Katawa Fantasy or Katawa Emblem?

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Katawa Fantasy or Katawa Emblem?

Post by Snow_Storm » Sat Jan 28, 2012 9:36 am

You know, I would not mind seeing a ROM hack of the early Final Fantasy games or any of the SNES or GBA era Fire Emblem games that uses the cast of Katawa Shoujo. The Final Fantasy rom hack idea came about in my head when the "OMG SECRET FINAL BOSS" topic (The one where Misha was a giant lesbian crab thing) was still active (i'll link to it later) and the Fire Emblem one because I'm a huge Fire Emblem fan.

Final Fantasy IV or VI would be best for a Katawa Shoujo Final Fantasy rom hack because the original FF4 and 6 has a nice selection of characters to chose from and such. Fire Emblem using Katawa Shoujo characters would be a pain in the ass because FE is known for having a lot of characters (35-50 in some games) and Katawa Shoujo only has about seven main characters and about 15 side characters at best so workng around that would be a pain (but classes for them wouldn't be too bad.)

I dunno, this is something random that popped in my mind.

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