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Willing To Help! (Various skills)

Posted: Sun May 03, 2009 1:09 pm
by Onewhoissung
Hello! First off, nice job on your success with this game so far. It's gained my interest, and I'd like to help as much as possible.

To make it short, I can do a variety of things, which I'm sure you might (or might not) find useful.

My skills are, but not limited too;

Picture editing, Background rough-drafting (I'm not that great of an artist though), programming, music composing, editing, beta testing, Spanish translation, and story/script writing.

I also have knowledge of the medical field, as far as how things are run, procedures, diets for patients, and a few other things. This is due to the fact that I work in a hospital, and the fact that my mother is also a nurse, and is also studying to be a PA (Physician's Assistant).

If you are in need of my skills, I am more than willing to help.

Thank you for your time.