Cpl_Crud Follow Up Interview

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Re: Cpl_Crud Follow Up Interview

Post by Shintai » Mon Feb 13, 2012 1:29 am

encrypted12345 wrote:
Shintai wrote:
encrypted12345 wrote: RINFIDEL!!! :lol:

Anyway, that actually was funny speaking as a diehard Rin fan. I ... originally expected the Rin route to be something like that. :oops:
You expected dolphins?
I expected something more carefree and surreal. ... Like a pool scene with a surreal dolphin CG. I could see that happening in my imaginary, happy-go-lucky ,cloud cuckoolander Rin path. I'm not complaining about how the Rin path really turned out, but ... yeah. :(
Given Rin's quirkiness, I am kinda surprised there wasn't something strange like that, that happened during her route, just thrown in as a joke, like a hallucination or something.However the way it came out was obviously way more down to earth serious as fuck.

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