your personal opinion of every heroine/route

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your personal opinion of every heroine/route

Post by norwegianboyEE » Sat Dec 15, 2012 9:01 pm

im sure a thread like this has been posted before but i dont want to search 50 topics so im creating a new one!
basiccaly im wondering what you guys think of each heroine after you played trough all routes. im going to write my own opinion here:
Lilly is my favourite because i love her calm and relaxing personality, and i also think she is the cutest character of all 5. as for the route i like it best because i tend to like funny and cute/erotic stories instead of sad ones, because they just make me cry. im not going to lie here... lilly is the only character with h-scenes i could masturbate to which i kind of had hoped more of the girls could have. if you first decide to add h-scenes they should feel rewarding :/
Emi was in my opinion, the funniest. she had a awesome and cute personality and she was cute too! i managed to stumble into her route without even realizing it. ( when you could choose to run or give up i ran just because i wanted to follow the nurse's advise, i originally planned to go for lilly) her route is really funny, and its really creepy when you see Emis true personality. as for the h-scenes they werent very erotic they was more funny but i liked it.
the competive personality shizune has is funny and i like the way she wants everyone to be as hardworking as her. she is more sexy than cute. which is fine with me althought i like cute characters more. her route feels a little bit boring if you ask me althought it has some funny parts i think its overall very bland. many people think her h-scenes are sexy but i just dont really like them.
she kind of freaks me out... altough she has some good personality traits i just dont like her that much, honest~~ the route is one of those that makes me cry and i dont really like it. she also has the first h-scene ever which feels like pain just WATCHING it!! the good ending is cool but its freaky at the same time
im going to include her because she is the most important non-heroine. she is really funny and cute, i dont find her annoying at all. she doesnt have a route mainly due to the fact she is lesbian i think. but she has a h-scene in shizunes route but it just feels wrong and its awkward.
ohh boy... what can i say? dont get the idea wrong here Rin is cute and funny but most of the time in her route she is just so weird!! i could barely understand the story in the route and it just didnt work out with me... i didnt like the h-scenes either.

ok looks like im done! i wrote this in my phone so i used about 1 hour and 20 min so i hope you guys will give plenty of feedback, its so awesome to find a place where you can discuss things like this with other people. sayonara~~

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Re: your personal opinion of every heroine/route

Post by Enemy | » Sat Dec 15, 2012 9:25 pm

I haven't played the game in 8 months so a lot of details are just fuzzy.

Waifu. The issue that came up seemed relatable (getting attached to people who don't want you to) and I liked her personality.
Managed to make me both angry and sad. Kinda like when you scream at the puppy eating your shoe and then you want to hug him because he makes a sad face. That's how I describe this route (I am not very good at metaphors)
Didn't really like her personality and the ending much.
I liked her character quite a bit but unfortunately I had read spoilers about the route so it kinda didn't have as much impact as I hoped it would. Still liked it though.
Misha's hot.

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Re: your personal opinion of every heroine/route

Post by Oddball » Sun Dec 16, 2012 2:17 pm

In brief...

Shizune: An interesting but not very likeable character. Her route is too long, boring, lacking choices, and nothing ever feels like it was accomplished. Misha comes across as a far more interesting and well developed character.

Rin: Rin is a character I like, but can't really develop any romantic feelings for. Her route is comes across as the darkest and most depressing of the stories throughout most of it's length.

Emi: Fun and lighthearted but there's not much substance to her route.

Hanako: The most interesting of the character and the best and most emotional route in the game.

Lilly: A second to Hanako and the strongest use of supporting cast in the game.
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Re: your personal opinion of every heroine/route

Post by Megumeru » Mon Dec 17, 2012 2:15 pm

I'll take a bite, why not?

Generic yamato nadeshiko. Quite boring, often predictable; an 'ojou-class' character that is easy to digest and understand. Her route is an all-round soap opera with a predictable ending with simple plots and sub-plots, shallow, though admittedly excellent in execution. Overrated to a degree.

The timid, cute girl with burn scars. Surprisingly forward and aggressive--which is not apparent in her character until you step on that particular claymore/proximity mine. An all-round honest girl who have trouble expressing herself due to her fear and trauma. Unintentionally activates all the 'white knight' inside of us. Her route is sweet, touching, and at some point provocative--though almost as if it follows Lilly's footsteps, it grazes upon the aspects and style of Hollywood (as pointed out by another besides me), though barely. Her route is the perfect balance between drama and reality, although admittedly it leans more towards the former.

A complex character, often confusing at best. A laid-back character that is forced to 'pick a route' for her future; indecisive at times. A prodigy in the areas of art, a genius that has trouble understanding herself. Due to this, she's highly-susceptible to the influence of others within her circle be it her teacher (Nomiya) or her friend (Emi and Hisao). Her route can be difficult to grasp and requires a high level of concentration from the side of the reader, especially in understanding what Rin really wants despite all that success and attention she receive. Most of her action in her route is done not because she wants to, but because she's told to--this may cause discomfort for many upon realizing that Hisao's take initially lead Rin to a path of self-destruction.

Cheerful, adventurous girl. The one thing that kept me away from her is the 'loli' category that seem to emanate from her, but upon closer inspection she is your average high school girl with a slightly unhealthy (though legit) attachment towards her father--and maybe, a light napoleon complex. Her route is a simple but effective portrayal of day-to-day life of a relationship, but holds a lot more at stake concerning Emi as a character.

MAI WAIFU. Spirited, adventurous, curious, motivated, and most of all a competitive girl that has great trouble connecting and understanding the world around her due to her inability to speak and hear--isolated. Cares for others a lot more than her own good and will push her own limits in order to see the happiness of those around her. A tsundere, may give the all-business-cold-shoulder when around people but softens up and is surprisingly childish and playful when left alone with her love interest or her close aides. Has trouble making friends, yet makes the best out of those she made and will do anything to keep those who are close even closer--this in turn meant losing one is similar to taking a shot in the head or a stake at the heart. Often difficult to understand and requires the reader to actually read into the text to fully grasp and understand Shizune as a character as well as her quirks and antics. Her route requires double the concentration to that of Rin's and requires multiple readings and stops to fully grasp and understand what is going on. Shizune lives in a world that is detached from the one Hisao is in, leaving him as the 'unreliable narrator'--add to the fact that Misha's word may differ in what Shizune initially said. Often considered shallow by many, her route made notes and multiple passes to a number of cultural references that is alien to those outside of Asia (or Japan) which makes some familiarity to the concept necessary to a degree. Though her route is limited to one choice, it is one that made massive impact on both character development and storyline. Has a deep plot-line and character development that is easily missed by many, which made her as the prime 'love interest of the intellectuals'. As an addition, the Shizune and Misha duo provides some of the most excellent supporting character role in the VN, appearing in almost all of the routes as Hisao's 'port in the storm'.
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Re: your personal opinion of every heroine/route

Post by Ste » Sun Dec 23, 2012 6:31 pm

Megumeru wrote:
Cares for others a lot more than her own good and will push her own limits in order to see the happiness of those around her.
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Did you realize that everybody hates her? She's obnoxious: nobody can stand her except Misha (who loves her for no apparent Reason). Was she pursuing Hanako's happiness when she played chess against her?
Has a deep plot-line and character development that is easily missed by many, which made her as the prime 'love interest of the intellectuals'.
Honestly... :shock: Rin's arc is the intellectual one: Rin is the Artist, and her arc is primarily a many-sided meditation on Art and Life.

Did I really read the same VN that you read?

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Re: your personal opinion of every heroine/route

Post by Carighan » Sun Dec 23, 2012 7:36 pm


She's a comparatively simple character. I thought just from the way she's the track team star and running on artificial legs that trying to protect and shelter her is the last thing she wants, she's looking for someone who'll walk next to her in life, not in front of her. Despite this sounding rather negative, I love her, because:
This path had me realize something about how I treat people IRL. Very cool "Oh fuck!"-moment I had there.
Plus, I say comparatively simple. Not simple. She is well fleshed out, and quite believable in her troubles and desires.

I could not at all relate to her. That being said, I was crying really badly during her good ending, and that was the good one. I like her humour a lot, awesome stuff, but the actual character I found really difficult to get. Although, the reveal of what frustrates her I pre-empted, but then it wasn't that difficult to see coming. I guess the thing here is that I know a lot of people who have similar issues IRL, and as such I can see where the inspiration for her came from. She has some of the most touching talks and scenes in the game, ofc, but her actual character didn't seem that interesting to me.

Fascinating, to say the least. I can't imagine how this must be for someone, and being an orphan all the time, too. Impossible to relate, but extremely touching and sad. I like her as a character a lot, because the way she evolves is startling. It seems too fast, but then it also makes sense that a small "shove" can send her on a path she can walk on her own (with friends), so it makes sense change comes quickly once she believes in herself.

I looooove how she is the protector in this path, and Hisao the protected. I love her dorm room sex scene, it was quite interesting as an element to deepen her "mundane" (by comparison) blindness. I thought the abruptness with which she decides is odd, but not unexplainable, but the way she then explodes when Kenji trips her made me really like her. She feels like someone I could be, in a way. Protecting friends, making them not worry, to the point where it becomes hurting not only for yourself, but also for the protected person.

Shizune (and sorta Misha)
I didn't get her at all. I thought it was interesting, with her sidekick char, and I ended up on her route the first time anyhow. Then it changed a lot, as the path when on: I thought the connection I could see between her and the PC was quite deep (with learning sign language and that), and I never actually saw the Misha-stuff coming.
I really liked Shizune later on, when she talks about the way she mistreats people, and how she blew Misha's friendship that way (or is about to). And how she even made Lilly hate her. While her path cuts off weirdly compared to other ones, I think she's the most fascinating of the characters. She is the only one who doesn't explicitly overcome some inner problem, she merely manages to state it (ofc, as explained this for her is a large part of working against it).
As a complete character, she is unbelievably overdone in her competitiveness and brashness, but so is Misha's happy nature. Since that gets revealed to be a persona, it isn't a far fetched idea that Shizune would change a lot shortly after the good ending. I'd love meeting her IRL, basically. :)
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Re: your personal opinion of every heroine/route

Post by mysterycycle » Wed Dec 26, 2012 1:00 am

Emi: My first path, which I fell into unexpectedly (I was interested in Hanako). Surprised me quite a bit, as, based on her appearance, I was expecting the overly-cheerful, "cute" girl I would normally avoid, and ended up falling in love with her. I love her sense of humor, her aggressive attitude and her physicality, and her athleticism makes her very attractive and inspiring. I enjoyed her route and felt it was a great introduction to the experience of playing Katawa Shoujo: lots of unexpected feels, but not as challenging as other routes would be. Emi's route was one of two where Hisao felt very much like me, and I could easily see myself in that relationship when I was in high school; she certainly seems like she would be great fun to hang out with. However, the central "mystery" of Emi's route was terribly obvious to me, and I kept wondering how Hisao could be so oblivious about it.

Hanako: My second path, and the other KS girl I fell in love with. While Emi reminded me of a girl I fell in love with after high school, Hanako reminded me of the first girl I ever fell in love with (which was in high school). I enjoyed playing through her route, and felt Hisao's frustration with Hanako's outward fragility - after the Good Ending I was relieved when Hisao finally felt like he could be himself with her; it mirrored my feelings as well. Perhaps appropriately, their relationship had some parallels to my relationship with my wife; after being used to being attracted to extroverts like Emi, it took a Herculean effort to adjust to being with another introvert like myself. But it was well worth the effort in the end; being with someone else who not only loves reading and games but also understands the need for "alone time" is a wonderful thing. I've played through Hanako's path the most out of all the heroines' (four times now), just because I love spending time with Hanako and her Good Ending never fails to move me. Hanako is the one I often find myself fantasizing about, and I think she's grown on me over the months, even eclipsing Emi (though that could be, at least in part, due to the fact that I've been working on a story about her).

Lilly: I love Lilly, but as a friend. Yes, she's beautiful and kind and thoughtful, but I was never mature enough to be the kind of guy that she would want to be with romantically (and, well, I've never really gone for blondes). Lilly's route is the most conventional love story of all the paths, I think - right down to the climactic scene - but that doesn't make me enjoy it any less. I'm playing through her path right now for the second time. Some people see her as a Mary Sue, but I don't.

Shizune: I care about Shizune as well, because I see that she is a good friend; she just has an unconventional way of expressing that. I'm going to play through her path again some day to pick up on the subtexts that Shizune-fans are always talking about, but the first time playing through, I was mostly bored. Someone here in the forums once described it as "not so much a dating sim as a student council sim," and that sums it up for me. There are some great scenes in there - especially Misha's scene - but for the most part I was disappointed. Too few choices for my liking, Hisao's personality was as alien to me as Shizune's, and the romantic relationship felt almost non-existent to me, except on those rare occasions when Shizune felt like being affectionate. I don't hate her as some people seem to, but I never felt really connected to her.

Rin: While Shizune's route demanded my patience just to get through it, Rin's route demanded patience of a different kind. I started out relating to Hisao in Rin's path because he reminded me of myself at my most depressed and self-pitying, and as an artist, I felt a lot of kinship with Rin, at least on the surface. I had absolutely no expectations going into Rin's path, because due to her Cloudcuckoolander-ness, I couldn't imagine what a romantic relationship with her would be like. But as I played through her path and learned more about her, I came to realize the ugly reality that I could never be the kind of guy she would need. I need more in a romantic relationship - more definition, more outward expression, more physical affection, more attention - and while I didn't find her statements to be utterly obtuse, I felt Hisao's frustration with her, and every time she looked away or gave that wall-eyed stare of hers, I lost hope. When I first saw Rin in other heroines' paths, I laughed at the things she said and enjoyed her presence, especially in Emi's path. After playing Rin's path and coming to understand her (as much as anyone can), now every time I see her in another path I just feel sad.
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Re: your personal opinion of every heroine/route

Post by yummines » Wed Dec 26, 2012 1:49 am

Rin - best girl. Rinbro master race.

Hanako - is a very shy and relatable person. i mean, besides the whole getting orphaned and having burn scars on half your body. but i can relate mostly, especially when she mentions the tile game she plays sometimes. her h-scene has too much feels to fap to, and is a pretty believable character. (also i want to rub my cum in her burn scars)

Emi - best h-scene in game (lemons). Is a cute and spunky girl who works hard and says things she means. Would make a nice high school sweetheart. If she grows up to be like her mom, then good waifu as well. Good believeable character as well. Plus only route where Hisao actually does something about his heart condition.

Shizune - is also a fairly believeable person, though not in a good way. I like Misha more out of the two, and wish that her h-scene wasn't the bad ending and rather was an alternate route.

Lilly - overrated. come at me bros.
still, is a very nice person. elegant, beautiful, and kind. least believable to me though cause i actually know someone who is blind.

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Re: your personal opinion of every heroine/route

Post by SemisoftCheese » Wed Dec 26, 2012 2:14 am

Lilly: Favorite, in my opinion the most easily relatable to. Classy, elegant, and independent. Moderate depth and independence of character without making her manipulative or overly deep. What's not to love? If you can find a Lily, seize her and never let her go. This route seemed the most "real" out of all of them--real problems, real solutions, and real resolutions.

Rin: This was my second favorite--high grade writing combined with an abstract perspective on everything. I thought the Hisao in this route was sort of a bum, but it's ok because he cared. I also loved just the frustration of this route--you don't know how to actually feel until you see the results.

Emi: This path is the happiest, and in my opinion, lacks depth. Emi at best is surface deep, sort of like a playful child you keep under your wing. I enjoyed playing her route, but didn't get any feels from it. I sort of saw the ending from the start. Go figure.

Hanako: "Come at me, Hanabros." I enjoyed Hanako's route, but not for the plot or the ending (good). I felt that Hisao in this route was "naive' and keep on treating her like a broken toy. The true reward from me in Hanako's route was watching her break into a smile--no matter what the place, you felt that you were receiving something special and rare. Feels aplenty, but more like those you see when you greet a small child.

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Re: your personal opinion of every heroine/route

Post by Pyramid Head » Wed Dec 26, 2012 7:06 pm

Lilly: Liked the character. Calm, but honest and fairly intelligent. Plus she's not the type to preach bullshit morals and instead embrace her "Healthy Adolescent Sex Drive" That said her arc kind of felt half-assed. The drama after Hisao's heart flutter kind of felt tacked on. "I don't want you to leave me Hisao! Oh by the way, I'm moving to Scotland because I don't have the balls to tell my parents who haven't been a part of my life for nearly ten years to fuck off."

Emi: The opposite of Lilly. I liked her arc, you saw flaws on both side of the defense but could understand them and the drama was believable. That said i don't like Emi that much.

Shizune: Feels like the writer wanted to make something far longer than what we ended up with and inexpertly mashed together a second and third act that were meant to be two times longer. Plus Shizune's kind of an asshole. And Misha's Bush-Cheney shirt pissed me off. I'm still sore about governor bush!

Rin: i loved Rin, liked the drama to a point, but oh dear fucking Jah did i want to kill Hisao in this one. I honestly don't like Hisao in general but i was pissed at him throughout most of this. NO SHE DOESN'T WANT TO DO THIS, GET HER THE FUCK OUT OF THERE!

Hanako: My personal favorite. Loved the character, didn't mind the drama, and i only wanted to break Hisao's thumbs since while he was an idiot neither of them knew what they were doing. Plus a special award should be made when i considered Hanako to also be the most attractive (I'm a slut for pantyhose and long black stockings on nice legs) and yet her h-scene killed any hope of wood i might have.
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Re: your personal opinion of every heroine/route

Post by Steinherz » Wed Dec 26, 2012 7:16 pm

Pyramid Head wrote:Hanako: My personal favorite. Loved the character, didn't mind the drama, and i only wanted to break Hisao's thumbs since while he was an idiot neither of them knew what they were doing. Plus a special award should be made when i considered Hanako to also be the most attractive (I'm a slut for pantyhose and long black stockings on nice legs) and yet her h-scene killed any hope of wood i might have.
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Re: your personal opinion of every heroine/route

Post by Pyramid Head » Wed Dec 26, 2012 7:24 pm

Steinherz wrote:
Pyramid Head wrote:Hanako: My personal favorite. Loved the character, didn't mind the drama, and i only wanted to break Hisao's thumbs since while he was an idiot neither of them knew what they were doing. Plus a special award should be made when i considered Hanako to also be the most attractive (I'm a slut for pantyhose and long black stockings on nice legs) and yet her h-scene killed any hope of wood i might have.
You are PYRAMID HEAD you rape fucked up looking monsters (and punishing some loony dude) for a living, and that gave you a boner kill? Lol (I jest of course but still)
In my defense in the other world i can change shape (I don't wear the pyramid regularly) and i had to shapeshift to get it up. I was supposed to be acting symbolically of Sunderland's sexual frustrations and also playing on inner doubts about his motives for killing his wife but because of that i couldn't just do it with humans. It had to be rape because of his inner frustrations and violent acts, and it had to be the monsters because i couldn't just come out and say "You killed your wife and are here because you feel unimaginable guilt but repressed the memory of why you feel the guilt. You came here to bury your wife and commit suicide, and made me to help with the last part. So open wide, here comes the pointy deathcock spear." I had to be subtle and let him come to the realization on his own.

Besides, after i was done with that i came to self awareness and learned to hate humanity, but the few rare shining golden moments of humanity, even fictional, mean a lot to me. It teaches me shades of gray, it teaches me not to kill everyone i see because they may be the maker of the next Katawa Shoujo. You never know, if 4Chan can give birth to the only drama i ever unironically loved than a homeless bum can make a masterpiece.

I know that's not saying much when a homeless bum could make a better newscaster than Megyn Kelly and a better writer than Stephanie Meyers or even make a better kids show than Lauren Faust, but still, i do hunt for the gems like Katawa Shoujo, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Spec Ops: The Line and Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
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Re: your personal opinion of every heroine/route

Post by Dream » Thu Dec 27, 2012 4:25 pm

^ I cannot believe that this post has made me see/believe how the carrier of the Great Knife, James and Maria's punisher and one of Silent Hill's most emblematic beings could be into Katawa Shoujo or Hanako. Plus, while i'm not sure why, i'm a bit amused that the post right after Pyramid Head's has a James avatar.

On topic: I would write my personal impression of every "heroine" (Seriously, why are they called heroines?) and their routes but i still haven't completed KS.
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Re: your personal opinion of every heroine/route

Post by Abraxis » Wed Feb 19, 2014 6:23 pm

Well, I've only played through 2 full arcs and am simultaneously going through two more, being about halfway through each, so I'll just jot down my impressions for the one's I've completed, maybe I'll add the others later.

Emi: So far my favorite, I really liked the writing and general theme of her arc, it was refreshingly low-key but still felt significant. It didn't take itself too seriously and as a result the serious subjects felt more poignant in such a way that made it seem more believable than many of the more extreme characters and situations in the other arcs. Being more believable, I think I was able to relate better with this story than the others so far, giving it more of an impact for me.
I could definitely see how people with expectations in the genre might find it boring though, this was my first experience with anything like this so I really didn't know what to expect I guess.

As for the characters, Hisou was a bit of a pushover and kind of... dumb. Honestly, how didn't he connect the dead father to the car accident immediately? I actually had to skip back out of confusion to verify whether it was explicitly stated or not as I didn't think it was still a question. He wasn't so bad to detract much from the story though. Emi on the other hand was really great and given his bleak situation I found her encouragement endearing. Their relationship in particular was nice, the others seem to develop over each character's weaknesses. Emi and Hisuo seem to be the only two who bond over their strengths. It's a much more positive relationship, and a much more even one as well, they both contribute to building it in pretty equal measure and there's no real dominance on either side, they can both fend for themselves and choose to be together. I like that a lot more than the dependency involved in some of the other relationships.

Rin: So far the most interesting arc, If Emi appealed to my positive nature, Rin would be the antithesis. The story is so dark and depressing, even approaching terrifying when you really understand just how hopelessly alone Rin is. She might as well have been caged in a dark room her whole life for all she knows about human contact. Her desire for companionship so strong as to push her to become a prodigious painter even by armed standards in order to break out of her cage. Finally reaching that level of greatness, only to realize she had gotten nowhere, that painting wasn't a medium through which she could, after a life of trying, find a connection with anyone else. I mean that is downright earth-shatteringly depressing, especially for such an innocent person. That moment she realizes that it's all been for nothing and that even Hisuo, after trying harder than anyone still doesn't have the slightest idea who she is just so touching and sad.

It was all very well thought out, and the author did an amazing job presenting it so thoroughly, though technically there were quite a few flaws in the writing.
Hisuo was at his worst in this plot line I thought. Completely unmotivated, unfriendly, selfish, rude, and dumb (again)... The only reason he stuck with Rin was boredom, I don't think he understood a thing about her even in the very end, all his inner dialog was so narrow-minded and cynical... I realize it had to be that way to contrast Rin, but still, it was irritating. Especially in scenes with Emi. Hisuo is so unforgivably rude to Emi every-time she pops up in Rin's arc, it doesn't even make sense, and really kind of shocked me.

"Hey stranger!! I hope you're doing okay! Can I buy you some lunch??",
"Sure, Hey Emi, by the way, I was talking to Rin and turns out she doesn't really think of you as a friend at all."
Honestly who would say something like that, I couldn't believe it. Throughout the whole arc, Emi is nothing but kind to him, way more kind than any person could expect an acquaintance to be, at his best he's rude in return. I just thought that was a bit unusual, almost like the author hated the fact he had to include Emi in the story.
As for the relationship, I thought the good end was a bit forced, as though the author meant for it to end with her killing herself after she cries on his shoulder, only including the happy ending because he had to.

So as a romance I guess I didn't like it. As a character portrait of Rin, I thought it was excellent, and I really liked her character a lot, though I do find it hard to believe she hasn't been diagnosed with whatever mental disability she clearly has, being at a school run by doctors and all, but that's a minor complaint really.

Right now I'm reading through Lilly and Shizune, Lilly I find pretty boring. I like the dynamic between Misha and Shizune though, trying to interpret Shizune's point of view is interesting, and I like her aggressiveness, but I've yet to complete those arcs so I'm still not sure.
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Re: your personal opinion of every heroine/route

Post by SpunkySix » Wed Feb 19, 2014 6:46 pm

I haven't played any except Emi's and most likely won't until Summer vacation, but I still have an okay idea of the characters, so:

Emi: Probably my favorite character ever and if I can use the term without being flamed, waifu. I love her bubbly personality and admire the Hell out of her determination and strength, plus I enjoy running competitively in real life so I can relate to that. She's super cute, she's got a fire in her heart and even her flaw of trying too hard to go it alone is relatable to me.

Rin: I see Rin as somebody who would make a really great best friend. She's odd in an endearing way, she means well and her perspective on life is interesting, to say the least. Plus, I really like art, so we would share some common ground there.

Lilly: Seems really nice, would probably make a good friend. I do like myself a well-mannered lady, and her taste in beverages is excellent. Not much more to say here as of now.

Hanako: I can really relate to her as an introvert myself as far as anxiety goes, and she's really cute. I haven't seen much of her outside of her shell, but I think we'd be cool if I did.

Shizune: I'd like her okay as a friend since her heart seems to be in the right place, but she's far too pushy for me. Even as a competitor myself, I would be bothered by her bossiness. I admire her discipline, though.
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