Have you dated someone like any KS character?

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Re: Have you dated someone like any KS character?

Post by HarvestmanMan » Mon Mar 28, 2016 2:34 am

My girlfriend (different person from the girl I mentioned in my last post in here) is currently in the hospital after undergoing surgery. It's a bit surreal seeing the person you love the most with all sorts of tubes and tape and stuff coming out of them.
Adding to the surrealness is the fact that she still sort of knows how to use her phone. She texts me, but often it doesn't make any sense. Poor thing is drugged up and can't keep her eyes open for very long.

There was a neat moment where she opened her eyes long enough to recognize me and gave a little smile. Then, despite not being able to talk, she mouthed "I love you".
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Re: Have you dated someone like any KS character?

Post by StalkR » Thu Apr 28, 2016 10:30 am

Well first thing first, the word "dated" is relative to the person seeing (or feeling) it. so my assumption is the word "Dated" in this case is having a close relationship in which point you're both feeling comfortable with each other. (well that's a bit too much isn't it ?)

I have dated someone that has the personality AND physical appearance (minus the disability, ouch) as Emi.
Shorter than average, japanese face-like, likes to do sports, cheery, and pretty stubborn at times, also small busts :wink:

Used to be friends, but it's more than that now (who said friend-zoned can't lead into relationships :roll: ). Nothing romantic at the moment but close relationship.
And BTW, she sometimes scolds me like when Hisao get's grounded by Emi when eating junkfood in act 1 which, oddly, I like :mrgreen:
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Re: Have you dated someone like any KS character?

Post by Gravy » Thu Apr 28, 2016 5:07 pm

I haven't had a relationship with someone like the characters in KS but, I did start dating for a while with a blind friend. It was really nice time and I learned a lot about myself and some other things to work on. She was far off from Lily though so oh well.
We're fine now, The relationship did end but it ended with both of us agreeing upon it
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