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Re: IRL Significant Others

Post by inquisitivenegro » Wed May 09, 2012 3:34 am

yummines wrote:
Teryn wrote:
inquisitivenegro wrote:The next day in the middle of class: "Hey why do you have a cripple fetish hentai eroge?"
Priceless, gah! ^o^ So nice when someone gets it... mostly.

... Why does liking people who may have an obvious disability of some sort have to count as "fetish"? :?

Maybe it's because we're higher maintenance to some degree, needing help with things, but usually less than most expect.

Up until I had my own physical disability to contend with, one of my former best friends was in a wheelchair. Within a few months of meeting her (we only met once a month for an anime club), I stopped thinking of her as "friend-who-is-in-a-wheelchair", to being just "my friend".

To drag myself back to the topic: Yes, I agree with a lot of posters to not heavily advertise the sexuality and moreso the story making you cry and the like. People is dumb about sex. :P

Maybe talk about the Phoenix Wright (Ace Attorney) series to introduce the genre? It's probably the most successful VN-style set of games published in English.
well the thing is Phoenix Wright is more well-known (heck he's a fighter in UMvC3, as well as having a Professor Layton crossover soon) and is pretty obvious there's nothing innapropriate. plus his games have much more comedy in them.

KS was made by a bunch of anonymus users and you cant skip the h-scenes if you want all the feels.
Yes you can...just put a black box over the hentai pics, you can still read cant ya
Unless you're like against premarital sex or something I dont see the problem.
And if you are, Misha has this to say to you:
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Re: IRL Significant Others

Post by mysterycycle » Mon May 14, 2012 10:09 pm

Since visual novels are a pretty new thing to me, I haven't really been sure how to approach selling others on it. Doubly strange to mention it to my wife, given its romantic/erotic nature. It helps that we're both into video games and roleplaying games, and we both enjoy the romantic subplots of said games (we've discussed that aspect of Baldur's Gate 2 a couple of times), and neither of us are the jealous type, so I don't think she's likely to get worked up about me engaging in pretend romances, so long as it isn't with another live human being. I imagine she probably thinks of it in the same way I look at her watching romantic comedies.

While I was playing through Rin's route (the last one I did), I had to stop and ask her her opinion ("If you're in love with someone, is it better to understand them or support them?"), so that kind of served as her introduction to what I was playing. I posted on Facebook about KS later, so if she wanted to she could investigate it on her own, but she's so busy with classwork that I don't know if she's even bothered. I, uh, still haven't mentioned the existence of the sex scenes, though... :oops:
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Re: IRL Significant Others

Post by yummines » Mon May 14, 2012 10:28 pm

inquisitivenegro wrote: Yes you can...just put a black box over the hentai pics, you can still read cant ya
Unless you're like against premarital sex or something I dont see the problem.
And if you are, Misha has this to say to you:
well im not against it. i dunno if my friends or family would go through the trouble to do something like that though.
in fact the only person i know who would be potentially interested in it would be more interested in the h-scenes than the feels (though i dunno, he played Yume Nikki and watched Toradora! so...)

i guess you could say its like watching an R rated movie. after all its nothing really gratuitous or sexy, its for plot development. i mean if people can shrug off incest in novels something like this shouldn't be an issue. you would think.

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Re: IRL Significant Others

Post by Havain » Mon May 21, 2012 5:24 am

Hmmm, I don't have a significant other, if I had, she'd probably be open minded and try it though, what I do know is that most of my friends would not even try it, or play it and don't get the experience which I had while experiencing KS, that's why I don't even try, I have one friend I can talk to about KS and I plan to visit this forum daily, so that would be enough. It would disappoint me more to see people playing the game and not experience the perfection, than to not play it at all in my opinion :) .
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Re: IRL Significant Others

Post by Bokito » Mon May 21, 2012 7:20 pm

I got 3 friends into it by telling them I read something pretty good, told them about what a visual novel is and whatnot. Then I'd just mention the general story, and if they're interested and willing to try it I tell them that it's a romance novel and that there's sex in there, but usually they can't back down at that point anymore. All 3 of them completed 2-3 routes now, they're going a bit slower than I went (I think I finished all arcs in 3 weeks while they're only on 2 arcs in 3 months, but hey, they tried it). Another good point to mention is that a lot of modern literature incorporates sex in the story and that it's not really that different, mostly because the disabilities aren't the main focus that you are reminded of all the time.

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Re: IRL Significant Others

Post by Royale » Sat Jun 02, 2012 3:38 am

My boyfriend. . . I don't know, actually. It seems like the kind of thing he would be interested in. However, at the same time. . . I don't think he would be able to play it. He's kind of hard to entertain, and while he likes to read { despite my constant questioning on whether or not he actually can. he certainly can't spell } I don't think he would be up for six hours of this. xD Hm. Maybe one of these days when we're just hanging out I'll get him to play it.
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Re: IRL Significant Others

Post by ~Shultz » Sun Jun 03, 2012 3:28 am

Well, one of my friends discovered the game after I installed it. I encouraged him to install it. He only did Lilly's route with both endings... Still taking his break because it gave him feelings...

I also posted some spoilers on my facebook of Hanako's path. One of my friends was curious, so he talked to me and he said "what is that manga you are posting" (never posted a picture), so I laugh my ass off and I told him it was a VN. He ended up doing Emi and Hanako's arc. Haven't played anymore, but last time he talked me about it, he was planning to try Lilly's route

And I tried to encourage another friend to play, but he only wanted the sex scenes at that moment. Right now he's not interested. He told me that he is afraid of the feelings...
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Re: IRL Significant Others

Post by SirLadette » Sun Jun 03, 2012 6:36 pm

I've told my better half about it, but she doesn't have any real interest in playing it. She thinks it sounds interesting but A)She doesn't really care for romance stories and B)She's not a big fan of reading. I gave her the spark notes version of the routes and showed her some relevant screenies, she digs the music and agreed with my assesment that Emi's mom is the cutest in the game :lol: .
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