Permmision Pls!

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Permmision Pls!

Post by ChiriChiri96 » Tue Feb 17, 2015 10:22 am

(Like any other advertisement, it starts with a conversation between me and a Shizune fan. Let's call him/her Pencil for now)
Pencil: Hey Chiri, what cha doin'?
Chiri (pronounce: Kiri, "K" is pronounce with the hard "K" sound): Ideas! I need ideas for a fan made visual novel based on KS before releasing my own!
Pencil: How is that supposed to mean?
Chiri: Everyone will know how much of a person I am! Muhaha~!
Pencil: 'kay! You can make one about what happened to the Yamaku students after they graduated! Um..make sure it's Shizune related..okay?
(Chiri pushes Pencil away)
-Screw that! Ima make something else! How about a (DUN DUN DUN)..."extended path"!
Pencil: About who? Hope it's Shi..
Chiri: Shiina!
Pencil: Who?
Chiri:...The drills, of course! Who else?
(Script ends here.)
Personal comments: Seriously, people still want a Misha path, so I'll make a Misha path without them knowing. But, after I saw some KS crossovers made by fans like me...I thought: "Hey I want to make a crossover...". But with me, KS will have a crossover with...Everything" So "Misha's path" will be one heck of a ride! :lol:
Pencil: Still want a Shizune remake! :(
Chiri: Be quiet! I've got a script to take care of ...(wears sunglasses)8)
Reply to let me know if u people will help or not.

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Re: Permmision Pls!

Post by Silentcook » Tue Feb 17, 2015 10:36 am

The way you couched your request is fairly atrocious, but from what I can understand you're looking for help in making a visual novel based on KS.

The license packaged with Katawa Shoujo states "no derivative works", and that's something we do our best to enforce when we're talking about visual novels. Permission is NOT granted. We do NOT allow free use of Katawa Shoujo's assets, characters, setting, or indeed any part of our intellectual property in other VNs.

Additionally, you have missed the FAQs and a couple of stickied posts in other parts of the forums where you would have found that your request is against forum rules.
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