If Hanako's scars looked like this...

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Re: If Hanako's scars looked like this...

Post by Sea » Fri Feb 07, 2014 5:40 pm

Potato wrote:
Sea wrote:
Pandaphil wrote:I agree with the Spud
Is this gonna be a thing? This must be a thing.
No. :mrgreen:
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I shall send unending praise to anyone who can come up with some more potato puns. If it wasn't so likely to get me banned for offtopicness I'd start a thread.
emmjay wrote:
Atario wrote:
Sea wrote:I'm rather surprised she isn't in more pain with her scars, I burned my hand when I was a kid doing something really stupid (pool noodles and bonfires do not mix) and I wasn't able to do much with it for a few months, but afterward It hurt for a good 4-5 years
That's the thing about burns. Burn up to a certain amount, hurts like hell. Go beyond that amount, and suddenly nothing ever hurts there again. :cry:
Which, if Sisterhood is in your headcanon (as it should be), is what happened. Hanako mentions in Chapter 5 that she doesn't have much feeling in the scarred areas.
I wonder if Guest Poster did any research on that, or if theres any out there.
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Re: If Hanako's scars looked like this...

Post by Guest Poster » Fri Feb 07, 2014 7:33 pm

I did do some googling to make certain that what I wrote didn't fly in the face of the facts, but did no extensive research on the subject.
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