If you were given a chance to add/change Ending *spoilers*

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Re: If you were given a chance to add/change Ending *spoiler

Post by Popo » Mon Jan 09, 2012 7:31 pm

I'd be very hesitant to change anything. I actually quite liked how Hanako's adult scene was imperfect, to subvert our expectations, and so they could deal with that issue, too. The only thing I could imagine, if I HAD to add or change something, might be a second good ending for Hanako, during her bad ending.

She yells at him, but instead of leaving, Hisao tells her that he wants to talk to her like an adult. He wants one chance to explain himself, and then if she still wants him to leave, he will. Forever, if that's what she wants. He explains that he, too, felt like a broken, useless child after becoming disabled. He tells her frankly that her yelling at him really hurt. He tells her that she and Lilly really helped take his mind off of his problems and feel at home at Yamaku, especially her. How every tiny little smile and giggle he elicited from her felt like a victory. That he just wants the best for her, and he's willing to take off the kid gloves and treat her like the normal person she really is.

Things jump forward a bit; he shows her his scar right then, and the scene goes much like His Past, but with her apologizing. Then the story pretty much proceeds normally until the good end.

It was fun to think up the above scenario, but I wouldn't actually want it implemented into KS, when all's said and done. It'd cheapen the finality of the bad endings.
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Re: If you were given a chance to add/change Ending *spoiler

Post by shin0bi272 » Mon Jan 09, 2012 9:41 pm

quellsnarg wrote:In Hanako's ending, I'd make it so they never had sex in the first place and were able to work out their barriers without... that. Either that or had sex after the revelation... or have the sex be the bad ending.
While I sort of agree with the premise you have to understand WHY Hanako did what she did. She wants to be treated normally and no one does... not even Lilly... or you. So when you start to fix your own problems etc. when she locks you out (literally) she sees that and musters up the courage to undress and give herself to you so that you would know she was not only able to but willing to have sex. She does it so she wouldnt lose you since thats what she thinks is happening. Up until she sees you "slipping away" she feels like you are just another protector (and prior to meeting you and Lilly she felt like dying) and wouldnt treat her like an equal or want to have sex with her... I kind of also think that that's why she got so drunk at her party... to try to get you to take advantage of her... and when you dont she knows that youre another white knight and she starts to lose hope of ever having you fall in love with her... so she goes to the extreme to make you understand she does want you sexually. Its a very complicated reasoning but its sound ... to her at least. Though I do like when he says "if you had just said something" or something close to that when they are having their chat at the end.

What I would change (and no I havent played them all yet) is Shizune's good ending. I know its currently probably accurate for the way Shizune thinks but at least let us end up together rather than having her run off to go work in some business to become a philanthropist...or maybe for Shizune's bad ending have me end up with Misha since she wants to teach sign language and in the good Shizune ending my character wants to teach at the school there so they might as well end up together in that ending... that way its not 100% bad just like her entire story line isnt really romantic due to her not being able to connect with anyone but Misha or you ( from about half way through) and her attitude... so for hurting Misha for 2 years it would be fitting that Misha and I end up together and Shizune gets to go on to work broken hearted rather than leaving all 3 of us longing for days gone bye. This way only 1 of us gets hurt... the one who was doing the hurting. But that's just an idea obviously.

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