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Re: Hanako's Broken Heart Club

Post by Kathos » Wed Jan 08, 2020 7:18 am

Hacksorus wrote:
Tue Jan 07, 2020 10:58 pm
Man, that's quite the story. I'm happy to hear things have been going better for you. I was around 14 when I first played KS too, and it changed me in a big way. I may not be able to relate to all of what you've been through, but that's something we and plenty of other people on here have in common.

Keep up the good work! I know this sounds cheesy, but if you hold onto this feeling and keep improving yourself, things can only get better :)
its not cheesy at all! my life was going to go to dust and hell if i didnt play katawashoujo, thank you it really means much to know im not getting called out for being cheesy or anything. im glad i found this forum to post my story. Even if only 5 people see it!
Katawa Shoujo will never fade away. no matter when, there will still be someone introduced to KS or feel the way this game has changed their life. :D

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