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Rate The Characters

Post by Revvy » Tue Jun 12, 2012 5:46 pm

Basically In this topic, we Rate/Review the KS characters, these are the following categories to rate/review the characters on;

Importance In The Story
Background Story
How Much You Can Relate To The Character

The ratings will be done from a 1-10 scale.

Don't ask why I made this, I just thought it would be a fun thing for the community to do.

Oh and please explain the reason for each rating, if possible.
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Re: Rate The Characters

Post by Breaker deGodot » Tue Jun 12, 2012 6:17 pm

Eh, why not? This is the order that I recommend playing them in, BTW. WARNING: WALL OF TEXT INCOMING!

Looks: 4 (She's too much of a loli for my taste)
Personality: 8 (A bit petulant, but very playful and fun to be around)
Plot Importance: 9 (The whole route was all about her, so this is a given)
Background: 5 (The whole dad thing is way too obvious from the beginning, so it loses points as a plot twist)
Relatability: 9 (Anyone who's gone through the loss of a parent is bound to feel the same way as her, so I'd say she's written quite well.)
OVERALL: 35/50

Looks: 10 (Glasses, short hair, thighhigh stockings, a bit of an exhibitionist streak. What's not to love?)
Personality: 7 (Takes some getting used to, but I find her refreshing, if a bit overly competitive)
Plot Importance: 3 (Her story is more concerned with Misha, and is overall a bit too understated for my taste)
Background: 5 (Nothing special really. Typical childhood, aside from a missing mom and a jerkass dad)
Relatability: 4 (Your mileage may vary, but she and I are very different personality types, so I really have to work hard to appreciate her point of view on most things)
OVERALL: 29/50

Looks: 4 (She's more shapely than you'd expect, but there's just something off about her look that makes her a bit difficult to appreciate aesthetically)
Personality: 6 (Very complex, and difficult to understand at the best of times, but there's something alluring about her that is outright impossible for me to describe)
Plot Importance: 8 (Her and Hisao share the spotlight quite nicely, which is unsurprising given that there are hardly any other characters at all)
Background: 5 (None is really given, so I'll just give her an average score and leave it at that)
Relatability: 2 (This is my main problem with her route; I can't emotionally invest in her like I can with all of the other girls. the only "feels" I got during her route were those of frustration at Hisao's stupidity, and Rin's incomprehensible nature)
OVERALL: 25/50

Looks: 9 (The scars do absolutely nothing to hinder her stunning beauty. My only complaint is that her in-game sprite seems to lack a nose, which is a little disconcerting. On the other hand, Wee did an amazing job with her CG's, which in my opinion are the best in the game)
Personality: 7 (This is a bit confusing since Hanako is just starting to come out of her shell when the route ends, which certainly would have given her extra points. Sadly the most interesting aspects of her being are left entirely up to fanfiction)
Plot Importance: 10 (Again, she's basically the star of her route, and the endings are some of the most emotionally jarring in the game)
Background: 9 (Really, this is a given, isn't it?)
Relatability: 10 (Again, this really goes without saying)
OVERALL: 45/50

Looks: 10 (Stunningly gorgeous in every way. Practically perfect in every way, as they say)
Personality: 10 (Out of all the girls, Lilly is the one that I would consider dating myself)
Plot Importance: 9 (She doesn't hog the spotlight from the other characters, but she supplies more than enough pleasant scenes with just her and Hisao to ace this section)
Background: 8 (Her family isn't focused upon as much as I'd like, but Akira really is one of the best characters in the game, and her backstory involving her hot for teacher thing is extremely well thought out)
Relatability: 9 (This gets knocked down a peg for her poor handling of her family summons, but even that can be partially blamed on Hisao's own stupidity as well. Like I said before, if I had the choice to date any of the girls in the game Lilly would be my first choice)
OVERALL: 46/50

Phew! That took a while longer than I expected!
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Re: Rate The Characters

Post by Revvy » Tue Jun 12, 2012 6:44 pm

I'm going to do mine one at a time, once a day (most likely)

Starting with.....


-Looks: 9 (I imagine that under the suit she has a great body as well as having amazing hair and beautiful eyes)

-Personality: 10 (Takes you out to bars, Is very outgoing, has an awesome taste in cars, gives you alcohol, let's you drink her alcohol, gives good advice about life)

-Plot Importance: 6 (Appears in 2 different paths and is related to 2 of the main girls but doesn't really play a major role)

-Background: 8 (Generally have to tip your hat to her, she stayed in Japan at the age of 19 to look after and pretty much raise her 12 year old blind sister their for the sake of her education while her parents left for Scotland, you can tell she's struggled with it during the conversation in the park with Hisao, but she soldiered on and did her best and it clearly paid off for both her and Lilly)

-Relatability: 7 (I'm like her in the sense of my outgoing personality, and drinking habits, but there is no way I would be able to go through what she did without going insane)

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Re: Rate The Characters

Post by Enemy | » Tue Jun 12, 2012 7:17 pm

Well this thread won't have any arguing at all.

Looks 8/10 (I like petite girls shut up)
Personality 6/10 (Athletic and popular, very friendly to everyone. Does seem to want to impose her ways to people though, which could be annoying if you weren't willing to diet or exercise, for instance)
Importance In The Story 9/10 (Aside from Hisao getting on the Science club, her whole route was "why is Emi this" or "why is Emi that")
Background Story 8/10 (Took some points off for being a bit obvious (except for Hisao) that her father had died in the same accident that took her legs)
How Much You Can Relate To The Character 2/10 (She's the kind of person I'd be very different to, but would like having around)
Total 33

Looks 6/10 (Call me insensitive, but the scars would be a problem to me, at least at first)
Personality 6/10 (Starts off being the dependable person who needs saving, but gets a turn for the better later on)
Importance In The Story 8/10 (It's more Hisao needing to think about what he's doing than Hanako's doing at a certain point, but ultimately she's the one to make the first move and drive the whole story)
Background Story 10/10 (;_;)
How Much You Can Relate To The Character 2/10 (Never bullied in my life, never felt "dependent" or "broken" because others pitted me.)
Total 32

Looks 7/10 (I don't really go for tall women)
Personality 6/10 (Far too polite and mannered. It's a pet peeve of mine, even when she's being sincere I just have the feeling she's hiding something)
Importance In The Story 7/10 (Hisao's the one that makes her decide if she stays or not, in a way)
Background Story 8/10 (The background is a sad one, and it explains all of her mannerisms, but it doesn't get explored much since it seems Lilly herself has no problem with it)
How Much You Can Relate To The Character 3/10 (She's very different from me, and her politeness and sense of responsibility to her friends and family is something I do not share)
Total 31

Looks 7/10 (Glasses don't really appeal to me)
Personality 4/10 (Annoying, too blunt)
Importance In The Story 7/10 (Misha plays a big role in her route)
Background Story 7/10 (Explains her behavior and mannerisms, but aside from that she doesn't really dwell on the past)
How Much You Can Relate To The Character 6/10 (Largely considered too blunt/unfriendly, difficulty making/maintaining friends... I guess I'm a bit like her)
Total 31

Looks 6/10 (Tomboy-ish, clothes don't help either)
Personality 6/10 (I'd find her aloofness to be slightly off putting)
Importance In The Story 10/10 (The whole route is a choice between trying to understand Rin and trying to change her. Hisao doesn't do anything other than that)
Background Story 7/10 (A bit unexplored)
How Much You Can Relate To The Character 2/10 (Can't really say much, we're just very different)
Total 31
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Re: Rate The Characters

Post by DH531 » Tue Jun 12, 2012 7:58 pm

Emi 43/50
Looks: 10 (She’s cute and those puppy-dog eyes!)
Personality: 8 (Very cheerful and fun to be around, minus for extreme fitness (e.g. no fried food haha)
Importance: 9 (same as Breaker deGodot)
Background: 7 (Very obvious with the dad but still found it effective when told)
Relate: 9 (Lost a parent when I was young, in a car crash too though I wasn’t in it so I can’t relate to the lost limbs)

Lilly 45/50
Looks: 10 (She’s tall, mature and very pretty)
Personality: 9 (Healthy adolescent sex drive, Very kind and caring but minus not telling Hisao about her leaving
Importance: 9 (Same as above, but still gives others some attention, like Hanako)
Background: 8 (Very interesting with the family situation, as well as the teacher thing)
Relate: 9 (Had to leave to go to another country too, but through different circumstances, I was very bad at handling it too)

Hanako 45/50
Looks: 9 (Probably because it’s an anime style drawing but despite the scars she’s really cute :3 I actually wanted to go for her first)
Personality: 8 (Very kind, thoughtful and playful, minus for the extreme shyness but at the end when she starts coming out of her shell she’s great
Importance: 10 (All focus is on her so yeah…)
Background: 9 (Very emotional, house fire, lost both parents T_T)
Relate: 9 (I’m quite an introvert person, not on Hanako’s level though, so I really felt proud of her at the end of her route and Lilly’s, never been bullied though)

Shizune 24/50
Looks: 7 (She was quite pretty in her kimono and can be quite sexy )
Personality: 3 (Way too competitive, I’m far too lazy to put up with her. However I do respect that she wants to make everyone happy, just not the way she goes about it)
Importance: 5 (The main focus I felt was on Misha, hell even the only option was to comfort her or not)
Background: 6 (Family situation is quite interesting and I guess how she became what she is but Misha was a bit more interesting I found)
Relate: 3 (She and I are completely different people, with different personalities I’m afraid, Still I don’t exactly hate her)

Rin 33/50
Looks: 6 (Hmm……I can’t really say for sure why but I just can’t rate her that high…)
Personality: 7 (Deep down she’s a nice girl among the weirdness, though conversing with her might be difficult though I wouldn’t really address it as a problem)
Importance: 8 (Main focus on her, with a bit for the art teacher and Hisao accepting Rin)
Background: 7 (No actual background is given but Rin’s autism is certainly interesting, background was mainly given for the art teacher)
Relate: 5 (I do feel for her, making yourself understood can sometimes be difficult as well as saying what you really want to say properly is something I can relate on I guess…)

Kenji for fun 25/50
Looks: 5 (Crazy looking but without glasses looks quite badass)
Personality: 5 (Crazy dude is crazy, I quite like it but the fact he’s so in-your-face is annoying)
Importance: 2 (I’m sure he’s done something useful, just can’t remember…)
Background: 8 (He is actually very interesting and it’s cool finding out more about his past in each of the girl’s routes)
Relate: 5 (Random, crazy (I’d like to think I am), I sometimes talk about conspiracies in my school haha (Also about how I’m gonna blow it up :3). Just not on Kenji’s level)

That took a while.....I've probably missed some points too but oh wel...

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Re: Rate The Characters

Post by GalletaGrande » Tue Jun 12, 2012 9:19 pm

Looks: 7
Pros: obnoxiously adorable
Cons: looks like a loli and not very developed
Personality: 10
Pros: cheerful, positive, encouraging
Cons: daddy issues (overlooked since they get resolved)
Plot Importance: 8
All about her getting over her daddy issues.
Background Story: 7
Well developed but easy to see where it was leading. I could tell from a mile away about her dad.
How Much You Can Relate To The Character: 9
Understood the base concept behind her reluctance to get close to Hisao but not the loss of a parent, which I still think was done well. Athleticism also comes into play.
Overall: 41/50

Looks: 10
Pros: beautiful blue eyes, elegant hairstyle, perfect body, and tall
Cons: cliché (I don’t care though)
Personality: 10
Pros: kind, caring, outreaching, calm, can party
Cons: too reserved for my tastes and not forthright with information (over ruled because of underage drinking).
Plot Importance: 8
Best relationship shown in the game, as traditionally defined. Her importance suffers a little due to sharing the stage with Hanako.
Background Story: 9
As a person she is well developed and is a realistic, if not cliché character. Her family isn’t given the importance that I feel it should have given the importance to her story.
Relatability: 10
Her distance from her family (metaphorically) is something that I can identify with and as Breaker said of all the girls I would pick Lilly.
Overall: 47/50

Looks: 9
Classic naughty schoolgirl looks but with short hair
Personality: 8
Pros: aggressive, competitive, and serious
Cons: overcompetitive
Plot Importance: 6
She seems like a second character in her own story because of Misha.
Background Story: 9
The feud between her and Lilly, as well as the family connection, were well done.
Relatability: 8
Has a jackass dad, enough said. Also her treating everything as a competition is kind something I do by accident sometimes.
Overall: 40/50

Looks: 5
I just can’t really get past the scars (awaiting the hate now) even though she is super cute looking and has the best style overall.
Personality: 6
Pros: sweet and kind
Cons: really goddamn timid and hard to talk to
Plot Importance: 10
All about her and her story.
Background Story: 10
Very well done, in concert with the music gave the most feels ever.
Relatability: 2
Hard to do but I can tell that it was an accurate representation of similar situations despite the low score.
Overall: 33/50

Looks: 5
Does not look feminine enough but not ugly.
Personality: 6
Too scatterbrained for me to follow. She seems interesting other than that in her moments but they are few and far between. I’d probably be an asshole and just pretend to understand to fuck with her head.
Plot Importance: 8
Didn’t really get much from the story but it seems like she was in the spotlight.
Background Story: 8
Doesn’t really happen but at the same time isn’t necessary to understand the character.
Relatability: 0
She is too weird.
Score: 27/50
Lilly >>>>>>>>>>>>> Emi > Shizune > Hanako > Rin

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Re: Rate The Characters

Post by Revvy » Tue Jun 12, 2012 9:38 pm

The 2nd character I will rate is...


-Looks: 8 (Without his glasses he is a very good looking guy, I'm straight but will happily admit if i think a guy is good looking)

-Personality: 6 (At times he just seems a bit too psychopathic to me)

-Plot Importance:
6 (He is just on the border between main and backup character, he brings interesting thoughts about each girl in their respective paths and sometimes they actually get Hisao thinking, but he isn't that much of a key player)

8 (When he talks about his past it actually makes me feel kind of bad for him theres also the whole ex thing, which I'm sure everyone has their own theories about, me included. I believe deep down he misses her and the relationship ended badly and the whole feminist thing is just an act and his way of coping)

-Relatability: 10 (I too have had troubles with ex girlfriends in the past and had my own little way of coping with it, we both love alcohol and pizza and I'm all for discussing conspiracy theories)

Overall: 38/50
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Re: Rate The Characters

Post by Oddball » Tue Jun 12, 2012 10:22 pm

Everybody is important in their own story. The question is, how important are they when they aren't the star?

Thinking this way, the most important character is ... Misha. SHe's always there with the student council, she gets most of the sympathy in Shizune's route, she come right out and tries to comfort or help you with your relationships in several routes (by herself), she's the only way you can communicate with Shizune, and how you interact with her can directly decide whether you get a good ending or a bad ending on two different routes.
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Re: Rate The Characters

Post by rydiafan » Tue Jun 12, 2012 10:23 pm


Looks 8 ( i don't dig blondes but i have to say she is sexy )
Personality 5 ( i find her boring and way to motherly ... but she is a good friend to Hanako )
Importance In The Story 10 ( the lie about Scotland piss me off that she stand out to me as more of a bitch then shizune )
Background Story 3 ( again boring )
How Much You Can Relate To The Character 4 ( The lie and her constant mothering would drive me nuts ... but i respect she seems like a true friend to Hanako )



Looks 1 ( now im scoring looks based on if they were real not the cute anime style 4LS use ... and if just based on looks Hanako is not sexy in real life { call me shallow } )
Personality 8 ( to be honest i hated Hanako at first ... but she grew on me and she turned out to be a hell of a girl )
Importance In The Story 5 ( Hanako's story was more about lilly and hisao learning to cope with her then her growing as a person )
Background Story 3 ( more about the whole fire kill my parents , scared me for life now im a loner been so over used in other stories that it doesn't intrested me any more )
How Much You Can Relate To The Character 5 ( i wanted to really like her but she just never did anything for me )


ill finish the rest tomorrow night ... work in the morning

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Re: Rate The Characters

Post by Brogurt » Tue Jun 12, 2012 10:36 pm

Those categories suck
Tits and ass aren't even separated, instead they're combined into some bullshit "personality" rating

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Re: Rate The Characters

Post by Episcia » Tue Jun 12, 2012 10:38 pm

Inb4 "this girl is the best!" wars.

I will be doing minor characters, for a change of pace.


Looks: 9/10 - I'm a sucker for the adorkable meganekko look. She's so cute!
Personality: 7/10 - Not that it was given much focus, but she is acting the adorable clumsy librarian part a little too much. However, I do recall some dialogue that redeems her from this - if only there was more of it!
Importance in the Story: 7/10 - Yuuko actually has more importance than is being credited on. In at least two routes she gives critical advice to Hisao - advice that he remembers and uses to bring out the good endings. At least she's not just a plain comic relief character.
Background Story: 8/10 - Nothing too interesting, IMO. But, you see, that's the charm of it - she's not being written as a special snowflake; instead, she's just yet another person struggling in the ocean called life. I appreciate the writers for making her so.
Relateability: 8/10 - Many of us, who cannot afford much in life and have to work many jobs to make ends meet, emphasize with her. Her attitudes and mannerisms are highly relateable and easy to understand.

TOTAL: 39/50


Looks: 7/10 - Older, charismatic scientific look. The look of knowledge - and, indeed, quite handsome!
Personality: 7/10 - Well, he's there to give Hisao advice. His attitude is specifically catered to that responsibility. Since Hisao's talks with Mutou are pretty much formal in nature, we really can't say much. However, I believe he's interesting enough.
Importance in the Story: 7/10 - As with Yuuko, he's an important albeit unsung part of the narrative.
Background Story: N/A - Uh..it really doesn't apply IIRC.
Relateability: 9/10 - He reminds me of my better teachers in high school. He and his colleagues is a memorable part of our lives, as they attempt to teach us how the world works.

TOTAL: 30/40

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Re: Rate The Characters

Post by ShadeHaven » Wed Jun 13, 2012 12:23 am

Lilly 35/50
Looks: 7 Well endowed, deep blue eyes and tall, although I prefer shorter girls.
Personality: 8 Very caring and motherly, although overbearing at times. Deceptive with other's interest in mind, but still...deceptive.
Plot Importance: 7 Her mother-like nature brings Hanako in as a legitimate side character. She also touches on some of Hisao's issues.
Background: 7 The whole 'family burden' thing is pretty depressing to think about and correlates with her personality perfectly.
Relatability: 6 Lilly and I share a certain Healthy adolescent sex drive, but having a motherly attitude is pretty foreign to me.

Shizune 40/50
Looks: 10 Enough curves in all the right places, and not too tall. WHY CAN'T YOU BE REAL?!?!
Personality: 9 Very commanding and strong-willed, although seemingly persuadable if pressured enough.
Plot Importance: 6 Misha takes up a good bit of her story with they their re relationship problems.
Background: 8 Asshole dad and overly competitive brother. How could she turnout any other way?
Relatability: 7 I can understand compartmentalizing events in life and easily moving on that way, although it's an easy way to hurt others around you.

Hanako 41/50
Looks: 9 Even with her scars, I think she has the most pure beauty out of any of the girls.
Personality: 7 Shy yet strong, kind hearted and independent; despite what white knights make themselves believe.
Plot Importance: 8 All about getting closer to Hanako and refraining from punching your screen from Hisao's infuriating ignorance.
Background: 9 Just enough detail to understand her personality and easily relate to her.
Relatability: 8 Although I haven't lost that much in my life, I can sympathize.

Rin 36/50
Looks: 8 Short auburn hair. That's enough for me.
Personality: 6 She's good friend material. I could understand her fairly well.
Plot Importance: 9 The story is pretty much all about understanding Rin, or not understanding Rin. I still don't really know.
Background: 4 There wasn't much mentioned about her background. Don't really care about the pedoteacher's background.
Relatability: 9 I can completely relate to being misunderstood by the world. Just, in a very, very different way.

Emi 33/50
Looks: 6 She isn't that bad. Justkindaboring. *hides*
Personality: 7 Stubborn and too independent. But completely understandable.
Plot Importance: 9 Besides the occasional random Rin appearing and Hisao's own personal health, it's all about her.
Background: 6 I could have guessed her background during act 1.
Relatability: 5 Can't imagine losing a parent that young, let alone my legs. Also, way too lazy to be that persistent with running. I'm envious though.

Akira 32/50
Looks: 10 Fuck yes.
Personality: 10 see above.
Plot Importance: 5 Informs Hisao of a major plot twist in Lilly's path. Also makes various appearances in Shizune's and Hanako's paths.
Background: N/A ...um.
Relatability: 7 She lives free as a bird. I could only dream of my life being that enjoyable.

Misha 36/50
Looks: 9 Dem Drills! Chubby? Psh. Voluptuous is more like it.
Personality: 7 There's something delightful about her extremely girly personality.
Plot Importance: 8 The other half of Shizune's story, her problems take up a decent chunk of the story. Also, this girl really cares about you, doing her best to help you in several girl's routes.
Background: 5 She had dark brown hair and once confessed her love to Shizune.
Relatability: 7 Hiding your feelings with smiles and laughter. Sounds like my last girlfriend.

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Re: Rate The Characters

Post by Synthus » Wed Jun 13, 2012 4:31 am

Goddammit, yet another passive-aggressive 'wank off to my waifu and put others' down' thread.

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Re: Rate The Characters

Post by rydiafan » Wed Jun 13, 2012 5:42 am

Synthus wrote:Goddammit, yet another passive-aggressive 'wank off to my waifu and put others' down' thread.
And don't you just love it lol

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Re: Rate The Characters

Post by Revvy » Wed Jun 13, 2012 6:44 am


-Looks: 10 (Near perfect body, cute facial expressions and she has an awesome rack)

-Personality: 7 (A bit too bossy for my liking, she demands too much, but she does have a nicer side when she wants to)

-Plot Importance: 7 (I felt like the majority of her story was more about Misha and her struggle to deal with the past experience with Shizune while the present conflict that she likes both Hisao and Shizune

9 (I generally feel sorry for her on the bad end, won't say anything more due to spoilers though)

7 (She would probably go into School council mode a lot which would be bad for me due to the fact that I smoke and drink quite a lot, but we do share some competitiveness but I'm only really competitive when it comes to Guitar Hero/Rock Band :lol: )

Overall: 40/50
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