Lilly's Route (SPOILERS)

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Re: Lilly's Route (SPOILERS)

Post by Potato » Tue Mar 04, 2014 12:37 am

Steinherz wrote:
SpunkySix wrote:
dutic wrote:The good ending seemed like something out of a movie, which was exactly what I'd expect from Lilly's route tbh.
That's odd because it's the opposite of what I'd expect from this VN in general. Lilly seems like the odd one out, in that respect.
Lilly's route was supposed to be cliche-filled though.
Hell, it even says it on the original sketch (translated to English anyway)
I mean, look at it:
That's the character though, not the route overall. One has to wonder what he had in mind when writing that...
I love the interpretation of Pac-Man where he's a just a lowly worker retrieving golf balls left all over the course by the rich masters and the ghosts are all previous workers who got conked on the head and killed by incoming golf balls in the line of duty.

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