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All paths done

Post by thexxxtictac » Fri Jan 20, 2012 12:41 am

As I started the game I decided that instead of going on a predetermined path that I would just make the decisions as I naturally would. This landed me straight onto Rin's path. An odd thing considering that when I played the demo over a year ago Rin was my least favorite of all the girls. As the story proceeded though I was firmly along for the ride. By the time I reached Disconnect I was crazy trying to keep up with Rin but also starting to fall for her. As Hisao proceeded I was beginning to fear for Rin trying to destroy herself to continue painting. I'll admit I have been there before but it was still jarring. As I neared the end of Distance Hisao and I snapped and started yelling at Rin, terrible but oddly cathartic as it was.And that was where the story ended, at this point I was so emotionally drained that all I could do was cry. Ignoring the coming sunrise I reloaded to a previous save and decided to right my mistakes. Finally I reached the end, Hisao sitting there watching Rin on the hill, it was a heartwarming scene. I knew I had made the right decision, I let the emotions wash over me and went to sleep with a smile. I went through the motions the next day with nothing but Rin in my head and did a lot of thinking. "What's the word for when it feels inside your heart that everything in the world is all right?"

Emi's path was the next one I ended up on. Thinking back on it now I enjoyed it more then I originally thought. Emi seemed overly cheerful and peppy through most of the beginning, making you realize that there was more to this girl then first meets the eye. During this path I was so pissed at Hisao for not realizing that her dad was dead even though it was painfully obvious. I was also abit taken back by Emi's sexual side and her brashness about it. Especially the scene in the track barn. This took me out of the mood substantially and skewed my perception of the story at the time. Thinking back now though it was a roller coaster. I had unknowingly wound up down the bad endings path but managed to get back on track with Emi. Thanks Misha! The final scene at the graveyard managed to pull on my heart strings and made the fights and the disappointments of not being able to get close to this little girl worth all of the toll it took on me. Yet again manly tears were had , even though this ranks at the bottom of my list of the girls stories.

Shizune was the next girl that I set off for, being my favorite from the demo I was excited for this one. I was engaged from the get go because her competitive streak was something that really spoke to me. Hisao's plan to break down the language barrier between the two of them was good and I was thrilled at the result. Although as I proceeded into Slight of Hand with my head still held high the sudden change in the story making it more of a Misha path was a real downer. All in all I was disappointed in the end. I felt as though my blue haired heroine was as disconnected from Hisao as she was in the beginning even though he was very much in love with her. Their future being uncertain brought a pain to my heart. As I lay down next to my girlfriend, I cried myself to sleep thankful that we have such a close relationship.

Lilly's path was next on the list. I was enthusiastic for this one being that I had become attached to her through the brief encounters of the other paths. The gentle caring girl would make a good recovery from the draining paths I had previously played. Lilly was all kinds of perfect in Hisao's and my eyes Their story pulled me along as they became friends and much more. By the time that we go to Hokkaido I was nervous for Hisao to tell Lilly how he really felt. Lilly and Hisao standing in the field wrapped in loving embrace was enough to send a loving tear down my face. But as Lilly's secret was soon revealed and I was left devastated at her choice. As Hisao and Hanako say goodbye to Lilly I was left with a Lilly shaped hole in my heart. As Hisao begins to think things through, looking to the origami crane, the realization downs on us both as to what has happened. Rushing after Lilly in a final attempt to salvage what they have my heart is beating as fast as Hisao's. Seeing her but falling to the ground letting out one last call of her name I am devastated. How did we end up like this Lilly? As he awakes in the hospital with the music box playing my heart springs back to life, that sound, I know that sound. As Lilly cries next to Hisao all seems right in the universe, the beautiful countryside gathering always helps lift your spirits too. As cliched and stereotypical as her story may have seemed Lilly's was truly my favorite. This was my Hisao's canon story.

Last on the list was Hanako's story. Having read some vague conversations about hers I had my expectations set pretty high. As the story began I knew what Hanako was capable of having recently finished Lilly's story, so I had a good idea of where I was headed. The story started vague and unresounding until a single moment grabbed me Hisao standing in Hanako's room removing his shirt to show her that she is not the only one who has to carry a scar. Things seemed to be going well after that and the story picked up even though it seemed they were moving backwards instead of making progress. When Hisao followed Hanako to her room and she removes her clothes showing him her body I felt a tinge of sadness filling my heart, I could not imagine what it must have been like for her, to live life as she has. There is no way for me to truly understand. After that moment though things take a turn for the worst and I'm thrown into a sea of emotion once again. The final meeting at the park brought the realization of the wall that had come to reform between them. But it also brought the final straw that broke the horses back, finally bringing them together in one heart wrenching moment.

I know this was a bit long winded but I do want to thank 4LS for pouring their heart's into this game and not only meeting but exceeding my every expectation. It is a truly touching piece of my life now and one that I will find myself ever drawn to for years to come. I would like to hear other peoples opinion on not only the girls but also the story as well. Also if its not to much to ask what emotions did you experience?
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