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Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2009 1:38 am
by Commissar Mecha Milk

Upon a lonely mountaintop, sits a magnificent mansion, the name 'Yanmaku' proudly displayed in golden letters in a marble block set above polished gates. A thin road leads downwards towards the small town of the same name, a town built upon the fortunes of the family that owns the mansion. The family isn't all here, however; only one minor son named Hisao Nakai resides in this mansion, guarded zealously by his friend and butler Kenji Setou. It is to this idyllic place that you have been sent- well, dropped, anyway. The Nakai family is a rich one, and they have taken pains to hire the best- and get them where they're needed the quickest.

Which is why you're now floating gently to the ground, having parachuted (well, pushed) out of one of the Nakai Conglomerate's many transport planes. Your descent is further helped by the fact that your skirts seem to have billowed out into little (yet somewhat improbable) parachutes, and you glide down to a soft landing on the mansion lawn- only to be greeted by the wide-eyed butler. "WOOOOMEEEEN!" he cries, holding his hands to his head and running them through his already messy hair.


Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2009 2:22 am
by Crud Bonemeal
"H-hello. Are you Master Hisao's butler?"

The first maid to land wore a completely white uniform with a skirt much smaller than the other maids', and an embroidered pink cross on her headdress. Her blonde hair was straight, and hung down to her waist. Her bright blue eyes complemented her cheerful smile, briefly replaced by a look of surprise, not that Kenji could see it. Recovering quickly from the startling welcome, she introduced herself, completely ignoring the manservant's odd behavior.

"I'm Ayame Minamoto, I was sent here to be one of Master Hisao's maids. Where should we go to set ourselves up?"

("So, he's Kenji Setou. He's mostly blind, but he can almost sorta make out people when he wears those glasses. Kinda looks like Daniel Radcliffe, actually. But with a welcome like that, I'm worried my bosses forgot to tell me what sort of antipsychotics he needs. I'm sure Hisao will explain when I finally meet him face-to-face. Mom told me his parents spoke to him about me, I hope she didn't get her wires crossed again.")


Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2009 5:53 am
by whiteflags
[Ready, steady, go:]

Marybelle was the next person to be tossed out the deployment vessel with a surprised wail. Unprepared for the jump, she ended up falling to the side, and went end-over-end until she managed to get into a more seated position. She landed uncomfortably on her rear in the middle of the front lawn just in time to hear a man bellow, "WOOOMEEEN!!" really loud. We now join her after her recovery.

I'm alive, I thought. I found another girl in a maid's uniform and walked over, seeking a human shield, I guess. She was already asking things I probably needed to know. I straitened my headdress, and pinched her sleeve so she would notice me in a quieter way than actually speaking.

Stand at attention, I reminded myself. So, I smoothed out my apron and patted my skirt, visually confirmed the status of my stockings, and straitened my headdress before stretching myself taller. My cheeks were still hot with embarrassment after that man's screaming. I'm not sure I completely understand but so far I had the messiest landing. It was probably all my fault he got mad. What was his name again? Kenji. That man is a rather scary person. I hope to make myself useful quickly before he gets any angrier. It hasn't been too long since my parents found me this job, I cannot afford to screw it up!


Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2009 1:05 pm
by ThreeStep
Its just a short drop, don't worry. She didn't tell her self not to look down; that was a surefire way to get a broken leg which aside from being bad spiritual energy, would not be a good start to maid-hood. Instead Abagail tried to keep her uniform in position (so many pieces!) on the fall, focusing on a faraway river instead of the manicured grounds below. Closer, closer, here we go...

The third maid to drop to the ground was a couple inches above average, dirty blond hair cut in a short bob. Her gray uniform looked a little strange, like it was originally converted from another outfit, the frills and ruffles of a Maid uniform added on. She dropped with a muffled yelp and tumble, standing to compulsively straighten and brush her self off. Twice.

"Hi, I'm-" Kenji's scream cut her off. With a startled glance and turn (what is up with him?) Abagail opened her arms wide and bowed deeply in his direction. "Greetings of the Sun and Sea, Mr..."


Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2009 1:32 pm
by Crud Bonemeal

Ayame turned her head to investigate the light, almost imperceptible tug on her sleeve. She found a small, frail girl, looking as though speaking too loudly at her would shatter her like glass.

("That's Marybelle, if memory serves. She has an abnormal heart murmur, but the source was never diagnosed. As convenient as it would make my job, I doubt it's the same form of congenital arrythmia that runs in Hisao's family. In any case, she gets winded easily, so I should try to make sure she's not overexerting herself. She looks scared, I should say something.")

"Hi there. I don't think we need to worry about Mr. Butler there, either he'll calm down and help us, or he'll continue freaking out and we can find our own way."

She dropped to a whisper.

"And if he attacks, I'll knock him into next week! Hee hee! So, -"

A third maid's landing several feet away interrupted Ayame. Kenji's continued screaming drowned out whatever it was she had said, but it was no challenge to determine that it was an attempt at a greeting. Ayame called out to her.

"Hey, over here! We should get acquainted while our friend, the butler, regains his composure. I'm Ayame, my family's been serving the Nakais for a long time. Er, not that I'm bragging or anything! *sheepish chuckle*"

("So, that's, um, Abagail? She has photosensitive epilepsy, I'll need to make sure that all the lights a working properly, and I can't play video games around her, darn it. I guess I'll need to keep her away from nightclubs, too. *thought-giggle*")


Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2009 3:57 pm
by SirMax
"Oh dear." While rather half hearted as cursing went for most people, for Sarina it was close to the top of the list of "Things to Say While Angry" listed in order of profanity. Who on earth pushed people out of a plane? Trying to stay demure rather than flailing as she fell, she landed rather hard on her prosthetics. Lucky for her they were sturdy, or else she might have been more hurt by the landing. Off her balance and her "legs" wavering, she sat down rather abruptly. After a second or two of relaxing on the grass, taking a measured draw from the cigarette between her lips, she stood up carefully, relieved that her "legs" were undamaged.

As she turned towards the house, she heard Kenji's scream pierce the air and winced. Who on earth was that? He didn't fit the description of young master Nakai. Maybe he was the butler the agent had mentioned? Either way, he was a bit disturbing.Walking slowly up to the door, prosthetics making their metallic noise as she walked across the grass, Sarina noticed that there were other maids clustered around the lawn. No one had told her about any other maids. The agent had mentioned a butler and young master Nakai, but no one else. It was almost like one of those silly animes, where a young man was surrounded by girls by pure chance. She hoped that if she was going to be a love interest, Nakai was at least cute. Shaking herself out of her silly thoughts with a blush, she waved timidly at said "Um, hello. I'm Sarina."


Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2009 4:45 pm
by ThreeStep
"Greetings of the Sun and Sea." Abagail gave the same open-armed bow. "I'm Abigail." She looked over the two others, committing their faces to memory. Think of something to say. "Nice to meet you too, Ayame. Is this-" A gesture to encompass the retreating plane and screaming butler. "-normal?"

As the third newcomer appeared, Abagail began to bow. "Greetings of the-" Cut it out, you're not at home! "Um, hello. I'm Abagail." She stuck out a gloved hand.


Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2009 5:27 pm
by Crud Bonemeal
"Hi, Sarina, I'm Ayame."

She decided not to turn fully, so that Marybelle could continue clutching her sleeve until she felt safe to let go.

("Right, she doesn't have legs, she uses prosthetics. I'm starting to wonder what Hisao's parents were thinking, did they want him to see that even a stressful job like being a maid is possible with all sorts of disabilities?")

Nobody had told Ayame about Hisao's reaction to his condition, so that thought worried her. Maybe he's feeling a bit hopeless? She suddenly remembered that she'd been asked a question.

"Oh, right, him. I don't know if that sort of thing is normal for him, but usually, butlers don't freak out when maids drop from the sky. Maybe he's just excited that so many pretty girls are falling into his life! Tee-hee! So, I guess you're a first-time maid?"

("That's an odd greeting she used, is it a regional thing?")


Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2009 7:26 pm
by whiteflags
Releasing Ayame and bowing, I said, "I'm Marybelle. I'm new at this," in my outside voice. I should have mentioned what I'm good at, since I'd be working with her, but someone else had shown up to preempt me. Ayame was already talking to her. This person had a real miko vibe going with the way she presented herself. I smiled and said hello when I had an opening.

Then it got crowded. A lady who smokes? I returned her greeting and tried not to overreact.

Keeping as much of my attention towards the butler as I could, I stood there waiting for directions. Maybe we should fall in line, I thought, but did nothing.


Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2009 9:17 pm
by Crud Bonemeal
Ayame noticed that her sleeve had been released, giving her a chance to turn around and get a better view of the other maids.

("Sarina smokes? Why wasn't I warned about that?! Dammit, the last thing Hisao needs is a faceful of smoke, even a small coughing fit could aggrovate his arrythmia! I'll need to make sure he knows to stand back when talking to her.")

She turned to Marybelle, finally noticing that she'd said something.

"Oh, you're new, too? Well, then I'll help you get settled in, okay? Just think of me as a big sister!"

Ayame presented a confident thumbs-up to her nervous companion.

"First, as soon as everyone lands, we should probably line up for formal introductions."


Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2009 10:17 pm
by EternalLurker
((What the hell, guys, some of us haven't even had our characters approved yet. A little patience before you take over the thread would be nice.))


Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2009 10:23 pm
by Crud Bonemeal
(OOC: Don't worry, we're just getting some introductions going, it's still the pre-game show, man. The game has gone maybe ninety seconds, in game time. Kenji hasn't even finished his over-the-top anime reaction yet.)


Posted: Thu Nov 19, 2009 10:40 pm
by Commissar Mecha Milk
Twitching slightly, the butler stares at you al, mouth agape for a few seconds, before he finally seems to recognize your uniforms. "Wait- you're MAIDS. The MAIDS they said they would send... damn it, and I thought I'd have until tomorrow to set up the bear traps. No matter. The point is, that you're not wanted here!" he says, pointing a shaky finger at you."I and the boss have no need of, of... females here. No siree! There's a reason it's called a MANsion, isn't there? And don't think about using your feminine wiles! I'm wise to your tricks!"

And with that, he pulls out several boards and a toolbox from behind his back, and runs toward the mansion. "You'll never get in! I won't let you get in! A man's house is his fortress, and the boss ain't no ordinary man!"


Posted: Thu Nov 19, 2009 11:14 pm
by Crud Bonemeal
"Ooh! Looks like we've got a race on our hands if we ever want to get to work!"

Ayame was off like a shot, leaving only a strong breeze where a blonde maid had been standing a second ago. Growing up, she had exercised often, in order to quickly arrive at the scene of a medical emergency, and now she was using those finely-honed skills to outrun a half-blind, paranoid misogynist. Some days just start off weird.

("Well, he may be crazy, and he may have a head start, but I doubt he's faster than me. It's a good thing I got some sleep on the plane ride, though.")

(OOC: I'm guessing it's time for an Athletics roll? Seeing as how Kenji acts the same as he does in KS, I figured reasoning with him would be as useless here as it is there. I'm not sure if you want to make a campaign page for this game or what have you, but if you don't have some other system planned, here's my roll: The total there will be 5*4=20, not counting any modifiers you intend to apply.)


Posted: Thu Nov 19, 2009 11:41 pm
by EternalLurker
(('Cept I'm already in the mansion. Yay for Lockpicking Maid Powaz.
Also, you probably don't have a chance in hell of winning a race, Crud, if Kenji's built on the normal rules. ;) Butlers >>> Maids. They're superhuman. On average their stats are 1.5x those of Maids. We'll see if Kenji fits the mold, though.))

As the terribly confused butler stumbled into the mansion, he may have been further bewildered by the azure gaze of a chain-mail-garbed girl a couple inches shorter than he, holding a -- (Yasuda Kaoru swiftly concealed her most recent acquisition from poking around the mansion) -- holding nothing, nothing at all. Or he may not have been; perhaps maids whose clothing could double as a parachute were more shocking than an armored one. Not that either was anywhere close to approaching normalcy.

"Setou Ke -- nji, I believe?" Kaoru beamed as she forced out a whispered greeting to the butler, her hands fumbling behind her back to pocket (in spite of her armor's obvious lack of anything like a pocket) a clump of something very much resembling gunpowder. The act done, she wiped her palms free of the residual traces of the powder before brushing brown bangs aside with one hand, curtseying fluidly as she extended her other to the taller man. "I hope to be of -- service to Master Nakai..." She was either oblivious to his momentum and the items he carried or intentionally ignoring both.

((If it applies, feel free to add my Cunning roll of 16 to Crud's Athletics roll as I slow down Kenji's barricade construction via distraction. On that note, everyone please type Katawa Meido in the Campaign Name section when you make any rolls, and make sure you're logged in. Then your rolls will show up here.

Edited post into past tense; I always RP in past tense but felt like doing present due to the DM, but since no one else is doing so, I said screw it and went back to normal.))