If you had a story Arc in KS...

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Re: If you had a story Arc in KS...

Post by youka » Fri Mar 23, 2012 2:26 am

waynoinsano wrote:Act 2: Challenge Accepted
Act 3: Like a Sir
Act 4: Harem
win, lol, i see what you did there
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Re: If you had a story Arc in KS...

Post by SplendidClaw » Fri Mar 23, 2012 3:07 am

Huh, interesting idea. I'll bite.

Act 2: A Light Stroll
Act 3: A Somber Path
Act 4: An Arduous Journey

I'll write this in the context of someone getting to know me, because I just feel too silly right now to write it from the viewpoint of someone trying to "romance" me or something. I guess it could work both ways though.

Act 2: This would be about someone getting to know me off the bat. I tend to be pretty light hearted, joke a lot. I'm pretty shy, but once someone initiates a conversation with me I tend to get pretty animated. I tend to come off as an optimist, because I usually try to seek positives out of the negative events that happen in my life.

Act 3: This would be about someone getting to know the REAL me. I grew up as an overweight kid who couldn't talk to girls and was generally pretty lonely. This all changed once I hit college, lost a lot of weight, gained some muscle, and started dating. However, I think when my back hits the wall I feel like I revert to that part of my life. The real me tends to think things much more logically than I probably should. I feel, at times, that I have no emotions or that I have less of a heart compared to most people. If I'm talking about something with someone and they try to approach the discussion from an emotional standpoint, I tend to lose interest and just not care anymore. I guess I've been burned plenty of times in the past by putting my trust in people, or sticking my neck out for them, and this has made me wary of trusting people off the bat. Also, the real me is not so optimistic or super happy/tells jokes all the time, it's just that I've told myself that others would rather hang out with me if I were this way. My "real" self is not an optimist at all. As hypocritical as it sounds, I'm optimistic about everyone else's problems except my own. Finally, I'm very lost with my life right now which absolutely conflicts with my drive and motivation to always be working towards something. This inner conflict results in strange situations where I try to overachieve in situations where success isn't all that important, simply to try to give where I am in life meaning.

Act 4: I guess this would be a big "a-hah" moment of my story. Where I finally can tell myself that trying to plan out my life step by step is an impossible, fruitless task. Where I will realize that I need to stop trying to plan my entire future out right now, and just take baby steps to reaching my goals. Of course the goals I have set for myself are very lofty, but I suppose if someone were by my side that understood me and would stick by me, I would probably be able to tackle these problems regardless. Hell, I'd probably even have a smile.

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Re: If you had a story Arc in KS...

Post by amentoraz » Fri Mar 23, 2012 6:48 am

Act 2: Detached - I totally live in my inner world. Most people think I'm shy or silent, but its because not many things outside my brain or people spark my interest. So I guess this act would be about really catching my attention.

Act 3: Solitude - Fem/Hisao would have to come to terms with myself being a loner, and understanding if I sometimes need to be alone it doesn't mean I don't like him/her. I need it like I had some batteries which can only be charged through being alone. Even if I'm in love, I sometimes need to be alone.

Act 4: Madness - This is where I confess the extent of my weirdness sometimes bordering madness to the untrained eye. Time has shown me this is probably the most challenging part. Not because I protect this part of me too much, but because most people fail to really understand anything about me regardless how hard I try to get my point through. I guess it might be my fault, because I fail at communication and at being just too weird. Becoming aware of this lack of understanding has been very disheartening to me. It has happened to me even after years and years -even after more than a decade- of close friendship in three people who were once close to me. In all those cases tight closeness gradually fell apart, partially as a consequence of me noticing this total lack of understanding and becoming uncomfortable at the shallowness of a supposedly deep connection.

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