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Re: Rate The Characters

Post by Surreal-mind » Wed Jun 13, 2012 7:44 pm

Xiious wrote: I'm pretty sure the painter's outfit classifies as her casual clothes, wouldn't you?
I totally forgot about that... I feel so stupid...
Xiious wrote:I gave her a ten because when she does smile, it's major HNNNNNNNGGGG.
Mostly when she smiles AND blushes at the same time.
The way she smiles. right before she's gonna have sex with Hisao (when they are just standing naked staring at each other) is the biggest HNNNNNNNGGGG of 'em all !!!

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Re: Rate The Characters

Post by Xiious » Wed Jun 13, 2012 8:05 pm

Surreal-mind wrote:
Xiious wrote:I gave her a ten because when she does smile, it's major HNNNNNNNGGGG.
Mostly when she smiles AND blushes at the same time.
The way she smiles. right before she's gonna have sex with Hisao (when they are just standing naked staring at each other) is the biggest HNNNNNNNGGGG of 'em all !!!
Agreed! Rinlover for life <3 :D

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Re: Rate The Characters

Post by SirLadette » Wed Jun 13, 2012 9:02 pm

I've always been confused by Lily being described as amazonian because of her size. I guess 5'7 would make her pretty big in Japan where the average male is about 5'7, but when I think amazonian I think statuesque and at least 6+feet tall. Maybe I just suck at recognizing height differences. Anyways back to rating supporting characters.

Looks- 2: Yeah, that whole pedophile thing he's got going, he should probably change that. He's not a pretty man and his godawful fashion sense (pink f##king Lennon specs?) only make him look worse. At least his comically large eyebrows distract you from his girth.
Personality- 3: I'm basing this on the entire arc, if I took just the end he'd be a 2 easily. He's passionate about art, and he really does seem to have Rin's best interest in mind. The problem is he believes that he's the only one qualified to know what Rin's interests are. If he'd shown any desire to help Rin out after she ran away from the art exhibit then he could have been a pretty good mentor. Instead he comes out screaming at her and shows that he was pretty much living vicariously through her. He's also something of a conceited ass, which would get really old really fast.
Relatability- 3: I understand being passionate about something and getting upset when someone doesn't appear to take that passion as seriously as you do, especially when you've put a lot of effort into helping them. But even someone like me, who expects the best from everyone, would realize that something is very wrong if the person i'm helping reacts like Rin did. Nomiya makes it about him rather than about Rin, which I like to think i'd never do.
Total- 8/30: Nomiya is a good example of how good intentions can get twisted by your own ego, if he'd been more understanding he could have been a great mentor.

Meiko Ibarazaki
Looks- 9: Mil...Meiko is most definitely a hot mom. She's got a great blend of sexy and adorable, although i'm not a big fan of the cooking momma outfit. Not much to say but DAYUUUUUM!
Personality- 8: Meiko is pretty much an ideal parent, supportive and caring, but still willing to be stern when she needs to. She's treats Hisao respectfully and doesn't talk down to him or Emi, which is something a lot of parents have a problem with. She's just a friendly, easy to get along with person.
Relatability- 4:While I can't identify with her as a parent I get the feeling that what we see of her around Emi and Hisao is the way she acts around everyone she meets. In that respect I can kind of relate to her, I like to think i'm a caring individual, although I don't have her patience. I'm also supportive of people and I try to be friendly and respectful to everyone I meet. I'm not sure what we'd talk about, but I could definitely feel comfortable speaking to her.
Total- 21/30: Emi's mom has got it going on.

Looks- 6: This is based on my admittedly superficial standards which knock her down a bit due to age, but Sae looks pretty damn good for her age. She's all business and class, and I like that about her.
Personality- 7: Unlike her buddy Nomiya Sae is actually a really good mentor figure. She wants to help Rin, but she understands that what she wants for Rin and what Rin wants for Rin are different. She's understanding and friendly, and treats Hisao as his own person rather than an extension of Rin as Nomiya seems to do.
Relatability- 5: I've got some vaguely similar events in my past to Sae, and I like to think my mentoring style is pretty similar to hers. I think she'd be a lot of fun to go have drinks with.
Tota- 18/30: Sae has class and she's an ideal mentor, did I mention she has class?

Next stop Hideki, Jigoro, and Miki.
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Re: Rate The Characters

Post by ravenlord » Wed Jun 13, 2012 9:25 pm

Looks: Really hard to judge, because all of the girls have anime generic cuteness syndrome.So instead of 1-10, it really is like 9.5 to 10.
Shizune gets the 10.0 since she is basically lust incarnate.
Lilly is 9.9 as the classic blonde hair blue eyed Nordic goddess.
Hanako gets 9.8 for her dark and mysterious beauty.
Emi is 9.7 for your perfect arch-type loli.
Rin is 9.5 for a nice combination of curves and tomboy look. All in all I would not kick any of them out of bed :)

Personality: If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then judging personality is 20x more so.
Lilly gets 10 because she is just as manipulative as Shizune, but way more subtle. Lilly is also high class, so she has a wide array of tools to use in any social setting. She is also poised and disciplined, so she is usually in control of any situation.
Shizune comes in at 9, becuase she is just as complex as Lilly but with less subtlety and less flexibility.
Hanako is an 8 due basically to the huge void in her life. She tries to do the best that she can, but she doesn't have a lot to work with. You really see that potential blossom tho as she starts to fill in that void.
Emi is 7 becasue she is very straight forward and very risk adverse. It is no crime, but it is nothing special either.
Rin is like an ace -- either 1 or 11. Like Rainman, she is so far detached from the rest of us that it is hard to know if she is a genius or just wacked.

I'm skipping relatability becuase it is too subjective, and background/plot because it has been pounded to death already. What's interesting is that Hanako is still my favorite, even tho she is midway in my rankings. I think it is her potential for growth that really attracts me :)
Hanako>Shizune>Lilly>Emi>Rin {100% complete}
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Re: Rate The Characters

Post by Royale » Thu Jun 14, 2012 6:37 am

TOTAL; 34.5/50
Looks - 7.5/10. Yes, she has scars on her face. Quite right. But you can't deny that her face was once, and still is, incredibly stunning. Not to mention, her body is nothing to complain about either. But yes, you have to understand that she quite obviously has burns covering half of her body. They're a little off-putting and they did in fact . . . Ruin her a bit. She's not the gorgeous woman she could have been, and instead looks like a shattered doll. Broken, but still beautiful.
Personality - 7/10. She's obviously a kind person; she loves her best friend. She's very timid and afraid of everyone. I can't explain what's good about her personality except for how kind she is. And she's so timid, she does no harm to others, it's hard to complain about her. She's a nice quiet person, and that's just fine.
Importance In The Story - 6/10. Here's the thing. In this rout, while it was about getting her out of her shell, it just seemed to have more of a focus Hisao and Lilly trying to do so. Trying to understand her. It felt she was a minor character in her own story. But she was important, no doubt.
Background Story - 8/10. It's beautifully tragic. A bit cliche, I'll admit. But still. Tragic stories can't go wrong, really.
How Much You Can Relate To The Character - 6/10. I understand what it's like to feel alone and have nobody but yourself. Just to be socially awkward and invisible. Unable to function right. But still. I can't relate to her as a whole. She has a past I don't have.

TOTAL; 34.5/50
Looks - 9/10. Basically she's flawless. Simply flawless. I have no description more to add. Blonde hair, blue eyes, tall, perfect cup size, a strong womanly figure. She's pretty much as close as perfect can get. She looks like a goddess, put simply.
Personality - 7/10. She's a beautiful and kind person, very motherly and nurturing. However it really seems like there's nothing but a caring personality here. No fire, no flare. Just sensitivity.
Importance In The Story - 9/10. She's obviously very much involved in this rout. As opposed to Hanako's route, she really does feel like she's getting all the attention that's needed. It's her route, no doubt about it.
Background Story - 4/10. Honestly? It's pretty much nothing. The whole "I hail from Scottland and my parents left me all alone D:" thing isn't too interesting, really. But I guess the element of her parents basically leaving her is pretty interesting. . . Hm.
How Much You Can Relate To The Character - 5.5/10. I can understand having a bestfriend who relies on you, other than that aspect. . . Not so much at all. Well, I guess I can also relate to the whole proper outer shell but internally, not so much.

TOTAL; 30/50
Looks - 8.5/10. She definitely has a nice body and a cute face - - Very nice breasts and a stunning waist. Okay, she's a hottie. But, she doesn't have beauty. She has that bangable appeal but nothing that makes her beautiful. She's just hot. That's all she is, really, is sex appeal. And while it's appealing to look at for awhile it does get old eventually. She's third in looks, after Lilly and Misha.
Personality - 6/10. Honestly, she's not a nice person at all. She drives people way too hard when they don't want to be driven, she's too smug and cocky about just about everything, and honestly? Did she care about Hisao at all or was he just her first notch in her bed? . . But I do admire her, being able to carry on as she does, and being able to *be* the student body. She's . . A strong person, I guess, a leader. A pusher. In the end she is a somewhat nice person, I suppose. Even so though, she still doesn't have many good positive attributes.
Importance In The Story - 8/10. Yeah, she was important in it. She was always important. From the moment Hisao started to learn sign language the whole story pretty much revolved around her. At the same time, however, I couldn't help but pay more attention to Misha - She was, to me, the only character who experienced any growth. That could be noticed, anyway... But still, the story still had a lot to do with her.
Background Story - 6.5/10. Lol, that wacky father of hers . . . And the history with Lilly and stuff? It's real shit, mang.
How Much You Can Relate To The Character - 1/10. I just don't get her at all. I don't have her drive. I don't . . . I just don't. I can't relate to her. She's just really impossible, to be honest. But we both wear glasses, so I guess. . .

TOTAL; 34/50
Looks - 7/10. She looks like she's thirteen, but that's okay. I guess. She's pretty, either way. She's pretty much the most 'teen' looking character { her and Misha? } in the story. But it fits, since they're teens. She looks like you're stereotypical western High School girl. But that's not a bad way to look, either.
Personality - 6/10. Nice person, I reckon. I just can't really comprehend the whole hyper spazzy always running thing, and she seems a bit annoying. Mrr. She's okay though, I suppose. Better than some.
Importance In The Story 9/10. Well, it's definitely her story. Actually I don't recall very many characters besides her being focused on in this route. -shrug- So yeah. Nine. She owned it.
Background Story - 7/10. Easy to spot, quite obviously. But even so, it was tragic. So I like it.
How Much You Can Relate To The Character - 5/10. I can't really at all. I'm not athletic and I've never lost somebody like that. Though, at the same time I know what it's like to have a hard time connecting and getting close to people. . . And that's the only part of hers I can relate to. The only detail.

TOTAL; 40.5/50
Looks - 8/10. I'm not going to lie. At a glance, she's definitely not a babe. But even so, she's adorable - QUITE huggable. Like, honestly I would hug her until forever. Legit legit legit. And then, she has that sneaky hot body. c; She's also one of the most real looking girls. She's gorgeous, but not in the traditional way. And I like that.
Personality - 10/10. She's beautiful, she's different. She's so refreshing. She's hard to understand and she's the most unique character in the game. There's nothing more perfect than being who you are, which is what she does.
Importance In The Story - 9.5/10. Nobody else was really focused on except for Hisao and the art teacher. This was all about her journey of self discovery. So she had a lot to do with it, quite obviously. That being said - Hisao and the art teacher had important roles to play too.
Background Story - 4/10. Does she even have one...? Except for the whole "Me and Emi were paired up because you get a whole person," no. . .? Didn't think so, lol. It wasn't that bad though, I suppose; what we were given. Not much about her past. Just the friendship between her and Emi and the pedo teacher. Which was decent enough; I would have preferred more, though.
How Much You Can Relate To The Character - 9/10. Honestly I've never related to a character before ever - honestly it made me question on whether or not I was a mediakin. She and I are so much alike it's crazy. xD The whole detachment from everyone else, being an artist, and the outlook on everyone else. "People are like jellyfishes." Quite right. I feel the same.

TOTAL; 34/50
Looks - 8.5/10 She's second only to Lilly in terms of physical attractiveness - She's quite pretty, and she has a very nice body. Quite curvy. Plus she has a really cute face. c; And, pink hair. Which is the most . . . Out there of all the girls. xD Unique, and nice.
Personality - 7/10. She's a really hyper, enthusiastic person, and not to mention a very loyal friend. She does seem like a genuinely nice person, a bit dumb, but she has a good personality, no doubt about it.
Importance In The Story - 7/10. Obviously she doesn't have her own route. : P But, she's the other side of Shizune's - It follows a trio of friends, and she's a prime focus. She also manages to hold a pretty good place in the spotlight in the other routes, not as much, but enough. Plus, she was Hisao's first friend. c:
Background Story - 6/10. I like what we were given - which wasn't much, but still. The whole turned down by friend of the same sex? It was sad, and cute. I liked it.
How Much You Can Relate To The Character - 5.5/10. Heh. Not a lot, really. I can relate to the aspect of having been turned down by your same sex friend though, lol. Thats about it though, mang.
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Re: Rate The Characters

Post by Revvy » Thu Jun 14, 2012 6:52 am


9 (She has the best fashion sense out of all the girls, her figure is 2nd only to Shizune, and she is by far the cutest)

8 (Her shy personality, really affects her almost to the point of being scared of human contact, That being said when she gets to know you she is very nice)

-Plot Importance:
9 (Her path is all about Hisao trying to help her and get her to be more confident, It revolves around her for the majority.)

: 10 (Her story about her past and her life leading up to Yamaku, really gives the story and Character so much more depth. Feels, Feels everywhere.)

6 (I've never really been a shy person or anything, I've always been out there and open, sort of like the complete opposite to Hanako)

Overall: 42/50
(Would give her the chocolate)
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Re: Rate The Characters

Post by Surreal-mind » Fri Jun 15, 2012 12:11 pm

Now that I think about it, I guess it was completely unfair of me to rate Hanako so low just because she reminds me of someone. I'll change the rating to:

Looks: 5
Personality: 7
Relatability: 7

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Re: Rate The Characters

Post by ZXRN » Sat Jun 16, 2012 12:02 am

For now, I'll just start with my favorite character coz this is gonna take long.

Emi Ibarazaki
Looks: 10 (cute and small kinda petite I guess...Well, let's just say I find those things totally adorable. Oh and that very simple fashion statement of hers that makes her pretty.)
Personality: 9 (She's just awesome. She inspired me to jog and she's like the total opposite of me. Energetic and always has a happy nature. She can be a drag sometimes about health issues but nothing serious.)
Plot Importance: 5 (I feel sorry for her coz she lost her dad and all. But that don't mean you get to have sex with every guy who gets close to you. Everytime I see a joke about Emi's anal scene, or her being a slut. It kinda kills me a little. wahahaha)
Background: 8 (So yeah, she lost her dad and lost her legs. That's a pretty big deal for a runner. But she never stopped trying. Reminded me of Gurren Lagann actually. Pretty decent storyline there. )
Relatability: 6 (I didn't have any incident like what happened to her in my life. So I don't think I'd understand what she went through.)
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Re: Rate The Characters

Post by strangeinterloper » Tue Jun 19, 2012 3:34 pm

The Rin

Looks: 7 - Reserved, unselfconscious, unconcerned about outwards appearances. Gorgeous eyes and expressions. Otherwise thin and almost boyish. Unhealthily thin at times, ribs showing. Nevertheless, has beautiful legs. Honestly, her disability is the only one I'm genuinely and persistantly squeamish about.
Personality: 10 - The most unique character in the game.
Plot Importance: 9 - Her plot is about understanding her. I like that depending on which ending you go for, you play a role in shaping her personality and priorities in different ways.
Background: 6 - We don't know much about her background, do we? But her friendship with Emi is well written, believable and touching.
Relatability: 10 - I think I'd get along well with her. I'm more or less as wierd as she is.


Looks: 10 - Absolute, classical beauty.
Personality: 9 - Possessing many desireable characteristics. Capable of adopting many roles, and would be welcome anywhere.
Plot Importance: 8 - Her feelings for Hisao and Hanako, and her dilemma is the plot.
Background: 10 - You get a good feeling for what her life was like before she met Hisao. Handled well. Her distinct style of talking to her past adds flavour to it.
Relatability: 10 - She's very good at making people feel welcome and at ease around her. Anyone who makes it into her inner sanctum of friendship is lucky.


Re: Rate The Characters

Post by strangeinterloper » Tue Jun 19, 2012 3:49 pm


Looks: 8 - Interesting range of facial expressions. Cute as a button.
Personality: 8 - Very cool and outgoing, except when the obvious subject is brought up. Determined, mischievious and engaging.
Plot Importance: 9 - Her past and convincing her to accept Hisao inform the plot. Hisao's health and exercise is a related plot thread, but she's very involved in that, too.
Background: 7 - On one hand, it's bare bones and cliched. On the other, it's more relative to the plot than any other girl's background, and the narrative handles it competently. Especially if you think Hisao figures out what's upsetting Emi so much as soon as the player does, but realising that blurting it out won't help Emi. She has to grow to trust Hisao enough to tell him herself, and when that happens in the end, Hisao's reaction isn't one of revelation, but of mixed feelings that the sign that Emi finally loves him is linked to the tradgedy that she suffered
Relatability: 7 - I like talking about pirates, but Emi is very unlikeable when she's really hitting a rough patch. Also, running strikes me as incredibly boring.


Looks: 7 - Makes the most out of her glasses and short hair.
Personality: 6 - And people say Rin is hard to understand. She has some very interesting traits, but I've no idea how she thinks.
Plot Importance: 4 - Slice of life story, so her contribution isn't as important as the others. Some plot threads, such as her relationship with her father, Lilly, and brother, are raised but never really resolved.
Background: 7 - We know of her past in the student council, and her family. And Misha's attempt to ... befriend her Interesting, yet somewhat disjointed.
Relatability: 9 - I might not know what's going through her head, but I love boardgames. Shizune wants to play, she's ok by me :)


Re: Rate The Characters

Post by Guest » Tue Jun 19, 2012 4:18 pm


Looks: 10 - Very unique look. Both hairstyles are winners. Being slightly plumper than the other girls makes her look so cute. Her expressions are as sweet as strawberry ice cream.
Personality: 9 - Cheerful and funny. Loyal to her friends, and is an excellent foil to Shizune.
Plot Importance: 9 - Integral part of Shizune's path, and has a small but key role in pretty much every storyline.
Background: 5 - The great enigma. Except for that one event...
Relatability: 7 - The sort of person you trust to be your friend, even as you're slightly sad that it will never go beyond friendship.


Looks: 5 - Her burns don't make her look ugly, but I'm not impressed by her looks. Subjective, I suppose.
Personality: 1 - If I ever think she has one, I'll let you know.
Plot Importance: 6 - She has to share a plot with Lilly and the rest of the cast, including the cameos from the one-handed girl. Sadly, they make for more interesting scenes than Hanako's.
Background: 9 - Very relevant. Made potent by the fact that it's had a very big impact on her life and her nature, but it's not forced down the reader's throat ad nauseum.
Relatability: 4 - I'm shy too, so there's that. But even I think she's taken it to extremes. I'd get bored of her quickly and go back to my book.

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Re: Rate The Characters

Post by ZXRN » Wed Jun 20, 2012 9:58 am

Looks: 8 - That cap look (as everyone always mentions) in the billiards part was a winner.
Personality: 7 - She's cute and all but too darn shy (though, that too add to her cuteness). If someone that shy really existed around here I prolly won't be able to get close to her even if I wanted.
Plot Importance: 9 - Nice story. Happy seeing her growing up. And getting more confidence in the world at the end than when the first time you met her. Yeah..I think the growing up part really hit the spot for me.
Background: 10 - The background really did it for me. Feeling sorry for her coz she went through all that. She must have had the worst possible experience than any of the other char. (i think.)
Relatability: 8 - Though it wasn't as bad, I too got bullied before. Called names and shit. It was only at around my last year on high school that I managed to tell other people to back off. I still regret the day they managed to get away with all the crap they did. (I already kinda let go of that but I really wanna see them suffer just once.)

Of course, Hanako being what she is couldn't that at all. Making me feel sorry for her even more.
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Re: Rate The Characters

Post by Spamamdorf » Wed Jul 25, 2012 11:02 pm

Ok I'll go ahead and do this based on looks personality and lulz because those are basically the most important things to any character:

Looks (8/10, dat sweater vest)
Personality (7/10, I feel he was a little too influenced by the girls so he was a little all over the place plus at times like when choosing whether to sex up Misha or not I kinda disliked the way that he was interpreting events, yeah it was a choice but he's the one who presented that choice, also a little too mopey at the begining for me, whether it was justified or not)
Lulz (9/10, Hisao's narration was one of the funniest parts of the game especially when associated with Kenji, like his realization that today would not be a good day when seeing his face)
Total: 24/30 Hisao is a very good character I liked him except for a few points

Looks (7/10, he's alright and all but nothing really special beyond some cool clothes and interesting eyes)
Personality (10/10, the best friend you could possibly have I would look forward immensely to any conversation involving Kenji and he would just be the best bro ever)
Lulz (10/10, definetly one of if not THE funiest character in the game Kenji is classic)
Total: 27/30 loses points for not being the best looking but really is by far one of the best characters in the game

Looks (8/10, dem drills, though while I'm sure she's perfectly normal she looks like she might be a little rotund)
Personality (9/10, she isn't the smartest but that doesn't stop her from being someone who'd be a great friend and fun to be with)
Lulz (8/10, she got a little old at times but she still had some great moments like when she was "broken")
Total: 25/30 One of the better characters in the game, to bad there wasnt a route for her, or a Shizune/Misha route 8)

Looks (6/10, I've got nothing against her lack of legs, but she looks way too young for me as a starter, I'm not a fan of the pigtails and the rest of her is more or less plain, sooo)
Personality (5/10, Good lord she could get on my nerves at times, only at 5 rather than lower because she could have a couple moments with the nurse and wanting to be a pirate, but she was also quite annoying and at times when she was being a total prick to Hisao for his wanting to help her I wanted to give her a good whack)
Lulz (5/10, had a few moments, but they were a little few and far inbetween)
Total: 16/30 It should be obvious that she is one of my least favorite characters in the game

Looks (9/10, Lilly looks very nice... well basically all the time)
Personality (7/10, Lilly is an interesting one, she's not too serious, not too crazy or really anything definitive she has a little of it all and that makes her interesting to me, points off for randomly ragging on Shizune from time to time, I mean Shizune always says it to her face or tells Hisao to ask Lilly as she doesnt want to be biased (sometimes) but Lilly can sometimes (though I dont remember specific examples) just hear about Shizune and start talking smack)
Lulz (6/10, has some funny moments but then she's not a funny person for the most part, though she still managed to crack me up with little things like her healthy adolescet sex drive)
Total: 22/30 Despite the lower score I do like Lilly a decent amount, just not as much as some of the others

Looks (8/10 looks a little like a guy but not too much so it's not that bad, my attention is always brought to her arms but then she has some of the cutest faces too)
Personality (9/10, much like Kenji, I would absolutely love hanging out with Rin and just talking about whatever, it would be fun and my day would be a little brighter)
Lulz (10/10, Rin is one of the funniest parts of KS, just her complete "out there"-ness and actions are very funny, like walking down the street wit Lilly when suddenly a wild Rin appears looking at the sky for apparently hours)
Total: 27/30 Another of my more favorite characters in the game

Looks (9/10 burns notwithstanding Hanako is really a very cute girl)
Personality (8/10 A little too reserved at time but that can also be very endearing, though such a high level of social anxiety would likely get annoying)
Lulz (5/10, has her moments as well but not a whole lot of them as she was never really meant to be much of a funny character)
Total: 22/30 Not my favorite character but not that bad either

Looks (10/10, damn son Shizune is fiiiiine XD)
Personality (9/10, her personality would be great fun most of the time I think the only real problem I might have with her is her whole seeing events as only blocked off things or whatever the explantion was that she doesnt always see how things can carry on like they did with Misha)
Lulz (9/10, while she wasn't a Kenji or a Rin Shizune was without a doubt very funny, losing bonus points for not saving Hideaki, I'll devour you, etc)
Total: 28/30 I wonder if Shizune could possibly be my favorite character? Hmmm maybe

Looks (9/10 Aww yeah man, look at that mane, that beard and that sword, Jigoro is like emenating manliness or something, and that shirt, it oozes confidence)
Personality (4/10, Jigoro's main weakpoint is that he's such a jerk ass, I mean it's hilarious dont get me wrong, but laughing at him is liable to get me killed so I'd likely just get annoyed with him at some point)
Lulz (10/10, so many lulz, so many lulz to be had from Jigoro's many conversations or actions, like that omelet he made for Hisao which was undoubtedly just him smashing whole eggs onto a frying pan and saying "Ta f****ing dah, an omelet" or something like that XD)
Total: 23/30, a great character to be sure, but loses out on his complete abraisevness

Looks (6/10 Meh she's plain what do you want me to say)
Personality (7/10 almost as reserved as Hanako but nowhere near as endearing, has some wise moments though)
Lulz (5/10, some lulz to be had, but more often than not she's just bumbling around)
Total: 18/20 not that great a character in my opinion, but she serves her purpose well enough I suppose

Looks (8/10, I'm a firm believer that suits look good on both women and men and Akira just proves it more so)
Personality (8/10, She seems like a cool cat and someone who would be fun to hang around with but can also get serious when she needs to as shown in Lily's route)
Lulz (8/10, while she wasn't around often enough to qualify for much higher Akira was definetly an asset to the game when she was "Akira is in the house!")
Total: 24/30 She's not outstanding in any one regard she's just cool overall and seems like a fun type

There, I think that's everyone who matters
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Re: Rate The Characters

Post by Pyramid Head » Thu Jul 26, 2012 12:53 am

I'll take a crack at this. In no particular order:

Appearance: Crude yet not unattractive, and i actually do kind of like her eyes.
Personality: Dopey at times but honest and to paraphrase her, she's always at her "Rinnest" and does have some charm.
Humor: The brutal honesty can get to be funny but some of it is lost when you realize sometimes she's being completely serious about really weird matters that shouldn't be taken seriously.
My Rating: An Abby Scuito, unusual but appealing in her own perverted way.

Appearance: Lose the sweater vest you fucking dope!
Humor: Okay i yield, he can be funny.
My Rating: A Max Payne. Has the essence of a good protagonist but whines a little too much. And he looks kind of silly to be perfectly honest.

Appearance: The scarf is just stupid
Humor: See "Personality"
My Rating: A Zed. A completely irredeemable character that is impossible to like. If he were to burst in to flames, fall out a window and get hit by a bus, i wouldn't mourn his passing for a second. At least Tarrentino knew he was making a completely evil character with the hillbilly rapist cop.

Appearance: Weirdly attractive, though i can't explain why
Personality: I actually like shy misanthropes you have to be patient with before they'll give you the time of day
Humor: Okay so her complete social ignorance can lead to a couple of head slap moments, but i'm sure she could develop a sense of humor once she remembers how to act around people
My Rating: A Konata Izumi. Deeply flawed but i still can't help but love the psycho.

Appearance: She'd be great if only she weren't blond.
Personality: A mixed bag, the drama of her arc kind of pissed me off.
Humor: Healthy adolescent sex drive. It takes a special type of woman to actually successfully rationalize being incredibly horny.
My Rating: A Naru. Appealing but they never did seem to know what to do with her.

Appearance: Short and a little too busty, but those legs...
Personality: A little too forceful, there's a difference between being determined and being an idiot.
Humor: Okay so i like impish, if they toned down her other flaws a little she could have been a lot more appealing
My Rating: A *Mute. Could have been very appealing if handled just a little better.

Appearance: I fucking hate pink
Personality: I fucking hate morons
Humor: I-- fuck it, you get the idea
My Rating: A Yuna. Too flawed a character to like. Some people disagree with me on this, but they're wrong. I know it's a matter of opinion, but their opinion is just wrong.

Appearance: Lose the pigtails, would you kindly? 12-year-olds kill my stiffys.
Personality: Not my favorite but i don't dislike her
Humor: She can be kind of funny.
My Rating: A Mikuru. Some people jerk off to her and she's not completely without appeal, but she's just not for me.

Appearance: Meh.
Personality: Meh.
Humor: Meh.
My Rating: A Shinobu. It's not that i dislike her, you just kind of forget about--
What was i talking about again?

Appearance: Hey, Sam Axe called, he thinks you look a little silly.
Personality: Hey, Reaver called, he thinks you have an ego problem.
Humor: Hey, Edward Cullen called, he thinks you're kind of bland.
...okay maybe that went a little too far.
My Rating: A Ransik (3 points to whoever gets that), a villain whom i think they try to make a little sympathetic but frankly fuck him with both fists.
...hell they actually kind of look alike. If for some ungodly stupid reason they do make an animation off of Katawa Shoujo they should get Vernon Wells to portray Jigoro.

Appearance: I think i've voiced my personal opinion on pink earlier, but just in case i haven't AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
Personality: A greedy exploitative dick with poor foresight and a fucking stupid tie. Plus he isn't much of an art teacher.
Humor: Well i'd find it humorous if someone punched in in the face. Does that count?
My Rating: A Squall. I kind of see what they were aiming for with him, but they failed miserably. And pink sunglasses are just as stupid a design as a gunblade.

Appearance: Despite being blond, i'd tap it
Personality: Smart but tends to ignore more asinine societal standards (like legal drinking ages), so i'm generally in favor.
Humor: Can be very cruel, so i'm generally in favor.
My Rating: A Kagami. Has some issues i normally am not in favor of but is still the one i'm most likely to try and fuck.

I think that's enough characters.
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Re: Rate The Characters

Post by Helbereth » Thu Jul 26, 2012 1:10 am

Looks: 6.0. She is a narrow, tight package; regardless of missing the lower half of her legs. I'm not terribly fond of athletically-built women, and her childish features compound the problem. While I understand the inherent sweetness in her face, the fact that she looks to be about twelve is off-putting.
Personality: 7.0.I adore her sardonic vocabulary and wit, but the childish mannerisms she slips into when excited are a little disturbing. The never-say-die attitude is something I would easily get along with. She seems to have trouble relaxing, though, and her energy level is just too high for my lackadaisical self.
Story Importance: 9.5. The tone of her story kept me riveted, really. Like Rin's tale, the whole thing really revolves around Emi - every conversation you have with other characters leads right back to her, and you're kept in the dark about a lot of really eye-opening stuff. Granted, I'd figured out a number of the spoiler-like details early, but I wanted to see how it played out. Of all the stories, I had the least trouble finding the correct path to uncover the good ending, but it was one of the more enjoyable reads.
Background: 8.0. Honestly, I was a little disappointed about her father's death being the big secret. I figured it out after the first nightmare sequence, and expected it to pan out into something more elaborate considering how emotionally stunted it had left Emi. It was an adequately heart-wrenching story, but I felt it didn't quite hold enough weight to have the long-term effect on her relationships as it was portrayed.
Relatability: 6.5. As I said before about her personality, it's a bit off-putting. While I think I'd like talking with her, I don't think i'd enjoy doing so all the time. The weight she puts on her past, and the belligerent way she deals with it seem silly to me, and never made sense.

Looks: 9.0. Exaggerated curves, dark hair, adorable eyes and glasses; to me that's feminine kryptonite. Her emotive countenance and extremely expressive stances serve to add to the allure. My only issue, really, is the shortness of her hair and I do like thicker framing.
Personality: 9.0. When you get past the bluster, there's a sweetness behind her intentions. Shizune has trouble communicating with anyone, though, except Misha - and even there she's blind-sided. She seems to believe in natural order and hard work, and there's a playfulness in her ethics that I found extremely appealing.
Story Importance: 7.0. The story really does stick with Shizune through most of it, and we learn a lot about her, her family, and how she views the world. Unfortunately, the third-wheel story with Misha takes over toward the end. Now, how Shizune deals with it is obviously important, but it really comes down to how Hisao deals with Misha, which pushes Shizune's importance back quite a bit.
Background: 7.0. Honestly, even though we meet her belligerent father and androgynous brother, we don't learn much about her past. We're told her father didn't learn sign, but it's never explained how that really affected Shizune. We also hardly get to see what Hideaki and Shizune are like together. The only background we really get is to explain the story with Misha, and the rift with Lilly, but that all feels perfunctory by the end.
Relatability: 9.5. While I'm not deaf or dumb, I've often felt misunderstood and ostracized for various reasons. Shizune wants to be friends with everyone, really, but a number of things stand in the way of her accomplishing that goal -- which is embarrassing to her. I think an odd quip I've seen very few people pick up on is that she doesn't really care whether she wins every fight; she wants to engage in the competition for its own sake, and as a way to forge a bond with her competitor. Games are a way for her to communicate without having to speak, sign or pass notes - the game pieces do the talking. I've felt the same way about gaming for eons; since I was a kid.

I'll edit this with more later...

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