If you were Hisao...

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If you were Hisao...

Post by NubChaos » Sat Jan 07, 2012 11:06 am

Basically, if you were in the same situation as Hisao and met the 5 main girls + Misha yourself, how do you think your relationships with them would play out?

I'll start off. And I'll post as if I got to know all the girls pretty well, instead of just one like in-game.

Lilly - In high school, I had a great friend named Nicci who served as a sort of mentor/big sister to me. I probably had some sort of romantic feelings towards Nicci, but I was more than content remaining friends with her. She was extremely kind and caring and supporting of others, much like Lilly, and I think that if I personally met Lilly, my relationship with her would have gone similarly to my relationship with Nicci (close and meaningful, but not romantic)

Shizune - At first I would have been annoyed and frustrated with Shizune's little plots and mindgames, but, given time, I'd warm up to her and even begin to find it endearing, since Shizune/Misha continue to appear throughout all the paths, unlike the other girls, AND they're in your class.. I don't think I'd get particularly close to Shizune, but I'd still see her as a friend and likely work with her in class a lot. Romance wouldn't happen

Misha - I would probably be a bit annoyed and frustrated with her at first, like Shizune, but upon getting to know Misha herself, instead of Misha-projecting-Shizune, I think I'd become great friends with her. Romance wouldn't happen with her either, but for entirely different reasons than Shizune, since, y'know, Misha wants Shizune

Emi - I haven't fully played her path yet, but I could totally see her being a total bro and being awesome buddies with her. I'd find her irresistibly adorable in her playfulness and teasing, and would probably get a crush on her, though I don't see myself actually hooking up with her.

Rin - I'd definitely be confused and unsure of how to approach Rin, but I think I'd feel drawn to her for various reasons... I'd probably end up in a similar situation as Hisao: trying to get to know her and figure her out, only to be met with frustration and confusion. Ultimately though, I could see myself actually hooking up with her like Hisao did.

Hanako - I'd probably play the part of the White Knight at first, like Hisao, but given that I'd be close to Lilly, I'd take her advice regarding that matter and let Hanako do her own thing a bit. This'd be another case in which I think my own relationship with Hanako would play out like Hisao's does in-game, though I'm not sure I could bring myself to actually hook up with her, since Hanako letting Hisao have sex with her damn near ruined their relationship, even though it got better in the end. Hanako didn't want Hisao to drift away, which is why she let him be with her, but it had the opposite effect and made things really awkward for awhile. I'm not sure if I myself would have slept with her in that situation, but I think I still would have ended up a close friend of hers in the end.

So there ya have it. HOW ABOUT YOU
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Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by Yuno » Sat Jan 07, 2012 11:18 am

Hot makeout session with Mutou

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Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by KeWano » Sat Jan 07, 2012 11:22 am

Liking this thread!

Oh well, I haven't played through all the paths, so I can't really give much of an insight right now, but it's mostly the same as you.

Misha and Shizune: I feel like they would be two friends of mine, nothing more though. I would've both thought that they were quite annoying, especially Misha.

Hanako: I would've tried to get to know her, seemingly because she has no friends (except for Lilly) and such. And as Nub said, I'd probably would've played the White Knight role, but also listen to Lilly's advice regarding her, mainly because they know eachother on another "level". It would've probably played out as the Good Ending path for Hanako. I also agree with Nub on what you said about "that" part, I kind of feels like that would be a rush of the moment thing, since she's kind of inviting you to have sex with her, and she shows really no sign that you should stop either. Of course, if it's Hanako, I would've felt bad, like Hisao felt after having sex with her.

Rin: Well, she was the one that caught my attention in the demo from the first meeting, so I would guess that I would do the same as Hisao does when getting to know Rin. I would've tried to understand her and all, and become equally as frustrated as Hisao. Really, same explaining as NubChaos did. Feels that I want to explain more about how I feel about Rin, since she's the one I got emotionally attached to, but it's so hard to put into words... (Rininess is contagious it seems).

Haven't played Lilly's and Emi's paths yet, but kind of the same as NubChaos on those two.
Hot makeout session with Mutou
Oh, you.
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Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by Snelx » Sat Jan 07, 2012 11:39 am

hmm if lets say i'm not given the choice and 'went' into their path, but just like a day-to-day reality when i just transferred there.

i think first, i will be interested in the quiet girl, Hanako.

Then i will find both Shizune and Misha annoying,
but after hanging around with them, being classmates, i will find Shizune has a cute side.
as to whether can romance happen with Shizune, i'm not sure.
Misha... well, next

Since i'm forced to run, i guess i will meet Emi.
And most likely, will be dragged around by her everyday after knowing her.
I think i will find her fun to be with.
Romance quite possible.

From Emi, i will know Rin,
Rin is too complex for me to talk to.
In fact, hers is not logic. i don't know what. Abstract-type of conversation?

Well, throughout, i think i will try to make some small talks to Hanako when we both are along etc.
to know her better. As to how she will act and how it will end up, i wont assume and don't know.
But of course, i will hope for romance with her.

Next, from Hanako i will meet Lily,
i think most likely i will feel jealous over Lily.
As Hanako open up more to her than to me.
So romance with Lily is quite impossible :?

After writing this much,
it feels like some kind of roleplay xD
It's kinda funny, I've played a bunch of VN's and for the first time I'm feeling apprehensive about going down another path. I'm thinking weird crap like how will Hanako ever be happy if someones not there for her.......
If Hanako's writer reads this I want you to know that I thank you for giving me this wonderful treasure.

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Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by Member22 » Sat Jan 07, 2012 11:48 am

I would have went for Lilly... she's the best complement for my type, and the looks are a bonus... both of those factors, especially the first factor, beat the blindness anyday in my book.

Even though I do have traces of the white knight complex, I would most likely not think of getting any closer to Hanako than the role of a carer/chess opponent/reading partner because I fear that I might damage her even more than she currently is.

Shizune is probably my opposite, I went through her route and saw her other, hidden side, but still, I don't like to competitive people who see life as a little game... especially manipulative people, I dont like them at all :evil: . Also, when I eventually find out that Misha's feelings, I would try to get them together.

I don't see myself with Emi that well, but I once I found out that her father died in the accident, I understood the reason for pushing everyone who wanted to be close to her (I've seen a real life example) and once that was known, I would have acted differently than Hisao, but it still would've been a very long and emotional process with its ups and downs to get close to her.

As for Rin, she would have been a friend to hang out with from time to time, she has a completely different way of thinking and that would have ticked me off at a much earlier stage... (although her route was well done btw)
"If Hisao took one thing away from his time at Yamaku it was the fact that people who have handicaps don't actually have handicaps. People like Lilly and Shizune are more able-bodied and well-adjusted than most of the kids at Hisao's old high school. He shook his head slightly. No, students at Yamaku weren't handicapped; everyone else was." - WetCrate

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Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by Rivan » Sat Jan 07, 2012 12:01 pm

I haven't finished most of girls' paths, so I can only get by on whatever was in act I and whatever was spoiled for me, but if we assume this is enough...

I had met a few people like Shizune, minus the disability thing. I often either immediately dislike them, or get along with them very well at first, and then I discover their own problems and need to control ruins everything and they start pissing me off. Same would probably happen with Shizune. Also, I couldn't stand the fact that she seemingly presses others so hard and is agressive towards Hanako.

Mischa - this is difficult. Mischa is hyperactive, loud, and annoying which seems to make her my nemezis, but she is also rather kind, somewhat instinctively honest (at times, and without Shizune's influence), and doesn't seem like a bad person at all. She also satisfies a certain fetish of main (and no, it's not about her hair :P). I think I'd try to get along with her but get frustrated she acts too much on Shizune's behalf.

Emi - If real life was like KS, I might even land up on Emi's path, but the breakup would be quick. I'd gladly become her morning jogging partner but no more - she seems a bit too controlling and hyperactive from the looks of it, and I hate girls who use puppy dog eyes to get what they want.

Hanako - I can see myself becoming great friends with Hanako based on common sympathy for Lilly, common interests, her overall personality and plain old sympathy for her for whatever made her into what she is. I have no White Knight syndrome, however, and I'd probably find it hard to establish a relationship with a girl so shy and so emotionally scarred, but I'd also probably try to get closer to her than Hisao did in Lilly's path and who knows what might've come out from that. I definitely see myself becoming a good friend of hers, I don't know about more.

Lilly - I might initially get scared by her official attitude and aloofness but learning even a bit more would probably make me want to associate with her. Knowing what I know now, I'd definitely try to pursue Lilly romantically. She's not "perfect" as nobody is but this is the kind of girl I could dream about. She's quite assertive while being quiet, can take the lead when neccessary but is good with other people, is relatively laid-back, rarely gets angry for no reason at all and values honesty, which I find is uncommon among people in my own life. Also knowing she's blind may also allevate my fear of being put as "that creep" or "fiend zone" based on looks alone. Not to mention I have a thing for tall blondes. And the most common position she has sex in is in my top 3 definitely. GREAT :D

Rin - I'd find it hard to associate with Rin based on lack of common interests but I'd try to do it anyway, since she seems too interesting not to. She can also be pretty honest and it'd be an interesting mental exercise. Not to mention, at times, she's just cute and hilarious as all hell. I don't know how my relationship with Rin would play out. All I know is that I'd try to get to tknow her.
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Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by Kaiio » Sat Jan 07, 2012 1:39 pm

Looking a couple of years back at how I was at highschool hooking up with a girl outside my class would be initially out of the question. Though if I know that my life is at stake I'd run every day, but not to the point of pushing myself too hard. As most people I'd find Shizune and Misha annoying. Since I am very shy myself probably Emi and Misha are the only girls that will talk to me, not only because they talk the most, but also because I will be forced to be near them. So highschool me will likely have a slight chance with Emi.
Present me wishes to meet lots of people, but still being shy will force himself to join a club so he will have to converse with people like it or not. I'm sure I'd join the art club and with the running and Emi I will see Rin a lot more often, will probably talk to her. My lack of conversation skills make me unable to express myself properly as well and I often explain stuff exactly like her (I've played the demo just once when it came out and completed Rin's path yesterday so my speech is not influenced by KS) so we will either understand (as in what is one trying to say) each other quite well or not at all. Emi would still be an option if she pushes it (but probably not).
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edit: Now that I think about it I have a lot more in common with Rin that I've thought, but since opposites attract I gues the sameneses repel each other so idk :?

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Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by Red_Machine » Sat Jan 07, 2012 2:34 pm

If I was Hisao, Hanako would definetly have been someone I was interested him. I would have tried to befriend her and Lilly (and finding a kindred spirit in Lilly as we're both British and I'm of Scottish descent, too). However, I would not have had sex with Hanako during that scene. I would have just held her, told her I loved her and that I didn't care about her scars, she was still beautiful to me. We may or may not have sex after that, but it would certainly be more romantic.

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Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by Extremist_Line » Sat Jan 07, 2012 2:37 pm

Well, this could all be answered (except for Emi and Rin) by my fanfic, since Luke in that story was basically me minus the mental breakdown in his past
But since I'm sure not everyone wants to read it, I'll just put my stuff up here. I've always loved the thought of self insert anyways.

Hanako: I think she would be the easiest for me to get along with. I've always been a socially avoidant person since I was young. Hanging out with her in the library and playing games with her would probably be the highlights of my day. I'd probably end up visiting with her a lot more than Hisao did in her route. I definitely think it would be nice to have her as my girlfriend. As for the white-knight complex...I think I would be guilty of it to a certain extent. The difference being there would be genuine feelings for her in my case. When she displayed herself for the sex, there would have been no way I could have accepted. Sex is a much more precious thing than a way to get someone to like you rather than protect you. I probably would have just held her, hugged her, told her I loved her.

Lilly: I would see me and her being very good friends. Unfortunately, after playing Lilly's route, it's very hard not to imagine her in a romantic way. I could definitely imagine her and I talking a lot, since she seemed to be a very nice and intellectual person to talk to. I'd request iced tea in place of hot tea though X3.

Shizune: I'd have mixed feelings for her. Her ability to turn everything into a competition would get pretty annoying quickly, but I could get used to it. The fact she likes to play games is nice, and I wouldn't mind playing with her every now and then. I doubt I would end up helping the council though.

Misha: Considering that I hate having attention drawn to me, I'd have a hard time trying to be friends with her. Still, she doesn't seem like that bad of a person as long as I can deal with her volume control and pink hair.

Emi: Ugh, there's no way I'd be able to get into the whole exercise crap with her. I'd probably walk WALK the track a bit as a way to clear my mind and get a bit of exercise. However, I like to have someone to talk to when I walk, and considering she always runs ahead, it wouldn't happen.

Rin: I have a few friends that act like her, but I think I'd still have a hard time getting close to her since I am usually a fairly serious person, and I get mad if I'm trying to be serious but another person is acting aloof or silly.

So yeah, that's my assessment.
Snelx wrote:it feels like some kind of roleplay
Oh God....don't mention 'Katawa Shoujo' and 'roleplay' together...I have bad memories...*shudders*
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Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by Brogurt » Sat Jan 07, 2012 2:40 pm

>these are my scars
>this is all of me
>my mother shielded me with her body, and that's the only reason I survived


>yeah man I don't gonna say nothing. Tell her that I love her? Pfft, please. As if that'll happen. We're just friends
This would not have happened.


Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by ardiel » Sat Jan 07, 2012 3:03 pm

I wouldn't try to fix people that I've just barely met, especially when my assessments are WAY off the mark.

It's really ironic... the transfer student who doesn't like to talk about his condition and isn't exactly crying out for help about it seems to think he knows better than everyone else in the school about helping somebody - wouldn't be as bad if he didn't seem to come dangerously close to ruining the whole thing each time.

SO yeah... the whole routine with:
"I want to save you!"
*leap into girls bed*
Oh you mean I've had it completely wrong all this time? I'm very sorry, now I feel like a derp.
What, things are all magically better now? YAY!

would not happen with me.


Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by Nyoro » Sat Jan 07, 2012 3:14 pm

If I was in the same situation as Hisao (and you know, not the guy himself) ... well, I wouldn't date any of them, but I'd definitely be friends with a few.

Shizune: Funny thing is, I can actually sign (British sign language). I assume Shizoooon uses Japanese sign language which means my own signing wouldn't be of help, but as I'm interested in that type of language I'd love to learn and might even pick it up quickly. As for her personality ... I actually like forceful and more confident people, and Shizune's at least honest and unapologetic about who she is. She isn't a malicious person though - she can be tactless sometimes, yeah, but I still think I'd get on with her.

Misha: I can't stand her in KS, yet if I want something to do with Shizune I'd have to hang out with her a fair bit. She might be okay in small doses and if she was a real person I'd probably have a laugh with her on occasion, but I wouldn't be bosom buddies (hurr hurr) with her and I wouldn't date her (I'm female, btw).

Hanako: Not going to lie - we probably wouldn't even be friends, we're too different people. She's overly shy (for good reason, but not like I'd know that when I first meet her) and I'm one of those people who can mistake that as being impolite. I'd probably lose my patience and stop trying to talk with her especially if she runs off in fear or pales or looks like I'm going to deck her every time I speak, and she'd probably be scared off by me as sometimes I can be Shizune-like in personality. That being said ...

Lilly: I like her, and if I had to pick any of the girls in the game to date it would most likely be her, so I'd probably get to know Hanako a little better as well with time and maybe reach an understanding with her (although, still, we're two very different folks and probably wouldn't be friends, more acquaintances). Lilly makes me feel all relaxed and safe, and her character exudes this quiet, self-assured confidence that I really like.

Rin: I'd really like her, to be honest. Not sure how she'd feel about me, but I find her an interesting person. If I was a Yamaku student I'd join the art club, so I'd end up seeing her around a lot.

Emi: I probably wouldn't even get to know her all that well. I'd be nice to her, we just wouldn't really have much to do with each other. Like with Hanako, we're just too different and although I take part in regular exercise, running isn't it.

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Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by sporkaganza » Sat Jan 07, 2012 5:06 pm

If I were Hisao? I'd probably become friends or at least acquaintances with all of them, and not really develop any romantic feelings. Actually the person I'd most likely to get a crush on is probably Yuuko. Or maybe even Akira, come to think. Obviously nothing would come of either of those, though.

So yeah, I'm kinda boring.
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Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by Hastein » Sat Jan 07, 2012 6:02 pm

It's interresting because even if you play the game to get all the routes, some seems more logical to you than other. So how would that go for me...

Kenji : I don't know, in a way I find him annoying with his conspiracy but on the other hand he crack me up. And since I have a playful and crazy mind, I think I would follow him and even give him somes clues of the conspiracy just to see what he would with it like : "dude think, why do women stay longer than us in the restrooms ? They're planning their takeover I tell you ! This is why they are always crowed !"

Misha : I... I think I would find her funny but god she is so full of energy and I'm so... Peaceful, I think she would exhaust me more than anything. Still I wouldn't hate her.

Shizune : I would gladly play for world domination but... She is to much of a dictator even if she can be nice. I would be pissed if she was manipulating me to do her biding ebcause I hate being used, for me it feels like a betrayal. If you need me do to something tell me and why you need me and then I'll help you, you don't need to play such scheme. Romance ? Impossibru !

Emi : I would laught with her, we have things in commun but... Since I am lazy I think she would literraly kick my ass so often I would have to go to the nurse, and then I won't possibily be albe to resist his charm. Poor student me trapped with such a expert in the ways of mankind ? And then she would hit me more. I don't think we would be together as a couple since I can give up easly on some things, but I would want to stick with her no matter what she has to face, so who knows ?

Rin : A strange star you are dear artist... I have a mind set in logic mode but since it is a strange one (I think math are just the more illogical thing in the univers), I think I could have so really interresting conversation with her. Sure the path the get inside her world would be hard but since I didn't had such a hard time in the game, I think it is possible that I would get along with her. It would be easier since I express myself with fellings and impressions rather than words, I could relate when she tries to describe something but cant' describe it. I know how it feel. I would certainly join the art club but it would be hard for me since I am more into music... And I would clash so often with the teacher about Rin carrer I would have to quit. Romancing her ? Possible but it would be hard just like Hisao. ^^o

Lilly : Ah sweet Lilly, I think I would get along with her very well. I am not found of tea but she has such a calm atmosphere surounding her, it would ease my mind from Misha and Shizune. I think I would be truly curious to see (ho ho) and understand the world as she feels it. It would be really hard to know who to choose between her or Hanako. But I think I would fall in love with her.

Hanako : Ok let's be honest here, everyone has the shining knight complex the first time you see her. I would try to know her even if you doesn't say anything or if she runs away, I don't think I would gave up seeing how she is isolated even with Lilly. But I think I wouldn't want to protect her from the world as I think it is impossible, sooner or later, nor Lilly, nor I (if she accepted my frienship) would be there for her. Even whe Lilly choose the doll I found it very riskey choice as it send the message "you are like this doll fragile and beautiful, I have to protect you from breaking appart". Would I fall for her too ? Yes even if I WOULD NOT SLEEP WITH HER ! God Hisao what were thinking men ?

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Re: If you were Hisao...

Post by harlequin » Sat Jan 07, 2012 6:16 pm

The way Lilly talks and conducts herself around others is quite similar to how I am around certain people (mostly friends and family from my old private school). Also she fits pretty much what I go for in terms of looks. I would have probably gone for her.

Hanako is someone I would probably like and make an effort to get along with because I'm easily drawn in to trying to get closer to people like that.

I think I would barely ever speak to Rin.

I also think I'd get on okay with Micha and Emi but they both might get on my nerves if I were really close to either of them.

Shizune is probably the person that would rub me up the wrong way most often. I don't really like that pretentious and bossy side to her personality but she probably softens up if you play the route. Then again as a professional musician I'm not sure I'd be able to share much of myself with her.

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