Which of the characters would date you?

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Re: Which of the characters would date you?

Post by mysterycycle » Thu Jun 28, 2012 11:18 pm

Assuming they found me physically attractive (I'm not a bad-looking guy, and there were girls who thought I was cute in high school - I was also about 80 pounds lighter then - so it's certainly possible), here's what I would suspect:

Emi might pursue me, if we met through circumstances similar to how she met Hisao. I think she'd pick up on how much I enjoyed talking to her and just generally joking around, and if a cute girl had asked me to be her morning running partner, it would take me by surprise but I'd probably at least give it a try. I also did terribly in high school - not because I couldn't have gotten straight A's (well, maybe not in math), but because I just never felt like doing homework. Our "live for the moment" outlooks might have matched up well that way - we'd probably encourage each others' worse habits. Having said that, I have a pretty sedentary lifestyle, and spend a lot of time reading, writing, drawing, and playing video games, so she might get frustrated by that if she didn't share any of those hobbies (and she was pretty vague about her hobbies in the game). Still, I think it could have happened.

Hanako and I would probably see each other in the library - I would definitely hang out there to write, read, and so on. I like libraries, and I enjoy being by myself. Obviously she'd really have to want to get to know me to initiate contact with me, but if the question doesn't stipulate that the girl has to take the initiative, I think it would have been quite possible. We have enough hobbies in common that I think she'd enjoy my company once she became familiar with me, though for an introvert I can play the role of extrovert fairly well. I wonder if she would be put off by the fact that I had a lot of friends in high school that I liked to hang out with; if she made it clear I'd have to choose between spending time with her or with my friends, that would be a pretty tough decision to make, and I don't think that I could do that.

Lilly... well, it's possible. I have a good grasp of polite manners, and I maintain a friendly demeanor. I really considered myself a gentleman when I was in high school, so she might find that attractive. However, I wasn't very mature, and I think she would probably find me a little too goofy for her tastes.

Rin didn't seem to think a whole lot about her fellow art-class students, so I doubt that my drawing skills would have meant too much to her. My joking around all the time probably wouldn't have impressed her, either - I had philosophical beliefs then (as I do now), but generally speaking I didn't have a lot of patience for philosophy, so I doubt she'd find me very engaging at all.

Shizune would think I was a slacker, and she would be right.

Misha... I suppose it's possible, but given the things going on with her, I don't think she'd be interested. Given what Shizune would almost certainly think of me, I doubt Misha would consider me boyfriend material. But she might go to a school dance with me if she didn't already have a date.

Miki would probably think I was a goody-two-shoes and a nerd to boot, and would probably take great delight in trying to "corrupt" me, I bet. I guess a lot would depend on whether she thought that a guy who spent most of his time writing tabletop roleplaying game adventures and comics would be remotely interesting.

Yuuko...well, if she'd met me in college, I could see her being interested. It was when I was in college that I discovered my love for history, and she might find my easy-going nature calming. My wife IRL actually has a couple of Yuuko's traits...
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Re: Which of the characters would date you?

Post by ZXRN » Fri Jun 29, 2012 2:00 am

Since I too can't really get a date. (not coz of any ugly features but more on being too damn shy.)

If Emi would be the first to approach me (like in the game.) It'll prolly work out coz I'll be inspired to do something she does if she invites me in. (Coz I just can't talk to girls the same way I do with my friends.)

Hanako would work out too, but realistically she's shy, I'm shy...I dunnno. Maybe there's that little chance if we somehow get to talk to each other at some point in life.

I would definitely love to hang out with Lilly. So maybe, just maybe. Of course she has them standards going on so I dunno if I'll fit in. (But I can see it happening if I meet someone like her in real life.)
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Re: Which of the characters would date you?

Post by Megumeru » Fri Jun 29, 2012 2:03 am

If I follow that premise, I wouldn't be sitting here typing this now would I? Roll out the carpets, we're going on a manly picnic for life!

Just kidding. Love u guys :lol:


If I'm considering my own character, I generally find some discomfort when being approached with but find greater confidence when making the move. Not to mention I'm less 'trustful' to others until I get to know them better.

Lilly: I might be able to befriend Lilly easily, but I doubt she'll tag me as a 'LI' since I often dissociate myself with a crowd at certain intervals to ease myself. I doubt she'll continuously stick her guns to check on me. We might be friends, but not 'close' or even 'best' of them. So no chance

Emi: Assuming Hisao an I have the same kind of introduction of running into each other, there's almost no way I would meet up with Emi. Well, unless I actually visit the track and do a running routine then that's a different story. She's in the 'probably would date me' consideration assuming she's tolerant.

Hanako: I may make the first move, but other than that we'll probably see each other pretty often in the library. I generally prefer 'quite' crowds once in awhile, so her company wouldn't be too jarring sometime and maybe we could share our hobbies so there's a potential.

Rin: As much as I'm in the 'pursue' side of this, there's almost no telling in what's going on in Rin's mind unless some magical space rainbow happens and tells you right in your face. I might befriend her, but we'll probably end up nothing more as friends or good friends who share weird or random thoughts once in awhile to pass the time.

Shizune: Probably someone I can associate with the most. I was a member of the Student Council and--later in college--Student Government, I love running a little errands here and there, and I enjoy spending my time working myself off for the good of a community. We'll probably have a similar boss<->minion relationship for a short time with her laying out the goals and I accomplishing it, but considering how persistent she is on getting to know someone and how she treats a single friend like a thousand there is that huge chance she'll crack my shell open like pistachios. I know it happened to me before by someone else that has similar character persona, so the chance of it happening again is possible and probably--before I knew it--I warmed up to her. Then again, she may have planned that and I didn't see it happening

huh, when you think about it some of these discussions reflect on us ourselves....interesting
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Look out folks, it's a long one!

Post by DrNonookee » Fri Jun 29, 2012 2:09 am

Ooh, this is a tough one. Really makes you analyze yourself critically; trying to be honest about your strengths and shortcomings, without being overly harsh on yourself or acting like a conceited jerk. :P

Well, first and foremost, it would rely heavily on whether any of them found me physically attractive to begin with. I'm not a *bad* looking guy, I think - pretty average, I guess. However, I *am* fat. :? Not like hideously disgusting can't-get-out-of-bed-without-a-forklift fat, but hefty enough to not just be considered a guy with a beer gut, either. Think Peter Griffin from Family Guy. :p Much like his wife, anyone who'd even begin to consider dating me would have to be attracted to that sort of build - or at least not find it *unattractive*. Unfortunately, that sort of thing is hard to gauge in people - nice girls (the sort I'd like to date) and Yamaku girls in particular (for obvious reasons) are exactly the ones who will try *not* to mention how you look unless you flat-out ask them. And that's kind of an awkward question to pose to somebody who's just an aquaintance. "Hi, my name's Bob. Do ya think I'm hot?" :P Sure, there's probably quite a few women out there who could find me attractive - but the number is definitely lower than that for a normal-looking guy, which is part of the reason I'm shy around girls. :oops:

Anywho. Moving on to the topic:

Emi was pretty much made for me. Or, rather, *copied* from me - she's like a female mirror of my own personality. :P Like myself, she's cheerful, very playful (BIG plus), and chock full of good-natured teasing - all things that make me think she'd be as attracted to my personality as I am to hers. :) She's genuinely sweet and loving beneath the playful exterior - again, a trait I share, and one I think she'd be drawn to - but with a layer of naughtiness lurking just beneath the surface (as evidenced by her willingness to experiment with anal sex without prompting) that I find absolutely delightful :) . I'm somewhat sexually repressed, and constant exposure to the Internet has made me into something of a Chivalrous Pervert - I like to think that she'd not only understand that, but enjoy having a like-minded guy around to...experiment with. :twisted:

Perhaps the only potential snag in all of this is that she's a fitness buff (Get it? Heh heh.) and I tend to be physically lazy. :( In my case, I find her athleticism (and petiteness) quite attractive - opposites attract, I guess. In her case? It's hard to say. To me, at least, Emi seems less like the type who would openly discount someone for being fat and/or lazy, and more like the type who would see it as an opportunity to enlighten them on the benefits of regular exercise. ;) Hisao was reluctant to exercise even though he really needed it, and we know how that ended - she dragged him out every morning nonetheless with a diobolical combination of puppy-dog-eyes enticement and determined forcefulness. :roll: It seems to me that if we did interact socially, she'd try to convert me to the ways of not being a couch potato - and to be honest, I'd totally go for it. Hell, I *have* gone for it - she's not even *real*, and she's nonetheless gotten me motivated to get out and work out a bit after I played her route. I'd like to think that my genuine willingness to join in on the sporty fun would endear me to her, if nothing else. And who knows? Maybe she's one of those athletic girls who's secretly a chubby chaser. I can only hope. :lol:

Shizune is an...interesting case. ;) A lot of predicting how she'd react to someone depends on how you interpret her behavior. A lot of folks see her as bossy, controlling, and uncompromising - but that's not the Shizune I see. To me, she's a genuinely caring, passionate person whose blunt nature, competitive streak, and strong belief in self-actualization tend to obscure her true motives.

Shizune doesn't want to boss people around - she wants them to boss *themselves* around, to stop sitting on the sidelines and get out there and make the most of life. She doesn't want to *win* every game she plays (although she would certainly enjoy it) - she just wants a fair contest and an enthusiastic effort from her opponent so she can savor the experience, win or lose. She doesn't want people to cow to her forceful nature - she wants them to stand up to it. When she pushes, she wants you to push *back*. :wink:

She says it herself in her route - she has trouble making friends because her forceful personality tends to drive people away. I think that what she wants more than anything is for someone to see through her sometimes off-putting behavior and recognize that beneath it is a person who *cares* about everything and everyone with such passion that it sometimes comes off as abrasive. Assuming that's the case, I like to think I'd be able to fill that role. I tend to be lazy, I admit, but beneath that laziness beats a passionate heart (and a stubborn personality) that loves a good-spirited clash. ;) I think that the two of us would draw on each other, in that sense - her drive would penetrate my shyness and push me to get motivated, and once properly motivated, I'd answer her forcefulness with an absolute refusal to back down, which I think is exactly what she wants.

Hanako would get along well with me, I think. She reminds me a lot of how I used to be, years ago - painfully shy, but longing for social contact nonetheless. I'm still shy :oops: but not nearly as much as I used to be, and I know from firsthand experience how lonely she would be. Basically, I'd do more or less what Hisao did - reach out to her, give her that lifeline she craves. It might take time, but if she's anything like I was, she'd love nothing more than having someone to warm up to - socially and, hopefully, romantically. :)

However, unlike Hisao, I wouldn't play the white knight. :? Again, from experience I know what sort of connection she'd want - someone to support her and help her come out of her shell, but not someone to coddle her and treat her like a child. Granted, it would make the Hanako route a lot less dramatic, but hey, some of us know enough to do it right the first time. :p

Lilly, I think, could go either way. On the one hand, the fact that she likely wouldn't judge my 'date suitability' based on appearance would be a huge boon in my favor. :roll: I also make it a point to be polite to people, even strangers - a habit instilled in me by my job as a security officer - and I think that would mesh well with her personality. :) On the other hand, though, I have a very open-minded personality that makes it *very* hard to offend me - the only thing that really pisses me off is people acting like jerks. :? While this is certainly a positive thing in many ways - it makes me relatively easygoing, for example - it also means that my sense of humor will very likely go to places hers won't. I'm the sort of person who loves to make snarky comments even though I don't really *mean* them. I'm the sort of person who thinks that shows with often crass, intentionally edgy, take-no-prisoners styles of writing (South Park, Family Guy, anything on [adult swim]) are hilarious. I'm the sort of person who not only enjoys virtual video game violence, but loves games like Madworld and Bulletstorm that *grade* you on how creatively sadistic you can be. Something tells me that Lilly might not care much for a guy who thinks these sorts of things are fun. :3 Then again, I *am* a big, tender softie at heart, so who knows?

Rin is probably at the bottom of my list. To be perfectly honest, I'm not really sure I could 'get' Rin the way Hisao does eventually, and I think that would ultimately prevent her from developing any real interest in being around me. She might latch onto me as a friend, but somehow I doubt she'd develop any real emotional attachment to me.

Misha is...well, to be honest, this one depends pretty much entirely on what exactly her sexual orientation is. If she's a lesbian, then obviously it's not going to happen. :P However, if she's bisexual, it's a different story. Misha is a dual-level personality; extremely cheerful and bombastic on the surface (something I find appealing), but with an inner layer of deep sensitivity (a quality I share). This gives her the capacity to feel both a great amount of hurt when saddened, and a great amount of joy when happy - as I said, I'm much the same way, and I would love to be the one to make her feel that joy and to help her bear that sadness. :cry: Personally, I think we'd get along great - but it all depends on whether she goes for the cock. :mrgreen:

Although for the record, if she did want to date me, she'd have to grow her hair back out. She's cute and all, but that bowl cut she gets in Shizune's route does not suit her *at all*. I like her fluffier original hairdo - it fits nicely with her, er, fluffy body. Mmm, pudgy girls. :D
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Re: Which of the characters would date you?

Post by metalangel » Fri Jun 29, 2012 4:15 am

I thought this was a great idea, because it forces you to think of yourself from an outside perspective. It's one thing to love Lilly because she has her sex drive but what qualities would she find to like in you? You and Hanako both sharing shyness as an attribute is NOT grounds for a relationship because you'd both be to terrified to make the first move and even talk to each other.

Emi - I think Emi would be interested in me. When I was in high school, she was the sort of girl I tended to attract. I'm 6'2" and fairly slim (160lbs through high school) and petite girls were often attracted to tall guys. I wasn't super sporty (though I did take gym every year and rode my bike everywhere, just to get some physical activity) but that shouldn't matter so long as I went to all her track meets. I'm also very affectionate which she'd enjoy.
Lilly - I think it would depend entirely on the circumstances. I think I might be a bit too sarcastic and strange and jokey for her, and even if she met me during a quiet spell I'd probably start to drive her up the wall. I did have a friendship with a blind girl in high school but she was much more lively than Lilly.
Hanako - Again, it would depend on the circumstances, for her. Girls like Hanako, in my experience, tend to decide right away if they are just not at all interested in you or are going to become secretly and totally obsessed with you. I played a lot of pool when I was in high school so that would give us something to do together, but as with Lilly I can get boisterous once I get to know someone and that would either pull her out of her shell or more likely drive her away.
Rin - I have very electic and strange interests sometimes (I can find almost anything interesting or intriguing) and that open-mindedness might appeal to Rin. I'm also very creative (very much so in high school) and she might enjoy combining her art with my writing talents for lots of strange collaborations. Having someone with a similar mindset to bounce things off is very stimulating, so I think we'd get along just fine. I do think we'd end up spending hours in the same room completely absorbed in our seperate tasks and not saying a word, but out in public would be inseperable.
Shizune - Hard to be objective, given she's the one I like the most. I think she'd be frustrated by my laid-back nature at first, but would come to appreciate that once I am committed to a task I will throw myself into it full force. I'm also loyal and patient and playful, so I'd like to think that we'd complement each other. She would probably affectionately scold me a lot for acting silly, still knowing that I was just trying to make things more enjoyable, and that she could depend on me to come through for her. She'd also love the attention I'd lavish on her due to my infatuation.
Misha - (I assume she's bi) Misha would probably think I was absolutely hilarious and laugh at everything I said. I know a girl who is very much like Misha, and it gets really old really fast. She'd probably want to date me, but I wouldn't want to date her. Her ditziness would frustrate me, and she'd have serious moments where she'd get frustrated that I wasn't taking her seriously. However, girls like Misha can also be extremely passionate in romantic moments but that would probably mean a brief relationship based entirely on sex.

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Re: Which of the characters would date you?

Post by ILoveSuits » Fri Jun 29, 2012 4:37 am

Well, I'm not too sure about myself. I am neurotic and easily stressed and worry about many things. I absolutely love books. I like to talk to people about their problems. Otherwise, I'm pretty introverted. So I guess, Hanako, she could possibly share some of my problems and understand them. Plus, we have some common interests too.

Emi will be turned-off by my moody atmosphere. I would be too overly concerned about Lilly, 'cos she's blind, and that over-concern would be a turn-off for her. Shizune, she'll make me feel so nervous and worried, that I would probably have a nervous breakdown, and that'll be a turn-off for her, I am SURE. Rin is ok too I guess. I love art too, but then she'll probably not be interested in me, 'cos I'll be too overly-concerned about her well-being.

Another thing, I am thin, smart, athletic, artistic, and have mild OCD. So... Maybe Hanako might not even want me.
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Re: Which of the characters would date you?

Post by nemz » Fri Jun 29, 2012 6:35 am

That's an interesting question, actually. Considering high school me... hmm.

Hanako and Lilly are both a definite no. I read a lot and was in the chess club, but I was also a industrial/grunge sort of guy, drove like a maniac, took stupid risks for pointless competitive reasons and generally just didn't give a fuck. I suspect Hanako would have been afraid of me and Lilly would have probably considered me a delinquent, and she'd have been right.

Emi would not have approved as I have never been a straight edge, self improvement sort person. I was on the football team (lineman) and one of the strongest guys in the school but not especially fit otherwise, and I doubt she'd have seen that as reason enough to put up with me when there's no way in hell I'd have let her control my diet and exercise schedule. I was a pretty dark sort of guy as well, personality wise, so we'd have probably not gotten along at all anyway.

Shizune... yeah, I'd have had thing for her no question, but I doubt she'd give me a shot. I was a smart guy but also a total slacker when it came to schoolwork, hypercompetive but a sore loser, and I doubt I'd have gotten along with Misha very well; cheerfulness like that often brought out my cynical asshole side. Maybe if she thought I was a suitable bad boy fixer-up project? Probably not though.

Rin is quite a possibility. I was always into art and philosophy, weird conversations about things that don't matter at 2am over crap coffee. I definately would have been willing to dance down the path of self destruction with her as well, and that's the problem... I'm not sure I would have pulled her back from the brink or If I'd have jumped over the line with her.
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Re: Which of the characters would date you?

Post by Synthus » Fri Jun 29, 2012 9:42 am

nemz wrote: Shizune... yeah, I'd have had thing for her no question, but I doubt she'd give me a shot. I was a smart guy but also a total slacker when it came to schoolwork, hypercompetive but a sore loser, and I doubt I'd have gotten along with Misha very well; cheerfulness like that often brought out my cynical asshole side. Maybe if she thought I was a suitable bad boy fixer-up project? Probably not though.
Sounds like me, just that I've bludgeoned my hypercompetitiveness into submission with my laziness and apathy. I do have shit that I'm extremely passionable about though, so that might be something that draws Shizune in.

Then again, she's a 10 and I'm a 6 (7 tops).

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Re: Which of the characters would date you?

Post by Brogurt » Fri Jun 29, 2012 12:45 pm

Hanako because she has low self esteem.
I feel like the ends justify the means though. ~♥

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Re: Which of the characters would date you?

Post by nemz » Fri Jun 29, 2012 3:24 pm

Brogurt wrote:Hanako because she has low self esteem.
I feel like the ends justify the means though. ~♥
Hanako would pursue you because she has low self esteem? Ouch dude... wicked self-burn.
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Re: Which of the characters would date you?

Post by Tomate » Fri Jun 29, 2012 3:36 pm

Brogurt wrote:Hanako because she has low self esteem.
I feel like the ends justify the means though. ~♥
Its like a parody of all hanako fags.
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Re: Which of the characters would date you?

Post by Total Destruction » Fri Jun 29, 2012 3:59 pm

Brogurt wrote:Hanako because she has low self esteem.
I feel like the ends justify the means though. ~♥
And now we're friends again.

... Danger.

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Re: Which of the characters would date you?

Post by Episcia » Fri Jun 29, 2012 4:17 pm

No one, 'cause I'm taken. Wahaha!

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Re: Which of the characters would date you?

Post by WorldlyWiseman » Fri Jun 29, 2012 6:45 pm

Do we really have to consider how we were in high school? I was a terrible little asshole, and not even in any way that was cool. It's not that I was bad looking, I was just unpleasant. I was pretty close to Kenji back then, just replace the anti-feminism with rabid YouTube-comment Republican politics and there you have it. I would have been tumbling off the school roof in a matter of days. I think I'll just go with who I am now (more of a Mutou/Rin/Shizune combo).

Emi and I might try dating, but it would be a really distant relationship. I've never really enjoyed sporty activities, not in the way that really athletic people slip into some kind of high, but I chug away at it out of a sense of responsibility and for my own ego. Having Emi as an external motivator would only push me harder, and I would happily comply. I would be entirely too comfortable with each of us being at arm's length. I would respect the boundary that she has set up, for better or for worse. We would be so lovey-dovey, and everyone would tell us how cute we are together, but privately each of us would wonder why it feels like we know each other less and less.

Hanako and I...it wouldn't happen

Lilly and I might never become friends. Even though I'm atypically polite, as soon as I get comfortable with someone my humor gets dark as hell. If we did, we would end up in one of those awful mutual-friend-zone situations. She might like touching me and I would have a huge crush on her, but both of us are terrible communicators. I'm too self-conscious/insecure to indulge her more motherly habits, and even with practice I would probably still be clumsy as hell about the extra considerations needed for her.

Rin and I...yeah. We're similar in some superficial ways but the devils is in the details. I love coming up with weird stuff off-the-cuff and I think of myself as creative, but again, my sense of humor. She might not be stopped by my cynicism, though, it has been tempered by wanting to actually do things. I've always been terrible at doing things just for the sake of doing them, however. I prefer to be goal-driven and we might just part ways over that alone. My crush would remain :(

Shizune would drag me into her life just like Hisao. I think a bit more like her than Hisao does, though. I don't know any sign language, but I would be willing to learn and might actually appreciate the slower conversations. I like having goals and Shizune would give me tons of them. She might get frustrated by how uncompetitive I am, but I might try and balance that by making her be more specific and practical about what she wants. We might even have a blast optimizing whatever bureaucratic process she's invented that keeps her busy all the time. Maybe the conflict she wants will come when it's time for me to relax (and I must relax). I will have to force her to sit down and enjoy the day :P

Yuuko...hehe. Yuuko and I dating (assuming I'm not a student) would be a comedy of errors. We're both weirdly self-conscious and basically refuse to believe compliments that are given to us. I would have to approach her, probably multiple times, before she figures out that I don't have some ulterior motive. But she's smart and knows what she wants in the world, and we could really relate in a lot of ways. It would be a fun time, but not forever.
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Re: Which of the characters would date you?

Post by Brogurt » Fri Jun 29, 2012 7:27 pm

Tomate wrote: Its like a parody
But I was serious.

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