Where are they now?

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Re: Where are they now?

Post by MutilatedManequin » Thu May 23, 2013 10:59 pm

*go go gadget headcannon*

After finding out they have similar interests in languages, Lilly and Misha travel the world together for a few years learning over 17 languages between the two of them. There is now a Polish course taught by Lilly

After getting a loan from her uncle, Shizune starts a business that manufactures prothstetics with emi as a business partner and Hisao as a medical consultant

After dropping out of college, rin moves in with Hanako and Hisao. After a few months, they start to work on a series of erotic fiction. Cripple hentai sells surprisingly well in Japan

Suzu and Miki make a killing in the stock market, and uses the money to start a line of trap clothes with Hideaki. Akira is used a a model while Yuuko is an accountant with a heavy anti-anxiety pill regimine

Jigoro died of a heart attack shortly after the "HAKAMACHI ANNUAL STEAK-OFF!!"

Kenji? Kenji found a nice party and got very drunk
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Re: Where are they now?

Post by pandaphil » Fri May 24, 2013 5:51 am

Hmmm,turns out Lilly's mom is, or was a Journalist at one point. If Hanako did come to Scotland with Lilly I can see her playing mentor to Hanako if she does have an interest in the field.
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