Avengers of KShield

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Avengers of KShield

Post by brythain » Tue Jan 13, 2015 9:14 pm

Just a little something for the sake of amusement while my brain unknots itself...
Here's the cast of that movie about people with dysfunctional superpowers, and those who have to live with them.
Judicious use of hair dye etc might be necessary.


Brett Dalton
—Agent Hisao Nakai
Iain De Caestecker
—Agent Kenji Setou
Scarlett Johansson
—Agent Rin Tezuka
Cobie Smulders
—Agent Lilly Satou
Ming-Na Wen
—Agent Shizune Hakamichi
—voiced by Samuel L Jackson
Chloe Bennett
—Agent Hanako Ikezawa
Natalie Portman
—Agent Emi Ibarazaki
Hayley Atwell
—Agent Shiina 'Misha' Mikado
Adrianne Palicki
—Agent Miki Miura

Also starring...

Robert Downey Jr
—Acting KSHIELD Director Akio Mutou
Tom Hiddleston
—Medical Director, name withheld
Kyle MacLachlan
—Art Director Nomiya
Chris Hemsworth
—Retired Agent Jigoro Hakamichi
Gwyneth Paltrow
—Retired Agent Meiko Ibarazaki
Elizabeth Henstridge
—Archivist Yuuko Shirakawa
Jamie Alexander
—Akira Satou
Chris Evans
—Hideaki Hakamichi

Special Guest Stars...

Anthony Hopkins
—Acquisitions Director Othello
Rene Russo
—Gallery Head Sae Saionji
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