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Re: Online Japanese KS reception

Posted: Thu Feb 16, 2012 12:50 am
by Bara
If people like it, they like it; if they don't, they don't. I can't respect the opinion of anyone who judges something without attempting to understand it. It is pretty obvious from the handpicked quotes that the most inflammatory are from people who know nothing except the title and are popping off at the mouth.

KS is an OELVN after all. When they get a chance to appreciate the full game through the hard work of the Japanese translation team I'm sure many people in Japan will like the game as we do in this forum. Some will hate it for all the same reasons some english speakers hate the game. And when you get right down to it the number of people in Japan who give a damn either way will be a absolutely insignificant number. Hell even add in all the other languages KS ends up translated to and 99.99999999999% of the human race will never have even heard of KS and you can probably add a couple more "9's" to show the number who have an opinion about it good or bad.

I don't care, I enjoy it. I appreciate the work that brought it to me to play it. What anyone else wants is on them.