Valentines Day wishes

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Re: Valentines Day wishes

Post by Xanatos » Fri Feb 15, 2013 11:30 pm

Dream wrote:
Xanatos wrote:So Rules of Attraction finished. Final verdict: "Ho-ly shit, that is the most cynical, bleak, depressing goddamn thing ever. Good movie though. Time for He-Man!"
Your movie watching group sessions certainly sound like a memorable thing :lol: I can only imagine the wackiness :lol:
:lol: There are some very special moments. Guy who runs it just got a shipment of movies from Amazon. Apocalypse theme this time.

@YZQ: Booooo, elves suck. :P

Unrelated: Damn, I love Twitter. "On Valentine's Day morning, burn her house down with fireworks and shout "HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!" #WaysToPissOffYourValentine"
<KeiichiO>: "I wonder what Misha's WAHAHA's sound like with a cock stuffed down her throat..."
<Ascension>: "I laughed, cried, vomited in my mouth a little, and even had time for marshmallows afterwards. Well played, Xanatos. Well played."
<KeiichiO>: "That's a beautiful response to chocolate."

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