Soundtrack Discussion?

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Soundtrack Discussion?

Post by Bardock9000 » Fri Jan 06, 2012 9:47 am

I looked through search to see if there was a discussion, only thing related was the demo threads and the soundtrack release question one.

Lets make this the official soundtrack discussion thread.

Honestly I prefer the classic "Student council" compared to the new one and I love the improvements on "Concord".
But mainly my most favorite would be "Everyday Fantasy" I personally feel it makes perfect idle music.

What got most reactions from me was the timings from Lilly's and Hanako routes, some of them didn't appeal to me much but they hit perfect spots when I listened to them and experienced the scene.
But euuugh "Caged heart" kinda scares me when you play it at certain intervals.
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Re: Soundtrack Discussion?

Post by Mirage_GSM » Fri Jan 06, 2012 9:51 am

I admit it has been some time since I actually read the demo, but I didn't think the tracks were all that different.
When I started the full version, all tracks were familiar, and I felt right at home with them.
I might have to replay the demo sometime to listen for the differences...
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Re: Soundtrack Discussion?

Post by DRKO » Fri Jan 06, 2012 10:16 am

There is a good bit of difference between some of the tracks in the demo and in the full version. I managed to notice right away, especially Kenji and Rin's themes.

Personally, I prefer the older ones myself. However, the newer renditions are just as great as the originals, just different.

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Re: Soundtrack Discussion?

Post by DarkElfWizard74 » Fri Jan 06, 2012 10:39 am

I noticed the different soundtracks as well but it was still a good change (although I do miss Rin's old theme). Nonetheless, the soundtrack is incredible: "Comfort" was my favorite. That song makes me tear up as much as "Seashell" from Family Project does. Kudos to 4LS!!
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Re: Soundtrack Discussion?

Post by Palas » Fri Jan 06, 2012 11:03 am

Early Parity beats the new one completely. Painful History was really cute back then, but now it's far deeper and fits more the game.

My favourite is Moment of Decision. My least favourite is Caged heart - the song itself is awesome, it's just that I've already been imprinted with the feeling that, if it's playing, it's because I screwed up and my soul is going to devour itself out of guilt.

Remarkable tunes:

*Painful History
*Air Guitar
*Aria de l'Etoile
*Moment of Decision
*Caged Heart
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Re: Soundtrack Discussion?

Post by Xevo » Fri Jan 06, 2012 11:15 am

I fell asleep yesterday with the "afternoon theme" on the background, and it still doesn't bother me.

Needless to say that almost every sound in Katawa Shoujo has been chosen perfectly.
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Re: Soundtrack Discussion?

Post by LordBronas » Fri Jan 06, 2012 11:58 am

The soundtrack imho improved a lot, even thou i didn't expect that would be doable after playing the demo.

I'm really in love in most of the songs, esp. the "Concord", "Moment of Decision", "Painful History", "Shadow of the Truth"

When i heard the first time "Hokabi" i was both confused and astonished that they managed to make such a... jumpy song that would end up in my mind for long.

All of them really manage to grab the mood of the moments.

I really hope we might get a chance to buy/download all of them as mp3's since nothing would beat a walk through the city with "Afternoon" or "Daylight" in the background.

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Re: Soundtrack Discussion?

Post by PasterOfMuppets » Fri Jan 06, 2012 12:08 pm

All the songs seem more "Full".
The added orchestral instruments in some, and the guitar parts in others, really bring out the song a lot more.
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Re: Soundtrack Discussion?

Post by reddrake56 » Fri Jan 06, 2012 1:20 pm

Is there a way to download the full soundtrack of the story. I spend most of my time listening to game soundtracks and I like most of the music in this.

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Re: Soundtrack Discussion?

Post by Erybis » Fri Jan 06, 2012 1:26 pm

For those that enjoy Parity,there is a fairly entertaining remix. At least, I enjoy it.

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Re: Soundtrack Discussion?

Post by Yubiseiharukana » Fri Jan 06, 2012 2:10 pm

I was already overly in love with the "classic" Painful History, but I think the edits made to it in the full version were absolutely astonishing and improved an already emotional and brilliant song in many ways. There isn't a "remix" (if that's what we'll call it) I didn't like, but Painful History and Parity jump out as my early favorite updates.
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Re: Soundtrack Discussion?

Post by MrSabotage » Fri Jan 06, 2012 2:58 pm

I was a bit annoyed when i noticed some of the songs where a bit different, 'cause i thought most of the songs already fit the game perfectly. but after finishing a route a grew to love the new versions at least as much as the old ones. more in some cases.


Re: Soundtrack Discussion?

Post by Steeve » Sat Jan 07, 2012 2:51 am

"Aria de l'Etoile" is one of the few pieces of music that has genuinely made me cry all by itself. They couldn't have picked a better tune for the heartwarming scenes.

Also, about halfway through the game, I started getting paranoid whenever I heard "Nocturne," since the first couple of routes I played (Misha and Hanako) featured them heavily in the Bad Ends.

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Re: Soundtrack Discussion?

Post by NubChaos » Sat Jan 07, 2012 2:58 am

The music box. 'nuff said.

Of course, I liked the entire soundtrack, and found myself preferring the remastered versions in the full game over the versions featured in the Act 1 Demo. Painful History, Shadow of the Truth, Moment of Decision, Breathlessly, and innocence are among my personal favorites.
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Re: Soundtrack Discussion?

Post by Sajomir » Sat Jan 07, 2012 2:59 am

Is anyone else bothered by the rhythm in Generic Happy Music's guitar? It's got such a nice melody going but then "skips" a lot.
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