Which character did you get most attached to and why

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Re: Which character did you get most attached to and why

Post by Tyrael » Sat Dec 20, 2014 8:33 am

At first I would have also thought Hanako but the way Hisao treats her in her arc (he basically becomes Lilly version 2.0) made me cringe several times. I wouldn't say that's the writer's fault at all because I think it's pretty much a natural reaction when it comes to people who have been severely hurt in the past and therefore seem 'fragile'. She wants nothing more than to be treated as a 'normal' person but since everyone is treating her as if she's made out of glass that ends up hurting her even more. That is why I loved her arc and why I loved Hanako. But, I think it would be hard for anyone to see Hanako as anything more than something that needs to be protected, something like a daughter, or a sister if you will.

That is why I think that on a personal level, Lilly clicked with me the most. Even though I absolutely hated the 'going back to scotland' twist, she's the kind of girl any guy would want irl (I think that's why she's so popular) because her personality is pretty much perfect. Having someone there who will always be close to you and who will always worry and care for you is somehow a very soothing thought. Somehow, I also didn't feel she was nearly as overbearing in her own arc as she was in Hanako's, pretty weird if you ask me... So yeah, Lilly :).

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Re: Which character did you get most attached to and why

Post by YZQ » Fri Jan 23, 2015 5:27 am

I love how GP wrote about Hanako's desire to be treated as an equal in his fic. "If you want to be treated as an equal, you have to act like one." It's a "chicken and egg" issue with her.
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