Just finished all the good endings (not 100% yet, spoilers!)

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Just finished all the good endings (not 100% yet, spoilers!)

Post by BobBobberson » Sun Mar 18, 2012 1:44 pm

And I gotta say, I'm impressed with everything that's gone into this. I kinda feel depressed knowing that I finished an experience like this, but I kinda stumbled upon this game accidentally (Someone on Kotaku recommended it). Definitely gonna try to recommend the game to my friends as well in a way that doesn't make my friends question my sanity,

The good endings definitely had variations in quality. Shizune's arc felt like the weakest, since there was literally only one choice that determined the good or bad ending, Whether to comfort Misha with your dick, or back the fuck off. Even if I didn't know the context of the choice (A random post I saw spoiled it for me), I would've ended up getting the bad ending anyways. But the good ending still kinda felt rushed The four other arcs had way more choices (Rin's having the most I believe) that determined the ending, which kinda made the ending you get more emotional.

I'd say it's a tie between Lilly's and Hanako's good ending, since Lilly's ending's the only one that actually gives an epilogue at the end, and before that when I heard the tune while Hisao was at the hospital again, I knew that Lilly came back for him. But Hanako's ending was definitely the most emotional IMO, since she's all thinking Hisao boned her because he just needed a quickie when Hisao actually loved her, and when Hisao tells that to Hanako, she gets all happy than kisses him in front o' a crowd That was probably the closest I got to tears in the entire game (Not to discount the emotional rends I went through on all the other endings).

I'm gonna shoot for the neutral and bad endings now, but Shizune's was by far the most depressing yet. That picture with her sitting along with the cat on her bag made me go :( and distracted me for like an hour

To end on a happy note, I post this youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsi0QWXm ... plpp_video

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