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Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by Poly » Sat Jan 07, 2012 6:19 pm

Lilly - Regarding Lily it would be hard for me to be with her in the same sense that the main character was. I can see us becoming extremely close but never crossing the border of relationship territory that Hisao and her crossed in game. In short we'd be good friends and extremely close but never lovers

Emi - Emi and I probably would've went down the same path as Hisao in game but more towards the poorer ending at her home. I have a habit of being pushy (trying to change that) I think we would end up closer in the long run only be lovers that the ending of the game so happily portrays them as, but in reality emi is pretty... energetic for my tastes.

Hanako - Ahh Hanako. My favorite girl so far. Hanako is one that I think I can get the fairy-tale happy ending. Only because I can relate to her most. Can I relate to the point where I know exactly what she is going through? Nope, but I can relate till I know the idea. The bad ending scared me most but that was only because I knew I would do something like that if it came to that Although instead of backing off while she screamed at me I would've reacted rather differently. I don't like babysitting or anything but I protect my friends regardless if they want me to or not. The good ending seems much more likable as I wouldn't really give up an opportunity to spend time with someone I can relate to. Can I down right say I have no one in the world? no.. but I know the feeling of being completely isolated and having the world against you. (Bullied in school, parents encouraged bullying, went to therapist, etc) So Hanako seems the one where I would get the good ending and probably even see further beyond it looking ahead.I can see traveling and stuff like that as Hanako becomes along with me as Lily disappears for her ending.

The major thing I would do differently is during the bad ending I would rather say "Friends.. just want to hang out?" even if she attempted to push me away.. though what SHE said will probably just.. cause me to say the last words while leaving. Something alone the lines of "and I we were friends" wow I'm a terrible terrible person.

Haven't played Rin or Shizune's path yet.

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Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by Evvinartopski » Sat Jan 07, 2012 6:59 pm

Manly picnic time, obviously. Though it would probably have grave consequences which I probably won't like.

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Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by Crud Bonemeal » Sat Jan 07, 2012 7:14 pm

(Ohhh, man, been so long since I posted here, I doubt anyone even remembers me, but wow the game's finally out and it's so totally amazing!)

I actually had some thoughts, or I guess daydreams to an extent, of being in Hisao's shoes (sort of a wistful romantic at heart). I sort of figured out how I'd interact with the main cast (spoilers ahead, but I guess that's a given). So, here's my insignificant perspective.

Shizune- Honestly, I'm not sure I would be capable of getting Shizune's path. I don't really like such pushy, competitive people. She has her charm, but I don't think I'd have the patience to see it. Assuming I did somehow get roped up into her crazy world, I probably would have confronted her about her behavior a lot sooner than Hisao had. One of his main problems is that he holds his feelings back a lot, and I tend not to, especially if I have a problem.

-Misha- I think what happened with Misha would have played out similarly if I were there. That was some pretty heavy stuff and I'm not sure I'd have been able to deal with it, but I know I wouldn't have been able to sleep with her, I could feel the wrongness of the scene through my monitor.

-Hideaki- I probably would have exchanged esoteric puns with him and then discussed magic tricks.

-Jigoro- He would have either punched me across the room or grudgingly accepted that I don't suck, I could never get a bead on his exact personality, but I certainly wouldn't have walked away from arguing with him, so whichever response he would do, that's what would have happened.

-Kenji- I have a bit more tolerance for psychosis like Kenji's than Hisao does, I probably wouldn't have gotten quite so irate with him in any of the routes. I probably would have hung out with him a bit, maybe even solved the mystery of his ex-girlfriend (whose identity is pretty solidly hinted at if you've played through all five routes).

-Yuuko- I likely would have interacted with her similarly to Hisao, though I probably would have shown enough interest in the Yamaku Cat Burglar in Emi's route to uncover his identity and see all of that play out.

-Mutou- I'm no scientist, but I'm certainly a good enough student that we could have gotten along. My own ambitions would have likely left him feeling a tad disappointed, but I always get on well with teachers, professors, etc.

Rin- I don't think our mental disconnect would have been quite as large as with Hisao. I mean, I'd never be able to think exactly like she does, but I think I'd be more capable of following her abstract descriptions. I often associate certain feelings with things that don't make much sense, so while I might not understand what she's thinking, I could understand a little bit of how she thinks. But her lack of emotional response would probably frustrate me, as well, and I could just as easily have exploded the way Hisao did. In fact, I know I would have pushed her to do the gallery exhibit the way he did. I think seeing her break down the way she did at the end would have caused me to break down with her, though, seeing as how I'm familiar with the frustration of constant failed social connections without knowing the reason why. Not exactly the same, but it sucks.

-Nomiya- I think I'd have argued a lot harder against him at the end. I tend to be more argumentative than Hisao, especially when the people I care about are involved.

Emi- I don't think Hisao did anything different from me, I would have taken the "talk with Meiko" option. The main difference would be that I would have confronted the problems more immediately, though in Emi's case, that might be a bad thing. Oh, and I'm not exactly the most active person, so I would have had a hard time getting to her route to begin with.

-Nurse- I definitely would have made more jokes with and at him, played along with his "oh I was just seducing your friend" bit, etc. I like to make jokes.

Lilly- I tend to be the sort of guy that is there for his friends, so I might not have made Hisao's critical mistake. Maybe. I most likely would have asked Lilly straight-out to stay, though, I don't think I would have let her go so easily, even though Hisao made the right choice at the end.

-Akira- I tend to get along well with such casual people I think I might have been more laid-back talking to her than Hisao, but not much else different.

Hanako- Well, for starters, I'd have been most likely to wind up on her route to begin with, by a huge margin. I tend to be a loner, prefer reading in quiet corners and stuff, when I'm not hanging out on the net or gaming or what have you. But I also sort of like having friends, so I tend to seek out other loners like me (which is why my social life is not exactly bustling). When I do go out and do stuff, or socialize, etc., I have plenty of energy, so I may have unsettled Hanako a bit at first. But I'm not the sort to treat anyone with kid gloves. Assuming I was as uncertain of my feelings for her as Hisao was at the time, I would also have kept them to myself, at least until I was sure of what I wanted. Chances are, when I saw how her birthday affected her, I would have come to my decision, and I would have gone down to her room to tell her that, like, even if she's unhappy at the moment, I wanted to be with her, like, not necessarily for her sake, but mine, too. Then comes the confession of love and so on. (I think you guys can guess which girl is my favorite and who I gave the most thought to)

-Miki- I probably would have been less awkward talking to her, like with Akira, but I don't think I'd have done much else differently talking to her. I probably would have admitted my crush on Hanako when asked.
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Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by Guest » Sat Jan 07, 2012 7:17 pm

I probably would have decked Kenji at least 3 times. As for the main 5, I likely would have aligned myself with Shizune (trying to ignore Misha), just as I did in my first time playing through. Though I would have been close friends with Lily and Hanako as well. Rin and Emi I probably would not have been friends with.

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Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by Talifan9 » Sat Jan 07, 2012 7:18 pm

Guest wrote:I probably would have decked Kenji at least 3 times. As for the main 5, I likely would have aligned myself with Shizune (trying to ignore Misha), just as I did in my first time playing through. Though I would have been close friends with Lily and Hanako as well. Rin and Emi I probably would not have been friends with.
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Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by Mirage_GSM » Sat Jan 07, 2012 8:00 pm

Shizune & Misha - While I might have been interested in joining the student council and probably would have been able to work with Shizune, I definitely wouldn't have seen her as a romantic interest, maybe not even as a real friend. I probably would have gotten along better with Misha.

Emi - I guess I would have had an unrequited crush on her... ... Thinking about it, she reminds me a bit of a girl I did have an unrequited crush on in High school...

Rin - My interest in art is absolutely zero. I probably wouldn't have given her a second thought.

Lilly - I have absolutely no idea how I would have reacted to someone like that in high school^^°

Hanako - Ironically she's the one I probably would have gotten along with best - I can imagine us spending hours in the library just reading books - but I almost certainly would hvae been too shy myself to talk to her. Any first contact would probably have had to be mediated by a third party, e.g. Lilly...
Emi > Misha > Hanako > Lilly > Rin > Shizune

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Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by mountainshouter » Sat Jan 07, 2012 9:00 pm

Might as well drop my two cents.

Lilly - Obviously the woman I would gravitate towards. Her personality, looks, and practically everything is something I admire. I have no reason to think I'd have any trouble getting along with her and eventually end up in a relationship with her. I might also try to mend her relationship with Shizune, since, you know, family is still family. I'm not on great terms with my family (just some conversations every gathering now and then, but nothing beyond that) so someone who willingly throws away their connections like that irks me.

Akira - She's a nice person. I see no reason to dislike her, given that she's taken care of Lilly for quite a long time now.

Miki - The tomboy girl. I'll have to admit, if I was given the choice, I would pursue a relationship with her. But since there isn't one, I'd just be on friendly terms: hanging out, casual conversation, and all that.

Hanako - It's been said before that she doesn't like being treated as something that needs to be protected (which results in the bad end), and I would oblige her choice. I'd talk to her like any normal person I've met, but with a more muted tone than I would given her reclusive nature. I can hardly imagine why people would treat her badly because of her burns; to me, it's just another facet of her that I'd be interested in, and I still think she'd be beautiful no matter what.

Shizune & Misha - Essentially my "loud and funny" friend group. I'd imagine I'd like being with them, but would rather have the previous two girls take priority if I had to choose.

Emi - The optimistic girl with hidden feelings underneath. I wouldn't push her issues, but I think being with her would be fun, with the running and all that.

Rin - She's odd. I can't really imagine myself getting along with her a lot.

Jigoro - I don't talk to people I don't like, and have a poker face for such occasions that drive my acquaintances up the walls of insanity, so it makes it hard for them to gauge just exactly what the hell I'm thinking. I do have but one statement to his grumbling, though: Those who criticize our generation forget who raised it.

Kenji - Ignored. I've been around conspiratorial types before and I abhor them.

Yuuko - A rather normal relationship, really. I like reading books and would frequent the library a lot, so I'd probably end up running into her on a constant basis. She'd be a great person to have a casual conversation with, due to her rather clumsy nature.

Mutou - A man of the sciences. I can understand him. I think I'd even go along with the whole science club thing and may even just end up teaching at Yamaku at the end of it all.

Nurse - I'm not really a man for jokes. The running crack at me within my little friend circle is that I could be in a room full of assassins, and if even one of them cracks a joke, I would be the only one leaving alive. I do understand his job and his concern, and would likely just play nice out of necessity.

I've not run into Nomiya yet. I've decided not to do Rin's route because, honestly, she doesn't interest me.

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Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by CrimsonLight » Sat Jan 07, 2012 11:21 pm

If I were Hisao... BROS BEFORE HOES!
I'd go on a rampage with Kenji. Which would eventually lead to our sexy manly picnic, followed by us drinking like retards. Hopefully he doesn't try to get it on with me. If he does I'll just punch him instead of you know...backing up and falling. Reason is that I'm afraid of heights so I don't really want to stand near that fence( >_>).

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Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by Rolanberry » Sat Jan 07, 2012 11:54 pm

That is a good question...

Shizune: I'm no good with languages and would probably never be able to learn sign language. I'd probably have fallen into her pushing to join the student council though. We'd probably be good 'work buddies'.

Misha: I'm about as loud and implosive as her and would probably hit it off with her from the get go. It wouldn't go anywhere romantic for obvious reasons...

Emi: I'm no good at running. So I'd probably only know her in passing.

Rin: It be a tough road. I really enjoy art but her aloof-ness would drive me insane. I'm all for existentialism but not 24/7.

Lilly: I think I'd really get along with her. Her calm and quite composer would really draw me in and I think I'd be good friends with her. Perhaps some chance of romantic feelings there, shes such a nice girl.

Hanako: I'd make it a point to get to know her. Just like in my first play-through I'd be drawn to her and we share a love for books and chess. I might suffer a bit of white Knight syndrome I probably would try way to hard to get her out of her shell.

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Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by Otakumon » Sun Jan 08, 2012 1:12 pm

I'll have to think back to how I was in my high school days to answer this properly since a lifetime of experience has changed me since then, and we are talking about high school students.

Shizune: I've never cared much for controlling, manipulative people, even in my school days, so I doubt I would have had anything to do with her.

Misha: Never cared much for loud and obnoxious people either, but how I treat people depends on how they treat me, that's one thing that hasn't changed about me. She is basicly a nice person so if she was nice in her dealings with me I would be the same way with her. I might even could see her as a potential romantic interest until finding out she is a lesbian, no sense in barking up an empty tree. Either way I would likely wind up pushing her away since I would try to convince her that Shizune is just taking advantage of her.

Emi: Puppy dog eyes and pouting is just another way of being controlling and manipulative so I would avoid her.

Lilly: I would likely have a crush on her but consider her unapproachable because of her looks and high class behaviour so it's unlikely anything more than an occasional greeting would happen between us. But considering her relationship with Hanako she might try to get to know me just to find out what sort of person I was since my behaviour around Hanako would be much different.

Hanako: In my day, and I doubt it's changed much, school was a hotbed of extremely cliquish behavior. If there was something about you that kept you from fitting into the mold of the accepted in crowd then you were just one of the outcast freaks the beautiful people liked to pick on whenever thier fragile egos needed stroking. In my case I was pretty quiet and shy, not speaking to others much unless they spoke to me first, with the added bonus of being a chubby kid, so I was relagated to the outcasts. So would Hanako, though in Yamako it largely seems self imposed. I was far more comfortable around my fellow downtrodden since we didn't have to keep up false fronts with each other like the cool kids did, so I would be more likely to try to talk to Hanako and be friendly with her than any of the others. I was also in my school's chess and checker club, good at checkers only soso at chess. I would be able to empathize with Hanako more than the others and would like to think I would have tried my best to help her but it's really hard to say how you would act in certain situations without actually being in that situation. As for pursuing anything more than friendship I guess it would depend on how she would react to me. I don't think I would push myself on her as hard as Hisao does, certainly wouldn't screw her just because she shows me her scars. I've never been put off by other peoples' appearances since mine isn't anything special. I did have a few disabled classmates and I treated them like I did everybody else, depends on how they treated me. I don't care about a person's looks, race, religeon, orientation, or whatever. You treat me alright and I'll treat you alright, treat me bad and I'll treat you bad. The whole clique thing may not be as bad at Yamaku as in a regular school, but Lilly does admit that it exists.

Like Hanako in her bad end I did have somewhat of a meltdown late in my junior year, but I didn't do a lot of yelling like she did. One day one of the popular grand high muckity mucks from the football team felt the need to show what a man he was in front a group of his sycophants and chose me as his target. After the third time I told hem to leave me alone he leaned in nose to nose and told me there was nothing I could do about it since I was too fat to fight. That was finally all I could take, I just exploded, didn't think about what I was doing just reacting. I kicked his sorry ass up one hall and down another, had to be dragged off of him by several teachers. I Never had much problems with people after that and my senior year was much more peaceful than the previous ones. If only I had done that sooner then maybe I wouldn't have hated my high school life so much.

Rin: I'm not sure what I would have made of someone like Rin, since I've never encounterd a person like her in real life. I did have an interest in art and enjoyed art class even though I never had any real talent to speak of. To be honest, I probably would have been too intimidated by her talent and behaviour to try anything more than occasional small talk and maybe try to get some pointers with techniques.

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Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by Welath » Sun Jan 08, 2012 2:04 pm

I would porbably be buddys with all of em..

Emi. I run myself and she is easy to teas so morning runs with her is not strange.

Rin... She and i think alike like it is scary alike. I am more attached to this world so per say

Lilly... Even if like heated discussion i also read Alot. And enjoy drinking tee and smalltaking to people like Lilly when i read... Someone to talk about more worldly things XD

Hanoko. Seeing as i myself have X numbers on wievble scars and have worked in medicin. That part would not even rised my eyebrows. And seeing as we both read alot. Some kind of friendship would have been formed sooner or later as i always say hello to people with a smile...

The Shizune/Misha.. I love outsmarting people so i would agree to there games as good as all the time. It is a good way to keep the brainwork up XD

As for romantic feeling? Noone. If i know that i have something that will make it not likly to make me older then 30. I would turn down anything like that. A girl can handle being turned down. But handling the death of a lover? Maybe not so good. Could NEVER bring myself to but em that spot if i loved them so.

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Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by Torkon » Sun Jan 08, 2012 3:10 pm

I probably would spend a lot of time with Misha and Shizune, considering they offer it. Emi would make me feel tired like most energetic people, so I would tend to avoid her, although not dislike her or anything. I could see myself hanging out with Rin, due to shared interests, and I think her off-beat personality would be interesting to learn about. Lilly would be a cool person to know, but I couldn't see anything romantic. Hanako would be the most likely romantic candidate, I like silence and company, and I feel like she offers both. I also love reading and chess, and my heart skipped a beat when she was reading Life of Pi.

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Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by AdmiralYuki » Sun Jan 08, 2012 4:29 pm

I have a tendency to end up dating broken girls (I dont know it till after, well more like I had no idea how broken they actually are. Whether or not I do this intentionally I do not know yet, I am afraid that I will end up with another broken girl that I can't fix. I just make them worse :() Playing this game reminds me of past relationships, both the good and the bad.

Rin - I would end up being friends with Rin, and this would eventually lead me to wanting to try to help and understand her more. If I ended up liking her wanting to be more then friends with her, I don't think I would be able to make it through to the "happy ending." It would destroy me and most likily Rin too (seeing her cry was so heartbreaking)). Anyways, I would pursue her even though I knew this :\.

Emi - Emi would be fun to be around, as such we would definitely be friends. I however, would most likely fail to notice her as something more then a friend, as I would preoccupied with trying to understand Rin.

Shizune - The dialogues with Misha and Shizune always made me laugh or a litter happier no matter the topic. I would be friends with both of them, I mean you can't beat playing Risk with two cute girls lol. I don't think anything would happen between either of us, I have not played through Shizune yet, but I would feel like I am dating the both of them.

Hanako - I have actually dated a girl who was a sensitive as Hanako, actually make that two. As such, I know that I would never be able to be more then friends with her, I would most likely just make things worse for her. I have already done it once and would not want to do it again.

Lilly - I feel like Lilly is that person that you can go to for advice or just someone to talk to. I would enjoy spending time with her as a friend, but nothing more.


Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by Guest » Sun Jan 08, 2012 5:17 pm

Lily: I would end up befriending her since she seems extremely nice and easy to get along. But as time went further and further, I would probably hold interest in her, but she might not with me. If we did have a romance, and she were to say she was leaving, I would try to see if she could not stay because I wouldn't be able to bear losing her (as I've had something similar to that in real-life).

Hanako: I would try to befriend as much as I can (once again, I burned a part of my arm a long time ago, it took it years to heal). In the end, I would treat her as a equal, and I'm sure a odd friendship would spawn. I think I would be most attractive to her since I have a tendency to love shy girls and she seems like the type who would love to just hangout somewhere and simply goof around. Playing chess once or so a day sounds like it would be just...nice.

Emi: I feel like I could be friends with Emi but probably not a whole lot in the romance department, even though I loved her character in-game. But if she did the puppy-dog eyes I would have to at least agree on a single date.

Rin: I would love to hang out with her, during lunch and after school, and our conversations would fascinate me. I feel like I could actually understand her sometimes, maybe even more than just sometimes, since I have a similar personality. I would probably establish a bond with her but I doubt anything would blossom between us since she lacks focus on things other than painting.

Shizune: Love-hate. I would tease her consistently and make fun of her a little but in the end I would consider her a dear friend. Help her in her time of need, if any, and act like nothing ever happened. Romance is probably a no.

Kenji: Manly picnics, manly picnics everywhere. And a stake out at the library since it's a money-laundry operation for the feminist, having Hanako on lookout (which is why she RUNS when others are in sight, to warn her comrades). We'd know what's up.


Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by Morishmael » Sun Jan 08, 2012 6:49 pm

This first huge block of text explains how things would play out in regards to Emi and Lilly. If you read it you'll see that for me their paths would intersect a bit, and so I can't really just break it into neat "1 person at a time" bullet point explanations.

I think that if I was in his shoes it would have played out much like my first play through did. I went into it trying to go after Lilly but ended up in Emi's route by accident. I've done 2 routes since Emi's (Lilly and Shizune) and the one thing that stuck in my head and bothered me through out both was that Hisao gives up the morning runs in all but Emi's route. In his shoes I maybe wouldn't have initially pursued Emi, but I would have kept up the runs. I would have been pursuing Lilly probably into Act 2 or so but Emi would have slowly grown on me and I would have ended up switching from Lilly to Emi (and feeling terrible doing so). From there everything would have played out exactly how it did in Emi's path. I got the almost-bad good ending where you confront her at her house and you two end up not talking for awhile. That is COMPLETELY me. I would have respected her privacy at first but been driven to near insanity at knowing she was keeping me at arms length and hate secrets and eventually, probably at about that exact moment too, would have confronted her, it would have gotten heated, turned into a fight, we would have broken up for awhile and I would have come back to her later after avoiding her for a bit, wanting to get back together. So far the flow of Emi's path has felt the most natural to me. Once I got to know her I realized she's much like every girl I've had a serious relationship with, and even how Hisao and Emi acted towards each other, how they joked, it all felt like a page out of my past. Also, I didn't feel roped into any decisions. I never felt in her path that I couldn't choose what came naturally because my natural answer would be the bad route. Even when I did make the bad choice, it came back together exactly how it would have for me.

Shizune - I tend to be a bit passive and just go with the flow, not making a whole lot of decisions for myself but when a person gets pushy and bossy and treats me how Shizune treats everyone, especially Hisao, thats when it gets my back up and I snap back. I think it would take some very special circumstances for me to end up with her in real life.

Misha - Assuming that I didn't end up going after Lilly or end up slowly falling for Emi, I would probably pursue Misha, up until finding out she bats for the other team.

Hanako - I would probably end up as friends with her, being the bookworm type myself and often just being content to sit in the back of a room and read. A small crush might develop at some point, but I think that due to her shy nature and how hard it would be to get close to her I would end up falling for Lilly or Emi too hard for the small crush on Hanako to ever get anywhere. It would certainly be a possibility though, and I do have a tendency to attract the type of girls who are shy and just really need someone to get close to.

Rin - I'm going to hate going through her path because I tend to be logical in the extreme and try to analyze everyone and everything around me and predict how people are going to act and Rin is just too weird and illogical. Too unpredictable. Theres no chance I would ever end up with her because I would never be able to get past her oddity.

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