large. Hanako becomes an avatar of change, or Shizune draws everybody’s attention for miles around.
Persona 7 miracles are Greater Enchantments, allowing you to imbue things with your Estate either on a larger scale or more powerfully. Hanako can make a building last forever, period. Nothing short of nuclear annihilation will scratch it, and even that probably wouldn’t do more than break a window or two.
Persona 8 miracles are Greater Sacrifices, allowing you to steal your Estate’s nature from things on an epic scale. Rin can make cryptography useless by making codes easy to understand.
Persona 9 miracles are Greater Bindings, which change how large parts of the world interact with your Estate. Emi can make entire countries obsessively devoted to health.
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Re: Katawa Nobilis

Post by Grand Haberdasher » Thu Mar 24, 2011 3:03 am

DMGnome wrote:They call themselves the Children of Harumaph; who or what Harumaph is, no one seems to know.
It's really hard for me to take seriously something that looks so much like "Harrumph." :D
Hanako can make herself temporarily immortal (because Scars last forever).
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Re: Katawa Nobilis

Post by Mirage_GSM » Thu Mar 24, 2011 3:32 am

Sounds to me like in this game you can dupe your way into doing just about everything...
Excrucians, Deceivers, Warmains, Strategists... All of them Abominations that hate Creation... Anything to distinguish them from each other :?:
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Re: Katawa Nobilis

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Mirage_GSM wrote:Sounds to me like in this game you can dupe your way into doing just about everything...
That's part of the fun! Really, basic immortality is only a point or two of Affliction: I can't age or die, and even hardcore laugh-off-a-nuke immortality is a Gift straight from the book. The HG (Hollyhock God, the game's name for the GM. In game symbology, the Hollyhock represents vanity and ambition) is told to never say "No" when a player asks "Can I do this?" Answers the HG can give include "Yes," "Yes, but there's a catch," "How would you do that?" and "You can try!"
Mirage_GSM wrote:Excrucians, Deceivers, Warmains, Strategists... All of them Abominations that hate Creation... Anything to distinguish them from each other :?:
"Excrucians" is a blanket term for Deceivers, Warmains, Mimics, and Strategists alike. While they all want Creation to end, their motives and means are pretty different.
Deceivers have plans within plans; they never use a knife when they can use poison, and they never use poison when a lie will be enough. With Deceivers, a lie or two is often huge overkill. Deceivers also have access to the Ritual of Two Skins, which lets them take on the form and powers of any individual, usually a Power or an Imperator.
Warmains are forceful and direct. They don't back down until you've lost. When you're dealing with a Warmain, losing is probably your best option.
Mimics are patient. They've got all the power of an Imperator, they don't need to act quickly. Even if you're sure that a given Imperator is actually a Mimic, you have to figure out how to get rid of them without ending up dead or worse, and with a minimum of collateral damage to the fabric of reality. Mimics are still Imperators, sort of, so they're the source of certain Estates. If you're not careful, those Estates might end up gone or heavily damaged.
Strategists are the only Excrucians who actually hate Creation, or at least they're the only ones who admit it. They're not able to stay in Creation long; it's anathema to them. When they finally do give up and die, their essence flees back to the Void, where they wait to regain their strength before plunging once more into Creation.
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Re: Katawa Nobilis

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The Aaron’s Serpents are the children of the Ash. They are snakes hundreds of miles long. Among the Imperators, they are perhaps the mildest. They hold the Ash and the stars sacred, but they are passive in the extreme. They do not act except to protect the Ash from harm, and sometimes not even then. Still, do not use fire or axe while walking on the Ash. While the Aaron’s Serpents are usually peaceful, they’re still hundred-mile snakes, and it’s best not to irritate them.
The True Gods are the raw essence of life. In form, they are a confusing fusion of amoeba, plant, and fungus. They desire food, sex, et cetera—for that, they are somewhat more like mortals than other types of Imperators. They’re life as it once was, before things like “thought” and “bodies” got in the way. But they’re still Gods, and still unpredictable.
The Wildlords are alien to Creation. They espouse the doctrine of freedom. They claim that sanity and mundanity are prisons. The Wildlords themselves ignore the laws of Creation as we know it, instead locking themselves into strange self-imposed patterns of behavior. They claim the ultimate freedom is being bound by no laws but your own; the Wildlords themselves are perfectly solipsistic. Most Nobles who follow the Code of the Wild are not nearly so devoted.
The Lightlords were born from Eve’s first bite of the apple. They seek humanity’s preservation. The Light wants to protect humans (especially from themselves). The Light is devoted to its cause, to the exclusion of everything else. The Lightlords would put Creation to the torch in order to save humanity. They would sacrifice laughter, love, joy, sadness, anger—everything that makes us human—in order to save us. Many Nobles who follow the Light do not go to such extremes, although some do.
The Darklords were born from Adam’s first bite of the apple. They seek humanity’s destruction. They’re not gods of murder, though. The Dark wants us to forget about restraint and give in to our base desires—food, drink, sex, violence, everything—until those desires destroy us. So murder is right out—it’s entirely external. Suicide? Suicide is great, the Dark loves suicides. Getting coked up and driving a stolen sports car off a cliff at a hundred miles an hour because you know you’re suddenly certain you can fly? Oh fuck yes.
Many Nobles embrace the gentler aspects of the Dark, seeking to spread human self-expression and self-determination. Among the Imperators, the Darklords actually care about you, and about who you are. Many Nobles go deeper into the Dark, though, and you should fear them.
Heaven is just and beautiful and right. Heaven cannot abide evil, though. Heaven has no mercy for sin. Heaven will tear you down and remove all the evil from you and build you back up again, better than you were before, but every human has at least a little evil in them. Heaven is good and pure and unforgiving. Not all Nobles who follow Heaven are that unforgiving. Some are.
Hell isn’t like that. Hell loves you, always. Hell loves you even when you’re bad. Hell loves you even when you’re wrong. The Devils fell from grace for having the audacity to suggest that everything was worthy of love. Even the broken things. Even the wicked things. For this, they were cast into Hell.
The Fallen love everything as it is. They won’t try to make you better. They won’t try to make you something you’re not. A friendly Angel will call the cops for your own good. A friendly Devil will help you hide the bodies.
Hell is love. That’s not to say Hell is a nice place. It isn’t. Hell is awful. It’s wrong and dirty and fundamentally impure, but that’s not what it’s about. The problem is that you can’t love the wicked things without becoming a little wicked yourself. The Fallen used to be pure and perfect. They used to be Angels. But they’ve been in Hell a long time. They’re wounded. They’re broken. Their creed used to be “Even the broken things deserve love,” but now many (most) (all) of the Devils follow the creed “The broken things deserve love most of all.” Nobles who hear the Song of Hell don’t have to go that far. Many Nobles hear the Song of Hell and make something beautiful out of that corruption. Others are as twisted and broken as Hell itself.
In the context of Katawa Shoujo, I see Shizune as a Power of Heaven, Emi as a Power of the Light, Rin as a Power of the Wild, and Hanako and Lilly as Powers of Hell. Kenji’s only a mortal, so these codes aren’t applicable to him, and which code Hisao adheres to depends on which girl he’s after.

Lilly Satou
Power of Tea


Aspect 0 (5 AMP)
Domain 1 (5 DMP)
Persona 3 (5 PMP)
Treasure 4 (5 TMP)

Estate Properties

Tea brings people together in peace and friendship. (4)
Tea brings order to the world. (1)
Tea brings ease to those who are troubled or hurt. (1)
Tea is delicious. (1)

(A note: That last Property means Lilly can use Persona miracles to make objects or people, including herself, delicious. Out of respect for Lilly and the sanctity of these boards, I will not use this ability as an excuse for cheap sexual innuendo. Nor will I reference Lucky Charms brand cereal.)



Bond: Blind (3)
Bond: I care about everyone, especially Hanako. (5)
Bond: Shizune and I are enemies. (2)
Bond: I am dignified in everything I do. (4)
Bond: I am the Representative of Class 3-2. (3)

Skill: Be domestic 3
Skill: Be refined 3
Skill: Cope with being blind 2
Shine 3

Purify is a simple gift that removes poisons from people and things. There’s a more expensive version that casts out disease and demonic influences as well, but Lilly doesn’t have the points to spare right now. Something for her to aspire to, I suppose.
Now for Treasure miracles.
Treasure miracles work through Anchors—people, creatures, objects, or places which you claim as your own. In order to claim something as an Anchor, you need to have a Bond related to it. This can be a simple link (Shizune’s “Misha is my translator and my friend”) or a more abstract one. (If you have “Bond: I’m really lucky”, then you can Anchor someone you meet as a result of your luck. If you have “Bond: I’m dying”, you can use that to Anchor a cursed sword—the sword is killing you.)
You can Anchor single entities or collections of similar entities. Each Bond can only be used for one Anchor/collection of related Anchors. Misha is Shizune’s Anchor, through “Bond: Misha is my translator and my friend.” The students in Class 3-2 count as one Anchor for the purposes of Lilly’s “Bond: I am the Representative of Class 3-2.”
There are three basic classes of Anchors:
--Ordinary Anchors, which are normal beings. Ordinary Anchors include your human friends, your parents, your car, etc.
--Wondrous Anchors, which aren’t normal things. Wondrous Anchors include magic swords, magic wands, robot servants, demon butlers, etc.
--Miraculous Anchors, which possess miraculous abilities in their own right.
Even when you’re not actively using Treasure miracles on your Anchors, those Anchors are still around, and they still have all their normal abilities. It’s just that those abilities aren’t very helpful to you. Ordinary Anchors are too normal to help much on their own and Wondrous Anchors have their natural extraordinary abilities mostly annulled by the natural ordinariness of the world at large. For Miraculous Anchors, their innate miraculous nature is tangled up with your innate miraculous nature, which warps them enough to make them only somewhat useful.
That’s only when your Anchors act alone, though. When you’re using miracles, though, all that goes out the window.
Treasure 0 miracle: Claim an Anchor. Take something connected to you by a Bond, and make it yours. This has a few side effects: any Anchor you have becomes one of the best of its kind, if you want. If you anchor your old, crappy computer, it now runs like a top-of-the-line machine. Also, you no longer need to worry about your new Anchor’s upkeep. Things like food, water, electricity, gasoline, showers, etc. are now either no longer necessary or no longer a problem. Anchors can also communicate with you from any distance. A more detailed description of Treasure 0 miracles is available here: http://imago.hitherby.com/?p=6230
Treasure 1: Possession. You pick an Anchor and use it as another body. If it’s a creature, you’re limited to its sense; if it’s an object, you can dimly sense nearby things connected to your Estate. You can use miracles freely through a possessed Anchor. Possession is neither gentle nor subtle. When you possess someone, their personality is forced out. You have complete control of their body, and they will have only dim memories of what you did with them. Shizune has an Affliction preventing her from possessing Misha without burning a lot of effort. Despite my personal suspicions about their relationship, I’m not going to let Shizune run riot in Misha’s body.
Treasure 2: Guidance. You link yourself to an Anchor, using it as an extension of yourself. While you are guiding your Anchor, it becomes better at what it does. Living Anchors become more able, and inanimate Anchors become better tools. Your Anchor retains free will, and you can use miracles through it, but using Aspect miracles will temporarily displace your Anchor’s consciousness.
Treasure 3: Unleashing Wonders. Treasure 3 miracles let you claim Wondrous Anchors, either by finding a wonder in the world and claiming it as your own, or by raising an Ordinary Anchor to the level of a wonder. Treasure 3 miracles also let you activate a Wondrous Anchor’s key power. Level 3 miracles just turn on the Anchor’s power; you have to use mundane actions or Aspect miracles to accomplish something. (For example, if you have a flaming sword, a level 3 miracle makes the sword burst into flames. In order to kill a monster with your flaming sword, you’ll need to use Aspect.)
Treasure 4: Getting some help. Treasure 4 miracles let your Anchors help you in some way, independent of your actions and attention. They aren’t able act much beyond their normal capabilities, but they can help you without you having to spend time and energy possessing them, guiding them, or unleashing and then wielding them. Level 4 miracles also give you access to your Anchors from a distance. If your Anchors are in the same city, they can turn up to help you when you need them most.
Treasure 5: Weaponizing Anchors. You can activate and strengthen the powers of a Wondrous Anchor and use it as a tool in miraculous combat. This is distinct from level 3 miracles in that a weaponized Anchor doesn’t need an extra action to attack someone; the act of targeting and hurting is part of the Treasure miracle. It’s distinct from level 4 miracles in that level 4 miracles can only help you, not hurt someone else. You can weaponize Ordinary Anchors, even thought they don’t have powers per se. Instead, weaponized Ordinary Anchors get to act with effective Aspect 3.
Treasure 6: Weaving Destiny. At level 6, you can use Ordinary and Wondrous Anchors to achieve positive, definite results. My [noun] [verbs], where [noun] is one of your Anchors and [verb] is pretty much anything: “wins the cooking competition,” “properly trains the new butler,” or “conquers Britain.” More unreasonable results take longer, but they still happen—as long as no one interferes.
Treasure 6: Unleashing Miracles. Level 6 miracles let you claim Miraculous Anchors, either by strengthening an Ordinary or Wondrous Anchor or finding something miraculous in the world and making it your own. This is usually done by beating it in a contest of miracles. Anchoring a miraculous creature subordinates it to your will, so while a few Nobles are unlucky enough to be Anchored, those Nobles are unsuitable as player characters. They’ve stopped being independent creatures and become someone else’s tool. Level 6 miracles also let you use a Miraculous Anchor’s powers.
Level 7: Getting Miraculous help. Level 7 miracles let you declare that a Miraculous Anchor does something to help or strengthen you. Level 7 miracles also give you access to your Anchors—Miraculous, Wondrous, and Ordinary—from anywhere in Creation, and most places outside it.
Level 8: Communion. Level 8 miracles alloy your power with the power of one of your Miraculous Anchors. Communion miracles produce joint effects, your Anchor’s power combined with either your Estate or what that Anchor means to you. Level 8 miracles let you strengthen your Anchor with the power of Love (or Friendship, or Hatred, or whatever).
Level 9: Imperial Miracles. Level 9 miracles use one of your Miraculous Anchors to create a miracle worthy of the Imperators. You raise an Anchor up to the power of the first cause, the spiritus dei from which Creation is made, and that Anchor Makes Something Happen. These Imperial Miracles stretch across Creation, and beyond, but they are limited by the nature of your Anchor. World-destroying horrors will speak Imperial Miracles, and those miracles will accomplish your goals, but they will reach your goals through means of horrific world-destruction. So be careful. Powers may cancel these Imperial Miracles and regain any spent MP if they decide the ends don’t justify the means.
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Fans destroy things by loving them too much. This is one of the fundamental laws of the universe.

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