What hurts the most?

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Re: What hurts the most?

Post by ReWrite » Wed Jul 24, 2019 12:23 am

When I finished my first route (Emi - good ending) I was torn up for probably a week, the intense feeling from the story was just something I have not felt in years, and some parts that i've never felt, or never connected with in such a way, I have to be honest i'd have been more of a wreck if I got the Lilly story first, as Lilly, and Emi are the types of people I would want to find at my current place in life, Lilly much more-so than Emi

Hearing any of the music illicited a strong emotional response, almost like grief...I finally realize now that i'm just past the sadness feelings, and have finally finished the last arc(Rin) that I was sad the Emi arc was over, and there would be no continuity, a story and characters I was so invested in were just done, and the other arcs shared similarities in their timings of when each step was taken, not to mention they're all bound by the 4 chapters.

It didn't help that my next route was Shizune, the story was sweet, him learning sign language to communicate with her, but the romance wasn't there almost at all, but I could relate because I dated someone who was too stubborn for their own good, competitive, and impulsive in nature sexually, then disappeared for a bit

I can only say now that i've finished all of the arcs that i'm relieved...I need a break emotionally, but i'll be back to f my own life and mental state up again soon most likely.

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