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Developer Diaries, chapter 11

Posted: Sun Dec 02, 2007 7:04 pm
by Aura
I finished writing Act 1 and the preliminary design for the choices that decide which path the player is dropped on the end of the act, so after editors and delta are through with their part, the (hypothetical) beta testers can have their fun with it. Now I can finally get back to path writing as well. Apart from that, our character artist is too busy drawing pokemon and furry porn to regularly contribute, one of the writers quit his job so he can write fulltime and all the students in the dev team are clogged with exams and other coursework for a while.

ETA for Katawa Shoujo is a funny thing to speculate on. Since we now got a full team save for one writer, if no more disasters happen the bottleneck will be the script (despite the ridiculous amount of art) and more accurately, the slowest path to be completed. Delta estimated release date at somewhere in 2020 based on current writing progress, but his zero point was the new years while writing didn't actually begin until June. A more realistic ETA based on current progress was somewhere in 2009, but hopefully we manage to release before the next year is over.

Hot topics in the past week:
-Name for Act1 is still undecided, no it will not be "Parties Unknown"
-Romance vs. everything else, is the period before love-love stuff too long and boring?
-Fetishes and the appeal of H-scenes, should someone be into BDSM?