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Re: I just noticed

Post by Drkstrm » Wed Jan 04, 2012 6:44 am

dragonfi wrote:
Silentcook wrote:You are silly people.
Well, thank you. I take it as a compliment.
Drkstrm wrote:Ah, you wuss. The might of... Erm... I dunno, Bill Bailey and orange juice... Yeah, that stuff can keep you awake indefinitely! It's what I've done over the past day or two...
The game is now released, so I don't know when will you read this, but sleeping is quite a nice form of waiting.
Not to mention that I'm now fresh and can fully enjoy the game, compared to someone who's on the brink of exhaustion.
(Well, I have to study for my qunatum mechanics exam, but after that it will be a nice reward.)

Oh, and I will probably take my time. No use to rush the experience. (That being said, I'm sure I will be anchored in front of my computer for hours...)
Oh ho ho! Brink of exhaustion, am I on? I deny that accusation!

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