Did anyone feel like there was no Hisao just you playing?

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Re: Did anyone feel like there was no Hisao just you playing

Post by Palas » Sun Mar 04, 2012 2:02 am

Well, kind of. Whenever a reaction was descripted I would unconsciously draw the exact same reaction for some reason I can't explain. I mean, imediatelly after reading "and she did ______________________ such a way, I just had to smile" I would smile. It was really creepy when I noticed it, because it also worked with a whole lot of gestures and faces Hisao did.

In Shizune's route, however, this started to happen with Misha, too. And, I tell you, don't even try to imitate Misha. You'll end up with your face muscles aching from smiling and puffing your cheeks out.

EDIT: Other than that, I felt like I were... well, like I were playing Katawa Shoujo, so I guess it's not that weird. Right~!
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Re: Did anyone feel like there was no Hisao just you playing

Post by Wakagana » Sun Mar 04, 2012 2:10 am

I kept in mind that the game was in retrospect to the characters, and that It was never me who was there, but I did however make choices based on how I would in real life, which certainly effects how the story plots out. UNFORTUNATELY. Hanako isn't real, and even if she was. I'd be to shy my self to start anything up with her. let alone have the will power to chase after her when she is so unsocial. -pouts-

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Re: Did anyone feel like there was no Hisao just you playing

Post by Mysterious Stranger » Sun Mar 04, 2012 3:44 pm

During my first playthrough, I easily plastered my personality onto Hisao. In fact, it's quite frightening how much we have in common. I mean, I don't wear sweater vests ("Disgraceful."), but I did have a very similar childhood. And other than the fact that I wore glasses (I still do) and was invested in reading at a younger age than him (and being way more of a geek in general), I was pretty much identical to Hisao when I was in high school, personality-wise if nothing else. I actually like to think I was a little less dense, but that's probably wishful thinking on my part. To be fair, he's a little more rational in Lilly's route than the others.

Regardless, it was me who fell in love with Lilly by the end of my first run, not Hisao. Thank Christ I got the good ending, though. With that level of emotional attachment, the neutral one would've crushed me.
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Re: Did anyone feel like there was no Hisao just you playing

Post by Dawnstorm » Sun Mar 04, 2012 6:49 pm

Only in two arcs did I have an identification experience:

1. Hanako's arc: I just made the choices I would have made and breezed through to the good ending. I could identify with Hisao a lot. There were cringe-worthy moments, though, but they never occured when I could make a choice. I never lost myself completely in Hisao, but Hanako's arc came close.

2. Rin's arc: The polar opposite of Hanako's arc. I could never identify with Hisao because... I was Rin. Imagine playing that arc as Hisao, while you inhabit Rin (and completely understand her confusion, which is different from understanding her/yourself). One of my most surreal roleplaying experiences to date. There was no decision in the game I liked to make. In fact, if it was an internal-musing choice, I picked the one that got me the person I'd want to be with, and if it was interacting with me, I picked the one I wanted to hear the least. That somehow got me to the good ending.


Re: Did anyone feel like there was no Hisao just you playing

Post by SniperUnit6 » Wed Apr 04, 2012 11:00 am

When I didn't know anything about Rin, yes there's Hisao.

...But when the time I knew almost all about her, I think I'm inloved with Rin.
I dont care about anything youll think.

But when I have to sleep after playing the game finishing Rin's good path,
Errr I can't get her out of my mind. So I hugged my pillow like it's was her.

"Haha.." but true.

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