I don't want it to end?

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I don't want it to end?

Post by Irrapture » Wed Feb 29, 2012 10:16 pm

Hello. I saw a video about Katawa Shoujo, and I decided to play it without knowing much about it. I had seen Hanako in the video, and I really liked the way she looked and how shy she was, so I decided to play her story.. I quickly grew attached to her, and Lilly. I played without stopping, because I was enjoying the game so much. I started to really like Lilly and Hanako like they were my real friends. The next day, all I could do was think about Hanako. (I was about 80% completed). I realized that I do not want it to end. The game is so emotional, and each character has their own personality, that makes you like them each in a different way.. When I got home, I rushed to continue my save.. and finished the Hanako story... The thing is, I don't want to play the other stories. I have become so attached to Hanako and Lilly, that I really do not want the story to go another way. With movies I'm fine, because they all end up with the same plot.. this is different. I love this game, and I am already 100% positive that I am going to replay Hanako's story again soon. I really did not want the story to end.. I wanted it to keep on going and never stop. That there is the problem with every game. They eventually end. As much as love the game, I can't see myself starting a relationship with the other girls at the school.. the thought of Lilly having to visit her aunt.. Hanako being alone.. without anybody to talk to... it really saddens me. What about you guys? Were the other stories as emotional and touching, that you didn't want to play the rest? I really love how it ended, but I wish it never did. I really do not know what else to say. I just can't get over it. Might sound weird but I couldn't get much sleep either.

I built up the courage and played Emi's route today... finished it... it was wonderful.. I was feeling bad for ditching Hanako, but I didn't... I don't think I want to play any other routes now... the only thing I disliked about Emi's route is the H scene at the end... it was.. unneeded for a lack of a better term. The first was meh, the second was strange... anyways... I really think I have finished this game although I haven't... I will eventually replay these 2 routes... but until then, it was a good run Katawa Shoujo.. :)

Just finished Lilly's ending.. I should really stop... to whoever is still reading this.. thank you :)

SPOILERS AHEAD : the problem is... each girls story is perfect.. its like the game is made just for that girl... which is great... i think lillys is the canon story, as in... the most realistic one, since Hisao gets another heart attack around the end... each girl has a perfect story throughout the game. Rin with no arms at the end "whats the word for when it feels inside your heart that everything in the world is all right?" while she extends her arms or whats left of them to the sky flying with a bunch of flowers... such wonderful endings... Emi takes you to her fathers grave... Lilly stays instead of leaving... Hanako finally has enough courage to kiss Hisao in public... its all perfect.. and I don't want it to end..
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Re: I don't want it to end?

Post by Valtameri » Wed Feb 29, 2012 10:25 pm

Well i streched my Hanako playthrough for 2 weeks until i got enough strength to finish it. I was emotionally wreck after that for a long time, still even after one and half months later i still got some of the "feels".

I've also finished Lilly and Emi routes. You should consider playing other routes too because they are very nice, and those girls are sweethearts, you can always go back to play Hanako route after that if you feel like it. Also you can start your own fanfic to help out the feeling of "story has ended".
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Re: I don't want it to end?

Post by Tomate » Wed Feb 29, 2012 11:00 pm

Man, this is a reoccurring topic, there are 2 or 10 threads like this one, you know, topics about someone saying "i played route X and i dont want to play the others routes because of reasons".

The odd thing is that most guys who dont want to play other routes are Hanako's fanboys. Well,i think you should play on, all routes are great and they offer more insight on the girls personalities and behaviors. An small exemple, on Shizune's route you learn that Hanako plays chess because she used to play it with someone, probably her father.

KS is great game, and you should play the hell out of it.
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Re: I don't want it to end?

Post by The_Dudinator » Wed Feb 29, 2012 11:07 pm

For some reason, I liked the Hanako line the least. Even less than Emi and Shizune. I think it's because I played Hanako right after playing Lilly.

But I can relate to the fact that I had the same thing, I didn't want it to end. When Lilly's and Rin's line ended, I was like; NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! CONTINUE! I WANT MOAR!
And now I finished the game 100%... nothing left for me but replaying.

Damn you feels!
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Re: I don't want it to end?

Post by Titus » Wed Feb 29, 2012 11:28 pm

Look at the Shimmie, it has art of each character is an adult with a kid (done by a developer?)

They're short stories, the creators con't possibly do this for the entirety of each characters lives!
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Re: I don't want it to end?

Post by charmisokay » Thu Mar 01, 2012 2:06 am

Everything ends my friend.
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Re: I don't want it to end?

Post by Nobody in Particular » Thu Mar 01, 2012 4:43 am

I think most of us (if not all of us) have had that one route that we didn't want to end. Nothing too strange, just the negative effect of good stories and characters. For me it was Rin's, and needless to say I felt pretty crappy inside once I had finished it, but like charmisokay said everything ends. Best to just move on really.

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