Why have so many people taken Hanako's route first?

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Re: Why have so many people taken Hanako's route first?

Post by SpunkySix » Wed Jun 25, 2014 3:13 am

Sohtak wrote:
SpunkySix wrote:I can see what he is saying. People don't go for mirror images of themselves usually, but seeing a bit of yourself in somebody else can help form a bond. For example, Emi is the polar opposite of me in outgoingness, being super extroverted where I'm all tucked into my little safe zone, which makes me admire her, but I think sharing common ground with certain traits- being really driven internally and generally wanting to "make it on my own"- is also part of the reason I like her. It's a balance.
Oh I can see what he is saying too and it's more than enough sense lol

Which is fair enough! Though I saw you say "people USUALLY don't go for mirror images of themselves"

Maybe I'm just the exception :P
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Re: Why have so many people taken Hanako's route first?

Post by Potato » Wed Jun 25, 2014 3:40 pm

Sohtak wrote:
Potato wrote: Why do you have to be a loner to be interested in Hanako? People don't generally surround themselves with mirrors of their own personalities. That's just boring and cultish. :lol: And isn't the saying "opposites attract"? Personality-wise, Emi appealed most to me initially, and she's pretty much my polar opposite.
Eh, It was just my take on it personally. And yes I suppose the whole "opposites attract" thing is the case in.....most cases lol.

But misery also loves company :P

But it might explain why I'm not really interested in the other girls (So far) So far I've only liked Hanako....And Lily, But that's granted. Lily/Hanako are package.

You'd think I'd like Emi or Rin or Shizune/Misha. But they don't really appeal to me to much personally. Just Hanako and Lily
Maybe you need to play their routes again. :P
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