Katawa Shoujo for Rimworld

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Katawa Shoujo for Rimworld

Post by Mirage_GSM » Wed Jul 12, 2017 12:56 pm

So lately I’ve been trying a bit more Rimworld and found a nice mod called “Prepare carefully” that allows you to edit your colonists. So here are the survivors of the wreck of the hospital-ship MS Yamaku who fled the ship in escape pods after a reactor malfunction and got stranded on some backwater planet:

Hisao “Teach” Nakai spent his childhood as a Glitterworld Nerd. After being diagnosed with a serious heart condition (Artery Blockage, minor) he spent a few years as a Chemist and was on his way to another glitterworld for heart surgery when disaster struck. Due to his condition he is a wimp and unable to do any hard labor, but he is a Hard Worker at what he is capable of, and he is extremely adept at researching and doubles as a doctor.

Emi “Legs” Ibarazaki was a child Athlete until she lost her legs in an accident. Later on she earned some money as a Message Carrier. She is a Jogger and her upbeat personality makes her an Optimist. She likes cooking and ensures that her companions stay healthy that way. In battles she likes to run up to the enemy and hit them hard.

Hanako “Burns” Ikezawa is a Fire-Scarred Child. Her experiences left her Ugly and Nervous and also incapable of Firefighting or Cooking. Later on she worked as a Taxonomist travelling between stars to catalogue animals and plant life. She likes peaceful tasks like Planting and Harvesting the crops and the colony’s Animals.

Lilly “Deadeye” Satou was a member of her home planet’s royal family, a High Baroness. It is unclear how she lost her eyes, but later she hired on as a Combat Negotiator in an army with her sister Prez, putting her excellent Social skills to good use. She is Kind and Beautiful and sometimes helps out with the Crafting She especially likes folding paper cranes. Her excellent Shooting skills are currently hampered by her lack of eyesight.

Rin “Kooky” Tezuka grew up on a war-torn world struggling with Asperger’s. After losing her arms in combat she left her homeworld and became a Conceptual Artist. She is inept at Social situations and unable to Haul or Doctor but is a gifted Artist and can help Teach with the Research in a pinch. She is a bit Lazy but also [/b]Psychically Deaf[/b] – in other words unshakably stoic.

Shizune “Prez” Hakamichi has been Mute since childhood and later put her experience playing board games into practice as a Tactician. She is a Teetotaler and her Abrasive personality often puts her at odds with others. Her meticulous nature makes her a good Crafter, and she often helps out with Construction as well.

Misha “Drills” Mikado was often Shunned by others as a child because of her Annoying Voice and because she is Gay But still managed to keep her Sanguine personality. Later on she made use of her voice as a Military Commissar in the same unit Prez served in and helped out as her translator. She is responsible for all the colony’s Construction work and does a bit of Mining on the side.

Kenji “Psycho” Setou survived an Apocalyptic war as a child. He is extremely Misogynistic and Very Neurotic, so he later on sought solitude as a Deep Space Miner. He does most of the colony’s Mining but is also an adept field Medic. In a firefight he can be Trigger-Happy, but his eyesight is quite poor since he has Cataracts in both eyes.

As additional mods I suggest “Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering” (for obvious reasons) as well as some utility stuff like “Efficient Light”, “RT Fuse”, “Tillable Soil” and “Repair Workbench”
Also consider “Kinder Colonists” if you don’t want your colonists to ostracize Hanako and Misha too much for their looks respectively voice.

Since you start with eight colonists the starting food and medicine have been increased accordingly. As you travelled on a medical ship you even have a few gitterworld meds. I also added one Sniper Rifle for Lilly and a Heavy SMG for Kenji for early game defense.
The world seed is “Yamaku” with 50% coverage and everything else normal.
The starting point is a mountainous tile with a creek at 20.12S; 6.34E.

- Most colonists have the Prostophile trait since they were all on their way to get replacement limbs/organs, so that is not explicitly mentioned in the character bios.
- Each character has one burning passion, three minor passions (one of them either shooting or melee except for Burns who is incapable of violence) with a total of 30 skill points, each passionate skill between 5 and 10 and all others set to zero (except for minimums).
- Teach has only a minor artery blockage, but it wouldn’t be fun if he keeled over after just a few days.
- It’s unfortunate that Legs’ athlete backstory makes you incapable of Social tasks but this one could not be avoided.
- Burns has Level 3 burns on her right shoulder, arm and leg.
- I wanted to make Deadeye a Crime Boss’ Child, but that would prevent her from wardening, which is kind of a waste for someone who's supposed to be good at Social.
- You cannot make characters completely blind and/or deaf, so Deadeye and Psycho both have cataracts while Prez has 50% hearing loss on both ears.
- Since you can’t make cousins, Deadeye and Prez are sisters.
- Obviously it should be the goal to get bionics for Legs and Kooky as soon as possible to improve their efficiency as melee fighters. Also bionic eys for Deadeye will help make a good sniper out of her.

I tried to upload the character files as an attachment, but the forum doesn't seem to accept attachments anymore.
I'll try to find another avenue of uploading - or if you are interested, send me a PM and I'll mail it to you.
Emi > Misha > Hanako > Lilly > Rin > Shizune

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