If you were Hisao...

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Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by contown » Sun Jan 08, 2012 7:08 pm

Going into a new school, I'd probably be really happy having Misha and Shizune come up to me so quickly, since making new friends is a bitch. But if they started pressuring me too much on student council work, I'd probably spend less time with them. But I'd still want to keep them as friends.

Lily, I dunno. I'd probably keep her as kind of a friend. But we wouldn't be that close.

Hanako, I'd relate to her due to her shyness. I'd try to spend time with her, but considering I already have a bit of difficulty connecting with people that are openly friendly to me, I probably wouldn't be able to do much with her, and feel a little put off.

Rin, I'd immediately like her, she'd probably end up being one of my best friends there. She seems like kind of a female bro.

Emi, probably the exact same as Hisao. I have my own health issues, and sometimes I ignore things that can cause problems with it. So if I went running with Emi, regardless of the fact that I know my heart is fucked up, I'd still try to catch her anyways, and, of course, lose consciousness. And I'd be into her pretty quickly. And I've always had the trait of trying to help my friends with their issues whenever I see them messed up, since I've always been a friend guy over a family guy. But like Hisao was, I sometimes get too pushy in my attempts to help. Which has helped me and hurt me before. But since I'm a friend guy, I also always end up asking my friends for help. I don't keep my secrets easily. So I'd end up asking Misha or the Nurse for advice, and I'd probably end up with the good end. Which is probably why I liked the Emi route a lot. Everything Hisao did is something that I'd do, even the stupid mistakes.

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Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by ihatepeace22 » Sun Jan 08, 2012 7:30 pm

  • Shizune: I would probably go along with her. It would be nice to have some friends in the new school, and they are, and would seem like, genuinely good people. As to entering a relationship, I don't really see that happening. Maybe it would be a slow-growing love.

    Misha: To be honest, I might get annoyed by her at the beginning, but she would rub off on me, and I would become her friend, maybe even developing a crush on her. I would confess, get rejected, and try to stay friends. The outcome after that is in doubt.

    Rin: I would be really intrigued by her. Her laid-back attitude, combined with her very round-about way of thinking, would be hard to resist, and I don't doubt that I would become infatuated with her pretty fast. I would most likely NOT pressure her into the art gallery

    Emi: She would be a really fun friend, but I doubt I would become romantically interested in her. She's got too much spunk for me. I am sure she would be tons of fun to hang with however.

    Lilly: I would be genuinely attached to her from the moment we would meet in that tearoom. Her noble bearing, her gracefulness, it wouldn't take long for the feelings to emerge. As for her departure to Scotland, I would most likely try my hardest to find a way to go along. That being impossible, I would ask her, not beg her, to stay with me.

    Hanako: I would most likely suffer from hard white-knight syndrome, and end up with the neutral ending. Which makes me sad, because she's my favourite girl.

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Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by Hellz » Sun Jan 08, 2012 7:31 pm

I would probably go driking with Kenji, but not enough to fall from that fence.
That fence started to scare me so much, that whenever the word fence showed up, I was like, "Did I do something wrong?"?Why is she going to fall?!?"
I haven't player all routes, so I'm going with what I played, and with the spoilers from others.

Emi- Since I like running a bit, and I would be forced to do it, I think we would become friends.But just that.I like to listen to music while I do anything, if I'm not talking with someone.So if she just went running ahead, I would keep my pace, and go listening to music.

Shizune- I really like people who do things trying to manipulate, and to play games that involves thinking.I would Totally join the Studen Council.Most of time I'm calm, and I like to hear other people talking rather than talk myself.So I would be friend with Misha too.I would probably be more than friends with Shizune, and I would lear Sign Language too.
And It's pretty good I won't have to turn music off to talk with them :lol:

Lily- I wouldn't even pay attention to her.Since I don't really like people that are too much polite, and I wouldn't even talk too much with her, since she is in another class, and we don't have that much in common.

Hanako- I would play chess with her, and talk about books.Just being friends and helping her.I don't have that much White Knight thing, so I would help her a little, but would not be more than friends.

Rin- I don't quite understand her.Maybe I would try to know more about her, and it would dependes on how that goes.

Kenji- Hell, I love to hear anything I think its interesting.I laughed a lot with the feminism thing, and to close the windows because of the snipers.As I said before, I would probably be driking with him.Since the Bad End is because the game can't go on, I think I woulnd't have died there.Probably.

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Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by FrozenKimchi » Sun Jan 08, 2012 7:59 pm


I would be friendly with Lilly. She has the "charm" with drinking fine tea, alcohol ;), and sandwiches and is very attractive physically. With her big-sister/motherly personality, I don't think I can be less thankful for a good friend and partner. Of course, I would be like Hisao at first and be overly cautious of her being blind but then it'll subside.

Hanako... Obviously difficult for me to become friends with her without involving Lilly. Then again, I enjoy both of their company and would look forward to playing games with her.

Shizune would irritate me at first obviously since I'm a lazy person but she has amazing spirit. I'm jealous of the Student Council being passionate and overly active compared to my high school's student government (stuck up bums who only do it for college applications along with a jerk for an advisor). We can still be good friends as long as I work for the student council (however, that means no tea time with Lilly so I have to turn it down)

With Misha involved... It would be a onesided love train. Me -> Misha -> Shizune.

I don't think I can be friends with Emi since we wouldn't have any opportunities together. Dislike running.
Same with Rin. Not very open minded when it comes to art

Since others are mentioning Kenji, wish Kenji was actually blind so that I can pretend to be a guy around him and listen to his rants for the laughs.

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Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by RikuDawn » Mon Jan 09, 2012 1:19 am

No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.
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Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by Arcassa » Mon Jan 09, 2012 2:39 am

Shizune would have had me in the Student Council at the first mention of Risk

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Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by Palas » Mon Jan 09, 2012 3:23 am

Shizune - Dear God, I would hate her. I hate bossy people, especially when they try to interfere with my goddamn academic activities or lack thereof. I really hate academic stuff and it's impossible for me to have a "healthy interest in the workings of one's school". And what's with the competitiveness when it comes to doing assignments? As much as I would enjoy playing Risk or even paper football with her, that would be pretty much enough interaction for me.

Misha - I would try to talk to her as much as I could, ironically. I would most likely grow feelings for her IF I were able to see her, well, Misha side. She seems to live in a parallel universe and this activates some kind of fierce instinct inside of me that would try and coax her out of it just for the sake of piquing other interests in her. Namely me. However, that would be unlikely ince she would never leave Shizune's side.

Lilly - Even though I would kind of support her when her and Shizune's cat fights, I don't think I would befriend her. Not deeply, at least. She's nice, alright, but way too formal for me. I like natural friendships. That and the fact that she is kind of distant. Not emotionally, just... I don't know. She's my second favourite girl in the game, but not gonna happen.

Hanako - I don't REALLY like people who try to read me when I'm not exposing myself. Maybe that's how I am myself, so it figures, even though I like my intentions to be taken for what they are. Hanako is this kind of girl, though it is disguised ingame with the word "intuitive". It would be awkward. I would try to talk to her just to see what her shyness hides, and playing chess with her would be fun. In the end, I would most likely end up befriending her, but by no means going further.

Emi - Here's the thing. She's my favourite girl and would most likely remain so if I were Hisao. I would bro her and have lots of fun with her and make jokes with her and run around with her (and, really, Hisao is such a slowpoke. I would beat her, for Classic Sonic the Hedgehog's sake). But it turns out I would be friendzoned at that point and she wouldn't be as much. So, yeah. If we *did* date, I wouldn't be such a stupid tactless fucktard like Hisao was. Still, I'm the kind of guy who wants to be there for the girl at all costs, so I think it could work out right.

Rin - I would try to rival her. I'm more a writer type, but around her I would try to make as much sense as her. Don't really know if such behaviour would be extended to my interactions with other people, but I would surely let hell break loose in my mind just to match her. Wouldn't expect any romance, though.

Summarizing, I'd either go for Misha or for Emi.
While we are here discussing, Hanako is somewhere hopping from dark to darker tiles. Alone.

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Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by Babli » Mon Jan 09, 2012 6:00 am

Knowing myself, I would probably first ended up befriending Lilly and thanks to her started to talk with Hanako. Eventually falling in love with her.

And also I would try to discuss things with Rin. In as abstract way as possible.

But if it was really reality, I would ended up with Kenji on roof lol.

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Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by lushwell » Fri Jan 13, 2012 7:50 pm

I wouldn't be stupid and I'd just take Hanako on some nice dates. FOREVER.

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Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by Zet » Fri Jan 13, 2012 8:51 pm

Yuno wrote:Hot makeout session with the nurse
Just thought I should fix that for you :P

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Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by Darkish-One » Fri Jan 13, 2012 10:43 pm

Interesting idea, I'm somewhat of a social outcast seeing how I like to keep to myself so this can go a few ways 1 mainly being no friendships with anyone at all since social anxiety kicks my butt most of the time. ACT1 BAD END D:
But if I get past that and manage to talk to people it's a whole different story. The only way to explain would be to write it out like mini stories.

Shizune - This would be tough and easy at the same time. (if that makes sense) First I would be a bit awkward since I find it hard to talk someone I don't know. Then for a split second confused when a pink haired girl suddenly throws what I believe to be gang signs at her, but she also throws some as well, I then realize it's sign language. After a while of getting to know each other and constant denials of student counsel advances plus I don't mind some challenging moments. It would be fun to hang around Shizune but even though I like some fun challenges that she might throw, the constant badgering to join something I have no interest in as well as being pushy would be a bit of a turn off. So I'd just remain friends with her.

Misha - Same as above to a certain extent, like the signing, though she's interpreting for her friend and the student counsel. She would be fun since she seems so full of energy and life, like every moment around her would be a memory worth remembering. I'd easily fall for her over time but seeing how I deal with social anxiety, the shyness would most likely keep me from expressing any feelings. Seeing how we would both be friends with Shizune there might be a point where like in Shizunes route where Misha starts acting weird and comes to me for comfort (as she reveils later to Hisao she love Shizune, and stuff about them to being together, it would still be the same thing except she beleive theres more between Sizune and myself then we let on.) I would try to take it in a different direction. Try to comfort her, without being taking in by her advances. At the later time that we would talk where truths are reveled at that moment I know I can only be her friend even if my heart wants to be more then that.Because her heart belongs to someone else and I will never be able to obtain it.

Hanako - Will this story be able to begin? One is a Depressed boy with anxiety and the other is a girl who is scarred and withdrawn from everyone around her. If I was to make a move she would run away, not knowing why I would actually blame myself and crawl deeper into my social deprived corner. Wondering if I should ever bother to talk to people again.
On a brighter note, if we did talk we would find out that there is someone that had similar experiences in life bullying, being an outcast, injuries though mine were only 3 different occasions of a broken arm she had a horrific accident that burned her left scars physically and emotionally, I think we would just be friends. I wouldn't try to force her out of her shell seeing how I don't like people forcing me out of mine so I wouldn't do it to her. Though if she comes to me about things I would help hopeing it puts a smile on her face and makes a difference in her life.

Lily - Didn't complete her route yet so I won't put anything yet. I do think she would be a great person to be around so far.

Emi - The only way I would even know about Emi is if I know Rin, or If Emi happens to crash into me durring a her hallway runs as I'm not interested in track team stuff. Either way meeting Emi though Rin or a crash tackle actually would make it easy for me to talk to her even though we only just met. I would be curious about her running blades finding out she's a runner, of course she gets me to run at least once I don't last long. But I agree to try a couple more times making her happy. I improve but running still isn't my thing. I vow to at least get into shape by other means and she vows to see me through because that's what friends do. Our friendship is based on her training me and I waking up to watch her early morning runs. At least I'll finally get rid of this gut.

Rin - Why do I feel like I would watch her paint all day if I met her. Seeing how she's Rin and all she would actually be the first to say something, wondering if I got an interesting disability like she wondered with Hisao, Depression, Anxiety... intresting? Doubt it, are they even considered disabilities lol? but if we still talked the way she talk is odd but if you think about it, understandable... then curve ball new topic. I wanna know how she thinks, feels and sees everything but she doesn't let me know, all I know is she wants me is a friend and I want her as one to... She's just easy to fall for... after a while she gets an art show of her own, her chance has come, but she seems to hit an art block. Then lets me know art is the only way she can express herself, to let people know who she is... to paint again she must destroy herself. Though I object she doesn't care and doesn't want me around so she can do this, all I can do is watch from a distance, powerless. ... It would feel like an eternity for me in this situation so of course as he did in the story I would choose to as well. I return to Rin, cause I can't let someone who says "I have to destroy myself" be alone... The sight is the same as the VN, Rin the shell of her former self, and that would make me cry If I say it, I wouldn't wait for her to acknowledge my presence before I rush to her side bawling. Whether or not she understand why I'm acting like this all I would say in response "I would be a fool not to" and knowing me that would be the confession point "after all, I love you"... I personally don't know if she would understand why at the moment or even if she understands love. Maybe, maybe not. Only Rin has a complex mind that only she understands.

So yeah if I was in Hisaos place and can get past the awkwardness of my anxiety. Ok I put way to much thought into this.

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Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by Lloonnee2 » Fri Jan 13, 2012 10:54 pm

Bearing in mind that I've only played through Emi's route, I think I would be in the position of....

Misha: I think I could get along with her to a large extent, but anything beyond a friend would be pretty much impossible. I do like active, non-mellow people to talk to, but I can't imagine myself talking to her for several days without wondering how come she's always so full of energy.

Shizune: I would probably keep it at an acquaintance level or just....move around and try to be ignored. Not my type because of her attitude I guess.

Lily: Definitely someone that can be an acquaintance, or even a friend. But I don't think I might progress beyond that, since I don't think I can connect emotionally with her.

Hanako: Same level as Lily, but I don't really think I could, or would, attempt to help her open up. Mental fortitude wouldn't be enough to withstand that level of issues.

Emi: Running on the track with her may be a stretch, but I daresay with someone like her to encourage me, I'd probably continue as Hisao did, with the relationship going beyond that of a friend. And make the bad choice of going after her at house, though I doubt I'd be as pissed off and idiotic as Hisao at that scene. Still, her lively (but noy hyper), playful and teasing attitude (combined with DEM PUPPY DOG EYES) and how her real character comes through on the track would be something I'd gravitate to.

Rin: She would be an interesting one to talk to for insights, but I don't think I can converse on the same level as her. Probably would end up making myself sound like an idiot >.<
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Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by viduuskamen » Fri Jan 13, 2012 11:57 pm

Something to the effect of order met:

I believe our relationship would be strictly professional. Intelligence is a quality I admire, and I don't mind some competition as it can be a good motivational tool at times.
While her quietness (yeah...) is a plus, I do believe her constant pushiness will eventually erode my patience, and I would refuse to join the council.

During the argument, I'd defend Lilly because I do think Shizune goes overboard.

I think she is somewhat annoying, but I would still talk to her as a classmate, and it's also required to communicate with Shizune. However, her general excessive energy / noise level will hurt my ears and cause headaches.
If it does get to the point where I was asked to comfort her, I'd do so via TALKING. I was a little surprised at what "comforting" meant in this game...

Stop. Talking. To. Me. I would probably end up avoiding him...
And probably deck him in the shower. Seriously man. Don't do that.

I like to think I am well-mannered and composed. So while we could be easily acquainted, I do believe she would notice my reservations during our conversations, so things might not go as smoothly as it did for Hisao.
She is someone that I would enjoy spending a lot of time with, but according to the game timeline and how slowly I can express myself, I may not be able to convince her enough to stay.

It doesn't seem like there are computers in rooms, so to the library it is. I would do much of the same as Hisao did with Hanako, but also with a clearer intention that "no one has to be alone." Admittedly this is why I am most attracted to Hanako in the story - it's not so much whiteknighting but actually understanding what she feels and providing her with company.
However, I might lack the charm to dispel the "I want to help you" feel, and ultimately still end up neutral with her despite confessing romantic feelings early on.
If it does come to the scar scene, the most that I would have done was maybe a kiss on the forehead and/or cradling her. I really didn't understand how Hisao sort of... just... got the idea to go for it.

We would probably just on friendly speaking terms due to the same reasoning as Misha's. That and I am generally not too active, and she has way too much energy to spare.

Rin - She would confuse me greatly, but I imagine it would be fun to talk to her. I find the prospect of saying confusing things to each other randomly amusing, and in all honesty, it would only be random because we couldn't be able to understand each other, and can only try.
I would also definitely NOT encourage her to join the art exhibition due to her lack of desire to do it in the first place.


Of course, the last possible end for me would be to have another random heart attack and die alone, due to having isolated myself from everyone; even Kenji.
"It's kinda funny, I've played a bunch of VN's and for the first time I'm feeling apprehensive about going down another path. I'm thinking weird crap like how will Hanako ever be happy if someones not there for her.......If Hanako's writer reads this I want you to know that I thank you for giving me this wonderful treasure."

[I feel like a giant jerk for completing the game.]

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Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by tmhizzy » Sat Jan 14, 2012 2:18 am

I have only played through Hanako's and Rin's routes so I can only assume what I would do with the others based on the personalities the displayed I saw on the routes that I took.

Shizune: I do not have the patience it requires to learn sign language. So I would most probably avoid her most of the time even if Misha's there to translate. I would do what she asks me, but the communication gap and my laziness will prevent the relationship from advancing. Although I have talked to deaf people using my phone so it is not entirely impossible.

Misha: There is a higher chance for Misha and I to become friends compared to Shizune. I would just listen to her talk and talk, and give my occasional insight and what not. I'd like her, but knowing me I wouldn't act upon it, and if I did she would just reject me for reasons. :)

Emi: I'd enjoy her company for awhile and maybe even start liking her, but it would eventually go nowhere. I would be their to support her when she needs it, but I don't think I'd be able to handle her personality and attitudes for a long period time. I would eventually realize that it would be better if I avoided her, but not entirely.

Lilly: I like her, and I think I'd get along with her fine, but I think if I was Hisao I'd just have a brother/sister type relationship. I don't have any older sibling and I don't have any sisters, that is why I think I'd latch onto her in that kind off way. I've always wanted somebody to guide me, somebody who could share experiences and stories. Also her being blind would sadden me if I pursued a relationship, because there are too many things she would not be able to experience. Like if I tell her she's pretty she wouldn't know, and I want her to know what I look like. I know she can touch, but it just doesn't provide the same thing that seeing the person you love does. The blindness is positive in some ways like non discrimination based on looks alone, and other things.

Hanako: Like Hasao I would not be able to stop noticing the scars, but as I'd get to know her I bet I'd be able to talk to her. I also like reading and enjoy the company of other introverts. I think I'd definitely like her, and would admire her from a distance. I don't think I'd be able to escalate pass friendship easily, but I think through time I'd be able to truly see her for who she really is and be able to start a relationship.

Rin: I cried doing her and Hanako's paths. I think I'd hate her for awhile, but eventually warm up to her. Talking to her would definitely be confusing, but I like talking about stuff like that. I might join the art club just to see her, and what not. I also like walking around places. I also question what it's meant to be myself. I'd be her friend that much is certain, but I don't know if I'd be able to go through seeing her in pain. Seeing like that just breaks me and this doesn't just go for people I am close to, it also applies to people I don't know. I don't know how I would handle her neutrality when it comes to decisions, and like Hasao I would most probably get angry all the times he did, but I can't stay mad at people so I'd eventually apologize. I also like the fact that she thinks differently from others and this adds to the reasons why I'd enjoy being her friend. I'd like her, but I don't know if I'd be able to do something about the attraction by either addressing it, leaving it alone, or getting rid of it.

I think it would take me 3 times as long to start a relationship with any of them because I don't really know how cope with the disabilities of other people. I don't know how long it would take for me to see them as normal people. It would eventually happen, but I don't think I can accurately estimate how long it takes, but that is just me.


Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by Drake » Sat Jan 14, 2012 3:12 am

Hmm, given my present personality, and no the one I had in highschool?

Shizune: Would be hit or miss with her, it would all depend on the first impression. I could see myself finding her annoying, but also at the same time intrigued cause of her personality and she'd fire up my competitive spirit.
Most likely outcome is that she'd just be someone I hung out with now and then and maybe helped out. Have a hard time seeing any sort of relationship with her other then that, anything beyond a casual friendship seems unlikely unless the fates threw us together in a stuck elevator or something.
If I'd had ever met her dad, we'd have gotten into endless arguments I think. I can be just as obnoxious as him when I want to and I see no reason to be polite to someone like him.

Misha: Since she's pretty much tied to Shizune I guess the outcome would be the same. Barring meeting her alone somewhere and getting to know her that way, it would likely just be a casual friendship at best. I think I would get rather annoyed by her loud voice and personality, but would be slightly intrigued by what she does. Constantly signing everything to Shizune I mean.

Hanako: First route I played, but would not be a path I followed IRL. I have a slight white knight syndrome I guess, but I'd quickly realize that Hanako is a LOT stronger then you'd think at first glance. I could see us being friends and hanging out and maybe I'd try to help her be more social, but at the same time I would give her her own space and time to deal with things.
Would be sort of like how it was in Lilly's route I guess.

Lilly: I think I'd end up calling her "Anego!" Every time I see her. Given that we met in much the same way that Hisao met her, I'd be drawn to her like a magnet. Despite being somewhat independent and wanting to deal with problems on my own, I'm under no illusion that I could do that if I were in Hisao's position, I'd NEED help. With no family or relatives to rely on I'd need someone like Lilly now and then.
I'd try to help her as well in return, maybe try to sort things out with her and Shizune as well, through that I might perhaps be quite close to Shizune and Misha. If I'd succeed or not I do not know, but I'd want to try because I'd realize pretty early on that it was more a clash of personalities rather then a genuine hatred for each other.
I could see myself falling for someone like her, especially if we developed some sort of mutual dependence. I'd be slightly intimidated by her as well, given her family and skill with multiple languages and such but that would pass over as I got to know her and feel that I could be of use.
It's hard to see where things would end up in the end though. Because while she is someone I could fall for if things flowed in the right direction, she's also not someone I would strive to get into a romantic relationship with. A close and reliable friend along with Hanako perhaps, which for me is already quite a feat.

Miki: Yes, she's in here. Cause I'd totally go for her laid back and tomboyish personality, not to mention her disregard for studies. I could see us becoming fast friends easily and where things go from there is hard to say because there's not much about her I know about. I'd imagine we could be buddies, especially if I got to know Emi, if it would persist beyond school however I cant say.

Emi: As per the nurse's orders I'd make it a point to at least try and do daily jogs, I'd loose motivation pretty quickly however. Emi would likely be one of the few things that would keep me interested, however her competitive nature and my own disregard for limits could lead to something...unfortunate for me.
Assuming I manage myself however, I could see us being friends as she's pretty easy to get along with. I doubt that I'd end up racing with her or competing with the track club, not my thing. But it could become a daily ritual of sorts to spend some time on the track with her, if I could develop the habit.
I don't see it developing into anything more then a friendship at best however. I'd see her as a fun person to be around but not someone I'd fall for. I'd also be so nervous around her mom it'd not even funny.

Kenji: First I'd be like "What?", then I'd be like "Huh.", then I'd be like "Dude, you're all kinds of crazy." after that the two of us would go get drunk. But not on the roof.

Yuuko: I think things would be pretty awkward around her. Her timid personality would make me really cautious and uneasy around her, so most likely I wouldn't spend more time around her then I'd need to. Unless of course I was accompanying someone who knew her, ect.
In the event that Lilly wasn't around or couldn't help however, I think she's be the one I'd go to. Perhaps to discuss the situation between Lilly and Shizune for example.

Mutou: I do not think we'd get along. Wouldn't be to the point of constantly arguing, but more like a you leave me alone and I'll leave you alone sort of thing. While I do like him as a person, and do recognize him as someone I could rely on, his slightly preachy personality would put me off.

Iwanko: Likely just write her back the one time with a "Thank you for everything" sort of reply.

Nurse: Pretty much the same as Hisao I suppose.

Blind kid in art class: I'd be like a biologist just having discovered a new lifeform. A blind artist? Do go on, please!

Art teacher: I'd enjoy his lectures in art I'd suppose, if I ever joined the art club. However, there is one respect in which I would very strongly oppose him, and that is Rin.

Rin: Saved her for last, namely because she's not only the one I'd be the most interested in as a person, but also the one I'd want to be in a close relationship with (Aura, what have you done to me!).
Our first meeting would be through Emi I suppose, unless I saw her working on the mural. Given that I'm wound pretty tight most of the time and that is likely to worsen after the accident, I'd likely be drawn to Rin as a sort of opposing element. The start would be the tricky part, getting into a sort of constant interaction with her, the lunches with Emi and the mural would be the key point I suppose. Things would go VERY differently however. One of the main problems I've had with Rin's route is that while Hisao was the most relateable for me in that route (internal monologue), he failed to notice key points here and there and just made some really messed up choices, IMO, with Rin.
Events would proceed on track in the beginning, getting to know her through the mural and I'd be drawn to her because of her odd personality and art style. In my case though I don't think I'd even be able to call her art "nice", compelling maybe, in the sort of "So weird I can't look away" way. Any admiration would be in her skill, not so much the end result. I'd join the art class to know her (and blind artist kid) better despite having next to zero artistic ability, not sure how that would go but I would try.
Past that point however I think things would change quite drastically. I'd be quite opposed to the art teacher trying to push her to have an exhibition, especially since even when playing I made a point of the fact that she was pushing herself to the point of physical injury just to complete her mural. Made me wonder why at first but came to the conclusion it was likely because of the teacher and seeing a similar possibility with the exhibition, I'd oppose it. I can't say what would happen if she actually didn't go through with it, since the only events I know are the ones that happened in the game, so with the assumption that she went through with it..
I'd do whatever I could to prevent her downward spiral, meaning the Self-Destruction chapter. Starting from trying to understand her motivations, which would be slightly different from how Hisao did it, confronting the teacher and the gallery owner and explaining how this could really end up hurting her. Or as a final resort, dragging her away from there for a few days till she could clear her head. Don't know how that would cause things to turn out, but that's what I would do.
Assuming the possibility that I could pick up on Rin's reasons for painting and garner some measure of understanding about her before it reaches that point however, then perhaps the whole thing could be avoided altogether. Possible for me I'd like to think, namely cause I'm a bit of a weirdo myself, like Kenji, except even I don't believe half the things I say. Rin's oddities came off as not so odd to me. Deep, philosophical, needlessly so at times, but weird? Naah. The Doctor(who?) is far weirder then her, and I like him.
Understanding Rin would be the key obstacle, but allot easier then most would think at first glance I'd say. Like understanding her paintings by watching her paint them, not by looking at the painting itself (which never works anyway) and while Hisao kept saying that Rin's expressions give nothing away, the fact that she has an expression and changes it at all is telling in itself. So while I don't quite get how an imaginary umbrella would keep the rain off you, I'd think someone without legs could dance and someone without arms could give hugs if they just imagined they had the appropriate parts. Also Rin gives the best hugs.
Don't know if doing things this way would lead to the possibility of me being in a romantic relationship with Rin, but that's the path I would take because of who I am I guess.
I rather like Rin and think she's fine the way she is. Aura what have you done to me!

Did I miss anyone?

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