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Katawa Shoujo for Rimworld

Posted: Wed Jul 12, 2017 12:56 pm
by Mirage_GSM
So lately I’ve been trying a bit more Rimworld and found a nice mod called “Prepare carefully” that allows you to edit your colonists. So here are the survivors of the wreck of the hospital-ship MS Yamaku who fled the ship in escape pods after a reactor malfunction and got stranded on some backwater planet:

Hisao “Teach” Nakai spent his childhood as a Glitterworld Nerd. After being diagnosed with a serious heart condition (Artery Blockage, minor) he spent a few years as a Chemist and was on his way to another glitterworld for heart surgery when disaster struck. Due to his condition he is a wimp and unable to do any hard labor, but he is a Hard Worker at what he is capable of, and he is extremely adept at researching and doubles as a doctor.

Emi “Legs” Ibarazaki was a child Athlete until she lost her legs in an accident. Later on she earned some money as a Message Carrier. She is a Jogger and her upbeat personality makes her an Optimist. She likes cooking and ensures that her companions stay healthy that way. In battles she likes to run up to the enemy and hit them hard.

Hanako “Burns” Ikezawa is a Fire-Scarred Child. Her experiences left her Ugly and Nervous and also incapable of Firefighting or Cooking. Later on she worked as a Taxonomist travelling between stars to catalogue animals and plant life. She likes peaceful tasks like Planting and Harvesting the crops and the colony’s Animals.

Lilly “Deadeye” Satou was a member of her home planet’s royal family, a High Baroness. It is unclear how she lost her eyes, but later she hired on as a Combat Negotiator in an army with her sister Prez, putting her excellent Social skills to good use. She is Kind and Beautiful and sometimes helps out with the Crafting She especially likes folding paper cranes. Her excellent Shooting skills are currently hampered by her lack of eyesight.

Rin “Kooky” Tezuka grew up on a war-torn world struggling with Asperger’s. After losing her arms in combat she left her homeworld and became a Conceptual Artist. She is inept at Social situations and unable to Haul or Doctor but is a gifted Artist and can help Teach with the Research in a pinch. She is a bit Lazy but also [/b]Psychically Deaf[/b] – in other words unshakably stoic.

Shizune “Prez” Hakamichi has been Mute since childhood and later put her experience playing board games into practice as a Tactician. She is a Teetotaler and her Abrasive personality often puts her at odds with others. Her meticulous nature makes her a good Crafter, and she often helps out with Construction as well.

Misha “Drills” Mikado was often Shunned by others as a child because of her Annoying Voice and because she is Gay But still managed to keep her Sanguine personality. Later on she made use of her voice as a Military Commissar in the same unit Prez served in and helped out as her translator. She is responsible for all the colony’s Construction work and does a bit of Mining on the side.

Kenji “Psycho” Setou survived an Apocalyptic war as a child. He is extremely Misogynistic and Very Neurotic, so he later on sought solitude as a Deep Space Miner. He does most of the colony’s Mining but is also an adept field Medic. In a firefight he can be Trigger-Happy, but his eyesight is quite poor since he has Cataracts in both eyes.

As additional mods I suggest “Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering” (for obvious reasons) as well as some utility stuff like “Efficient Light”, “RT Fuse”, “Tillable Soil” and “Repair Workbench”
Also consider “Kinder Colonists” if you don’t want your colonists to ostracize Hanako and Misha too much for their looks respectively voice.

Since you start with eight colonists the starting food and medicine have been increased accordingly. As you travelled on a medical ship you even have a few gitterworld meds. I also added one Sniper Rifle for Lilly and a Heavy SMG for Kenji for early game defense.
The world seed is “Yamaku” with 50% coverage and everything else normal.
The starting point is a mountainous tile with a creek at 20.12S; 6.34E.

- Most colonists have the Prostophile trait since they were all on their way to get replacement limbs/organs, so that is not explicitly mentioned in the character bios.
- Each character has one burning passion, three minor passions (one of them either shooting or melee except for Burns who is incapable of violence) with a total of 30 skill points, each passionate skill between 5 and 10 and all others set to zero (except for minimums).
- Teach has only a minor artery blockage, but it wouldn’t be fun if he keeled over after just a few days.
- It’s unfortunate that Legs’ athlete backstory makes you incapable of Social tasks but this one could not be avoided.
- Burns has Level 3 burns on her right shoulder, arm and leg.
- I wanted to make Deadeye a Crime Boss’ Child, but that would prevent her from wardening, which is kind of a waste for someone who's supposed to be good at Social.
- You cannot make characters completely blind and/or deaf, so Deadeye and Psycho both have cataracts while Prez has 50% hearing loss on both ears.
- Since you can’t make cousins, Deadeye and Prez are sisters.
- Obviously it should be the goal to get bionics for Legs and Kooky as soon as possible to improve their efficiency as melee fighters. Also bionic eys for Deadeye will help make a good sniper out of her.

I tried to upload the character files as an attachment, but the forum doesn't seem to accept attachments anymore.
I'll try to find another avenue of uploading - or if you are interested, send me a PM and I'll mail it to you.

Re: Katawa Shoujo for Rimworld

Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2018 11:57 am
by Mirage_GSM
I actually did use this setup to play Rimworld and wrote something like a colony logbook. At first I didn't intend to post it, but since I have it written anyway...
I wasn't sure whether this counts as "Fanfiction" so since I already have this thread I'll add it here. Have fun.


Logbook entry, 1st of Septober 5500
Entry by Teach
It seems everybody arrived more or less safely. Deadeye is suffering from mild cryosleep sickness, but she’s soldiering on. Not much I can do for her; it will get better on its own.
There’s not much of anything I can do right now as most of the tasks at hand require physical labour, so Prez sent me to explore the surroundings a bit.
The area where we came down is more or less a broad valley, about twice as long as it is wide. Towards the south there is a large mountain range, and there are smaller hills towards the East, north and west. There’s a small creek flowing through the eastern hills and through the valley. It disappears back into the mountains a bit further on.
The main entrance to the valley is in the southwest where the creek leaves the valley and three smaller passages towards the north.
Right next to the place we landed is a geothermal vent with another not too far away. Drills got really excited and told me to come up with some plans for getting geothermal energy from them but Prez shot that down immediately saying turrets for defences are more important. Oh well, nothing I can do until I get my workplace in order.
So far there is no sign of danger, though I might have spotted a grizzly bear in the distance. I think we will be able to handle it if it gets closer.
Burns seems to have befriended a local warg. She named him Movado.

Entry by Prez
What a mess! We landed in the middle of nowhere with hardly any weapons and just a few days’ worth of food. At least everybody is pitching in. Told Drills to make some plans for excavating some living quarters from the southern mountains. What she gave me was WAY to expansive for now but I sent Psycho to get started with some basics.
Deadeye is also helping out with digging a small cave for keeping our food and medicine cool. Can’t have it go bad; we will need all of it I’m sure.
Burns is already putting in some crops – a bit of rice, potatoes and cotton for now – and a few medicinal herbs in case we run out of real medicine.
Drills already put up a small wind turbine for our energy needs and is now clearing some trees for a solar panel or two. Legs and I are hauling our supplies closer to our camp. Only Kooky is wandering about, the lazy bum...
After Teach returned from his scouting I gave some thought to defenses. The passages to the north can be walled off easily, but the creek is going to be a pain. In the east it flows underground through the mountain for a while, so enemies would have to wade through it, but if that does not deter them, they’ll be right on top of us. In the west it flows over a plain. I’ll have to think on whether I can incorporate it in our defenses, but it’s going to be iffy.

Logbook entry, 2nd of Septober 5500
Entry by Drills
Man this first night sucked. Just a few cramped sleeping spots in a dark cave – I think I woke up a dozen times from someone walking about. Today I started to make a few beds to sleep in – right after I set up a stonecutting table so teach can start making himself useful~. Got only five beds finished so far, but better than nothing.
Legs was cutting some grass and poplar trees today to improve the efficiency of the wind turbine. Made a bit of a blunder there and stored our stuff too close. Will fix in the morning~.
Burns has finished sowing the fields. I sure hope we’ll get a harvest in before the winter. Soo~ tired now. Going to bed.

Logbook entry, 3rd of Septober 5500
Entry by Deadeye
We made good progress on the excavation effort. So far we have completed three single sleeping rooms, and I think we will finish the rest tomorrow. There aren’t any doors in place so far, so I still woke up a few times.
Quite unexpectedly Psycho made some advances towards me, but I let him down gently.
Legs picked a few berries today while she was clearing the vegetation from our immediate surroundings. I am glad for the added variation to our menu – subsisting on packaged survival meals is not something I would like to do longer than necessary.
In the afternoon there was a group of travellers from a nearby village coming by. They were very helpful, although they didn’t have anything to trade. They’ll be staying overnight, but I hope they will be back with some goods later.

Logbook entry, 4th of Septober 5500
Entry by Burns
Teach was up all night outside cutting stone blocks. His meds are probably messing up his sleep schedule again. He went to sleep just before Deadeye and Psycho started their excavations in the morning and kept being disturbed by the noise. I told Drills about it, and she quickly installed a door for one of the new rooms and told teach to go sleep in there. I think by that time he was already quite exhausted though.
Psycho and Deadeye didn’t get as far as they planned today, because they struck a steel vein. On the one hand Drills was happy about the additional resources, but on the other they only got one additional room ready. So far Teach, Deadey, Drills and I have our own rooms; the others still sleep in the dining room.
In the dining room Drills put up a large table and some chairs for us to sit down and eat together. It’s still very ugly, but decorations will have to wait.
Around noon there was some commotion because of some rat that got curiously aggressive, but Legs put it down very quickly.

Logbook entry, 5th of Septober 5500
Entry by Psycho
Finally finished all the bedrooms today. Even made a spare one just for good measure. Started on expanding the freezer area – now that no one has to sleep there anymore – and the kitchen. Burns says the harvest will come in in a few days, and Legs will need her stove by then.
Drills finished a research bench, so Teach can finally get off the stonecutting. First thing Kooky was using it. I have to say she really keeps the place tidy, but I guess she’s sick of cleaning all day.
Got permission to dig a few exploratory tunnels as well in my free time.

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Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2018 11:57 am
by Mirage_GSM
Logbook entry, 6th of Septober 5500
Entry by Legs
Someone attacked our camp today. The poor soul must have been confused. She attacked our camp alone, armed with nothing more than a stone club. Psycho’s SMG incapacitated her before I could even get close. There was not much Teach could do to save her, and she died shortly after. Drills made her a small grave. Not much else to report today.

Logbook entry, 7th of Septober 5500
Entry by Burns
The first rice harvest is in. And just in time Drills finished the kitchen and the cooler, so legs can start to make something healthier than packaged meals. We best keep those meals as well, though. Can’t be too careful. To be safe I expanded the rice fields a bit. Maybe I can get one more crop in before winter arrives.

Entry by Teach
Reminded Burns that we crashed in the southern hemisphere, so winter is still a long way off. She said, she’d keep the additional fields anyway.

Logbook entry, 8th of Septober 5500
Entry by Prez
Making good progress. Told Drills to start working on the perimeter defenses. We should have enough blocks by now for the walls to make a difference. This will take her a few days I’m sure. Before she started she ran some conduit though our complex and installed some lamps. We now have light in the kitchen, the dining room and Teach’s study. Next up are the bedrooms.
Teach told me he figured out how to wire together a comms console and an orbital trade beacon. That will come in handy. Told him to work on some blueprints for defense turrets next. I hope our electricity supply holds up with all the lights coming on.

Logbook entry, 9th of Septober 5500
Entry by Teach
Summer is upon us. Today was the start of a big heatwave. So far everyone is holding up, but a few people show signs of initial heatstroke. I recommended finding stuff to do indoors. No problem for Deadeye and Psycho, but Drills is working on the walls all day. I guess that project will have to wait.
Burns suggested to use the time to smooth the floors inside to make things prettier. Seems like a plan.

Logbook entry, 10th of Septober 5500
Entry by Prez
It is getting uncomfortably hot even inside. I’m thinking of changing the schedule to night shifts. Also having Drills install some coolers in the bedrooms. We should have done that earlier, but I thought the mountain would be enough insulation... What’s that commotion outside?
We had another attack. Pirates were chasing some poor guy all the way into our valley. We took him in and fought them off. When we had taken out four of them the other two fled. We were lucky that we got away with only a few bruises on Legs. On the plus side one of the pirates had a decent Assault rifle on him. The other weapons were not as impressive, but at the moment we cannot be choosy.
The man they chased is an older gentleman whom Drills has taken to affectionally call Gramps. He seems to be very skilled in construction, so I’m sure he can make himself useful.

Logbook entry, 11th of Septober 5500
Entry by Drills
Gramps immediately started by making a small crematorium and hauled the dead bodies inside. Poor guy seemed really shaken by the ordeal. Prez told us to suck it up and get to work at those walls in the north. I really don’t like going out in the heat, but at night it’s really not so bad~.
She also insisted something be done about that creek. For now Psycho is digging away some rock and Legs is cutting some trees to give us a clear field of fire. Once they’re done I’ll see about putting up some sandbags.
I installed a second cooler for the freezer, since the first one didn’t quite~ keep up with the heat.
Oh, and Kooky spotted some Alpha Beavers in the east, so Teach went out to shoot some dinner.

Logbook entry, 12th of Septober 5500
Entry by Burns
It was terrible! There was a short circuit during the rain, in the middle of the fields! All the fire.
Luckily the others were able to put it out before our crops were too damaged. I think I can save most of them.

Logbook entry, 13th of Septober 5500
Entry by Legs
Our food reserves are getting a bit low, so I asked Prez and Deadeye if they could do a little hunting on the side. There are a herd of deer and a few beavers to the east, and they will complement our menu nicely.

Entry by Drills
Gramps complained about his clothes wearing out. We should probably plan ahead for this kind of thing, so I raised a small workshop outside – nothing fancy, but it’s faster than excavating deeper in the mountain and probably safer too. Just today Psycho struck a small cave while pushing the tunnels further in. Luckily it was empty, but we should probably not dig too much deeper for now...

Logbook entry, 14th of Septober 5500
Entry by Prez
Had another raid during the night. This time from the west. Though the defenses were not quite finished we managed to beat them back.
Deadeye started to make our sleeping rooms a bit larger today while the rest of us helped burns bring in the next harvest.

Logbook entry, 1st of Decembary 5500
Entry by Kooky
Woke up to a thunderstorm this morning. I like thunderstorms. So stormy.
Gramps doesn’t seem to like them He doesn’t seem to be well. He’s just wandering around in a daze. Teach says it’s just the general hardships of being stranded here. He’ll come around again soon.

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Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2018 11:58 am
by Mirage_GSM
Entry by Prez
Teach suggested building a Rec-room for us to spend our free time in. Drills was all for it and immediately installed a billiards table and a chess table in Teach’s research room. I don’t think that was what he had in mind, but she promised to finish his new research table “soon~”.

Logbook entry, 2nd of Decembary 5500
Entry by Drills
Finally got the tailoring workbench installed, and Prez immediately started on making some new pants for Gramps and a T-Shirt for Gramps. Incidentally the first Cotton harvest is also in, so no more beaver leather... Ueww...
Then there’s the matter of the new, improved research bench for Teach that I’ve been putting off for weeks~.

Logbook entry, 3rd of Decembary 5500
Entry by Teach
An escape pod came down close to our camp... Maybe I should call it a colony by now... Anyway Legs was able to rescue a survivor. Her name is Claire. She was not seriously injured, but she is suffering from severe Asthma... Kooky immediately nicknamed her “Vader” after some obscure old movie she’d seen once. I think she will fit right in with our colony.
She’s an Artist like Kooky, and she’s also a bit adept at crafting.

Logbook entry, 4th of Decembary 5500
Entry by Prez
Teach’s new research bench needs a lot more power, so Drills installed two more wind turbines and two more batteries. We’re running dangerously low on tech components. By the time Teach has finished the blueprints for the geothermal generators we might not have enough left to build one.
I noticed that the trees at the east entrance to our base still haven’t been cut. Always the same excuses “other, more important stuff to do” and so on. So I made a group project of it in the afternoon, and at the end we were already halfway done. If nothing else comes up, we’ll be done tomorrow.
I also finished two new T-shirts for Gramps and Vader. And just in time, too, the old ones were almost falling apart. We should make a few more as reserves.

Logbook entry, 5th of Decembary 5500
Entry by Legs
Made really good progress on the tree cutting today. Shame about all the poplar trees, though. I don’t mind the oaks.
Didn’t get much else done today. Deadeye and Psycho found a few components while mining, but not enough to last very long. Drills has been polishing the floor in our rooms all day. It seems to be a time-consuming process, but she finished two rooms. They look really nice. I hope she gets to mine soon.

Logbook entry, 6th of Decembary 5500
Entry by Legs
Vader had a breakdown today and started bingeing out on our food. Good thing I got our stocks up, so it’s not going to be a problem.
She kept yammering about how everything was so ugly around here. And that after she told us she was ascetic and only needed a tiny bedroom...
Anyway, after all that woodcutting we have so much of the stuff that I suggested Drills should just make everyone a small table and two chairs for their rooms. She liked the idea got right started.

Logbook entry, 7th of Decembary 5500
Entry by Drills
Got woken up by Gramps in the morning. He said the new batteries I installed a few days ago had shorted out in the rain and he was the only one up, so he had to clean the mess. He reminded me to always keep batteries roofed. Yeah, silly me.

Entry by Deadeye
A trading caravan came by today. I bartered some of the leathers we got from the animals we hunted and a few old scraps of clothing for some neuteramine and a few components. Teach says he might be able to use the former to make medicine later on, and of course we will always need enough components.

Logbook entry, 8th of Decembary 5500
Entry by Psycho
Those voices! They’re in my head! It hurts!
Teach and Gramps are hearing them, too. Teach says it’s some kind of psychic drone emitted by some ancient machine on this planet and should go away in a few days.
I volunteered to make the hallways in our colony a bit broader. We didn’t have many digging jobs lately, and the noise of hitting the stone soothes the drone a little bit...

Entry by Burns
The drone seems to also affect the local wildlife. There was this Grizzly bear who has been lurking around our colony for a few days now. He seemed peaceful, but today he just attacked Movado out of the blue. The poor dog didn’t stand a chance.
The others didn’t take any further chances and put the bear down immediately.

Entry by Teach
As if the day hadn’t been bad enough. Now Kookie, Burns and Vader have come down with the flu!
I’ve been saying for ages that we should build a medical station just for something like this, but does anyone LISTEN TO ME?
Damn, I realize that it’s just the drone making me so cranky, but that doesn’t make it any easier to bear. Damn again, I didn’t want to think about bears any more today!
For now, I’ll be treating everyone in their rooms, but Drills and Gramps better build a hospital SOON!

Re: Katawa Shoujo for Rimworld

Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2018 11:58 am
by Mirage_GSM
Logbook entry, 9th of Decembary 5500
Entry by Burns
The drone seems to have finally ended. Teach, Gramps and Psycho are feeling much better now.
Nothing much else to talk about today. Drills finished the furniture for all of the bedrooms and planned out the hospital. Excavation was slow since another rice harvest was coming in, though.
In the evening a lone boar attacked us, which saved us the bother of hunting.

Logbook entry, 10th of Decembary 5500
Entry by Legs
In the VERY early morning a group of travellers came by. They didn’t have anything to trade, but among them was Kooky’s long-lost sister. Geez, what are the odds, huh?
They didn’t stay long, and I’m not sure Kooky cared one way or the other.

Entry by Teach
A swarm of rats attacked us today. Individually they might not be much of a threat, but there were quite a few of them. Prez, Deadeye and Vader got pretty scratched up, but Drills got it the worst. She was bleeding heavily, but I managed to patch her up.
Then there was a shortout in the living quarters. Luckily Legs got the fire out before it could spread – not that it could spread far with just the wooden furniture down there.
And to close the day, there’s a solar flare which shut down all our electronics. I sure hope things get better from here on out.

Logbook entry, 11th of Decembary 5500
Entry by Teach
Well, compared to yesterday, today was great! The solar flare ended already, and some cargo pods crashed nearby. Gramps found a few stacks of smokeleaf and quite a lot of steel. Nice!
Later on a bulk Goods trader went into orbit above us. They didn’t have much that we could use or afford though.
And in the evening, I finally finished the blueprints for the Geothermal generator. Drills immediately put one up outside my workshop. This should solve our energy problems for the immediate future.

Logbook entry, 12th of Decembary 5500
Entry by Teach
I heard something crashing late in the evening. Everybody else had already gone to bed, but I went out to check. There was a crashed Escape pod a bit west of our colony with a lone survivor. He was bleeding profusely, but I was able to carry him back somehow and patch him up. He’s still unconscious. Maybe he’ll be able to talk tomorrow.

Logbook entry, 13th of Decembary 5500
Entry by Burns
The man Teach rescued yesterday turned out not to be very grateful. First thing in the morning he left his room and limped out of our colony without even a word of thanks. Teach seemed a bit disappointed by this attitude, and I can certainly understand his feelings.

Logbook entry, 2nd of Aprimay 5500
Entry by Legs
Everything’s going really well, right now. There is a calming hum in the air and everybody is feeling quite peaceful – Except for Teach, Psycho and Gramps who don’t seem to notice it at all.
We’ve spent the last few days smoothing the floors of the quarters, and the rooms are beginning to look really nice. Next up is replacing the rough stone walls with slate walls, but Prez says that’s not a priority for now. Teach’s clinic is not completely finished but operational. There are four beds there, one of them one of the modern medical ones.
Today we saw a few cargo pods come down in the northeast. When Burns and Prez went to see what could be salvaged they found an ancient ruin. Prez told us all to stay away, and I think that’s a good idea. I get the shivers just looking at those walls.

Logbook entry, 6th of Aprimay 5501
Entry by Drills
Great news! We have a new couple! Teach and Deadeye came forward today and announced that they are now dating. We are all very happy for them~!
I went and built them a double bed in Teach’s room (which is a bit nicer than Deadeye’s) and I think it’s my best work yet.~
In other news we’ve been working to move the tailoring workbench inside, so we can use the shack outside for smelting and metalwork. Psycho dug a new room – and I installed a new workbench. Pity it would be too difficult to move the old one inside. I’ll deconstruct it and build a smelting table in its place.
Also one of our wind turbines broke down and we’re out of components to repair it. This is bad. We still have enough energy thanks to our geothermal plant but if that breaks down as well...

Entry by Teach
I agree that Drills outdid herself when constructing our new bed. It feels heavenly to lie in there. I just wonder what made her pick a scene of Kooky researching the item repair bench for a motive...

Logbook entry, 7th of Aprimay 5501
Entry by Prez
This planet still has some very nasty surprises in store for us. This night a hive of hideous giant insects broke through the floor in one of our unused bedrooms. I don’t even want to think about what could have happened if the room had been occupied...
We managed to kill them all in a heated battle. Legs, Deadeye and I sustained some light injuries, but Gramps was badly injured. Teach worked all night to stabilize him, and it seems that he’ll be all right, but he’ll be bedridden for some time.

Logbook entry, 11th of Aprimay 5501
Entry by Burns
I found some cows grazing near the colony today. They seemed docile, but didn’t seem to belong to anyone, so I brought them in. A bit of milk will complement our menu.
Also, a combat supplier entered the range of our comms. Deadeye talked to them a bit, but they didn’t seem to have much we could both use and afford. She sold one of Kooky’s statues and got a few mortar shells in return. Prez said to build a mortar to use them soon. She’s right, there seem to be many hostile parties around us...

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Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2018 12:00 pm
by Mirage_GSM
Logbook entry, 12th of Aprimay 5501
Entry by Teach
Yesterday Prez and Psycho got into an argument. Not sure what brought it on, but Prez has a way of rubbing people the wrong way. Anyway, she was the one who helped him to the medical station to tend the bruises, so it seems whatever it was, it’s out of the way.
This morning we all noticed a heavy ash cloud obscuring the sky. I guess there must have been a volcanic eruption somewhere in the area. It has gotten noticeably cooler as well, but luckily it is still very warm, so it’s not too bad. I just hope this ash will go away before winter.
Also, a few trade caravans are visiting just now. Deadeye is exchanging most of our leathers for more components, so we should be set for the time being. We should think about producing some stuff to sell in the near future, though...

Logbook entry, 12th of Aprimay 5501
Entry by Burns
We got a really big group of pirates raiding us today. It must have been at least a dozen.
The others managed to beat them back, but Kooky, Legs and Deadeye were very badly wounded. Again, Teach managed to save them all.
We also managed to take two prisoners, though one of them didn’t make it.

Logbook entry, 3rd of Juggust 5501
Entry by Drills
Slowly but surely we’re recovering from that last raid. Everyone is out and about again – only that second prisoner didn’t make it.
Today a large solar flare shut down all electricity in the colony. I hope we won’t get raided again today of all times!
Burns expanded the fields and added a lot more growing space for cotton. I hope the harvest will get in safely, because that volcanic ash is now making everything quite uncomfortable.
This morning Burns brought in another curious animal from her scouting. It looks like some kind of rat... Nobody had ever seen one like it before, but Gramps told us it was called a “boomrat”. It’s supposed to be quite harmless but it explodes violently upon death. Prez immediately banned it from coming inside.

Entry by Drills
Damn, I jinxed it!
There WAS another raid. Luckily it was just some tribespeople without any dangerous weapons and the solar flare ended just in time for our turrets to start working again.
They managed to destroy one of the turrets, but other than a small cut Kooky got from one of their bows none of us was injured. However this time five of the attackers survived, and their wounds aren’t life-threatening. Prez had a talk with them after they regained consciousness, and she thinks four of them might be an asset to the colony. Deadeye is going to try to convince them to join us.
We’re going to send the fifth one home as a gesture of goodwill.

Logbook entry, 4th of Juggust 5501
Entry by Burns
We are in serious trouble right now. The volcanic ashes had cooled down the area for a while, but now winter is in full swing and temperatures are as low as -40 degrees outside – and even inside it is well below freezing. All the crops in the field have died as well as the two cows we had outside. Gramps is down with serious hypothermia.
Drills is frantically working on installing more heaters, and the rest of us are pitching in with a few campfires.
Prez wants us to also put up a few greenhouses outside , but that will have to wait. Legs has been busy so we have lots of food stockpiled...
And amidst all this chaos Teach has finally proposed to Deadeye. I’m happy for the two, but I wish their timing would have been better. There’s no way we can hold a party for them right now...


And this is where I had to stop this playthrough. The version of the game changed, and while at first the savegame seemed to be compatible I noticed that it was impossible to build a few important items, most prominently beds...

I started another playthrough later, though I did not write that one down. From what I remember Deadeye got together with Psycho almost on day one in that one.

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Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2018 12:35 pm
by brythain
Much appreciated, fun to read! :)

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Posted: Sat Oct 13, 2018 7:12 pm
by Bleekrou
Wonderful read. I've just recently gotten into these types of works and I can't stop going through them!

Re: Katawa Shoujo for Rimworld

Posted: Wed Oct 17, 2018 12:23 pm
by Oddball
That was a nice fun read, although the fact that you only used nicknames was a bit distracting in places.

Re: Katawa Shoujo for Rimworld

Posted: Wed Oct 17, 2018 1:24 pm
by Mirage_GSM
Well, that is part of the authentic Rimworld experience... But I think even without all the character introductions in the OP (I know you shouldn't do this in Fanfiction, but it's only Fanfiction in a very loose sense in the first place) they should all be easily recognizable :-)

Re: Katawa Shoujo for Rimworld

Posted: Wed Oct 17, 2018 1:31 pm
by Oddball
For the most part theya re, although I'll admit to having to go back and look at who "psycho" was.

Re: Katawa Shoujo for Rimworld

Posted: Mon Mar 04, 2019 9:38 pm
by NelNinja
Deadeye and Psycho... I guess they're really different in Rimworld cause otherwise I could never see it.

Sad that the save didn't work after the new version. Rimworld is a game that I'd never be able to play, I've never really enjoyed that type of game, but I love hearing about the stories people get. SrGrafo's Rimworld comic is also great. Nothing sad there, super family friendly :wink:

Re: Katawa Shoujo for Rimworld

Posted: Fri Mar 08, 2019 12:52 pm
by Mirage_GSM
Well, the save was gone, but I still have the preset with the characters.
I've used that for a couple more games in the meantime, but I didn't write diary for those.

That comic is good... but also sad...