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Re: Character D&D Stats

Post by ai-honey » Thu May 28, 2009 10:43 pm

Nosson wrote:That was a very good read, The Commissar. I hope you make one for the rest of the characters, I am very interested in what they would be.
Yeah please do! I'm playing my first game in a couple of weeks, I made a character but this looks more awesome. :3

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Re: Character D&D Stats

Post by atat » Thu May 28, 2009 11:09 pm

exalted didn't blow my mind so much.
Don't make me pull out they HKAT, or Runequest, or even the most mighty of all: Rolemaster!
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Re: Character D&D Stats

Post by The Commissar » Thu May 28, 2009 11:26 pm

Nosson wrote:That was a very good read, The Commissar. I hope you make one for the rest of the characters, I am very interested in what they would be.
I'll definitely try, although it will be more difficult. Shizune went over well, because she has the drive to Exalt. But I'll see what I can do.

Edit: Ok, I will be making Hisao. He will be a Solar Eclipse caste, which is the diplomat for the Solar Exalted. He seems to be the one who would want to unite people across their rivalry (such as with Shizune and Lilly). I was thinking of making his opposite (Infernal Slayer Caste), but that would be silly.

Essence 3 Solar Exalted - Eclipse Caste
Motivation: To unite the school together in peace, and bridging and erasing all rivalry between everyone
Strength 2; Dexterity 4; Stamina 1 (duh); Charisma 5; Manipulation 2; Appearance 4; Perception 4; Intelligence 4; Wits 4
Willpower: 7
Virtues: Valor 3; Conviction 3; Compassion 5; Temperance 3
Limit Break: Compassion Flaw: Compassionate Martyrdom
Overcome with the need to alleviate the suffering he
witnesses, the character throws himself into helping the
victims in the most direct and dramatic fashion possible. If
the character’s Limit Breaks while watching an overseer beat
slaves, he stands before the whip, allowing blows meant for
others to fall upon him instead. The character will not resort
to violence unless he is attacked or is already in combat.
Partial Control: If the character attempts to control the
Limit Break, he must still immediately and directly aid those
who are suffering. However, he can choose to do so more effectively—
including by killing the brutal overseer and freeing
the slaves in the above example.
Duration: One scene in combat or one day otherwise
Limit Break Condition: The character witnesses innocents
suffering through no fault of their own.
Abilities: 5 Bureaucracy; 2 Linguistics (Sign Language); 5 Socialize; 3 Integrity; 5 Performance; 4 Presence; 3 Awareness; 2 Investigation; 2 Resistance (seems to have lived through 2 episodes of heart attacks); Athletics 2 (is exercising)
Intimacies: 3 for all the girls, 1 for Kenji, 2 for Ideal of Peace

First (Ability) Excellency: Essence Overwhelming - Performance; Bureaucracy; Socialize
Second (Ability) Excellency: Essence Triumphant - Bureaucracy; Socialize; Presence
Third (Ability) Excellency: Essence Resurgent - Bureaucracy; Socialize: Exalted with this Charm recover smoothly from failure

Righteous Lion Defense (Ideal of Peace): To the Solar Exalted, “death” and “surrender” are almost
the same thing. This Charm helps a character hold fast to her
fundamental Intimacies in the face of temptation. The player picks
one of the character’s Intimacies when purchasing this Charm.
For the purposes of this Solar Charm, this loyalty must be to an

Stubborn Boar Defense - Solar Exalted in Limit Break cannot temper their glory with
wisdom. This Charm causes the character to treat all directives
from unnatural mental influence as unacceptable orders while
in Limit Break.

Respect Commanding Attitude - Others listen when the Lawgivers speak. In ancient days,
they commanded the attention of Primordials, beasts and gods.
This Charm involves a performance or oration, and the Solar’s
player rolls (an appropriate Social Attribute + Performance) when
invoking Respect Commanding Attitude.

Phantom-Conjuring Performance - Essence enhances the Solar’s arts. This Charm allows the
Solar to create ghostly images, Essence flares, ethereal music and
strange sensory effects when using a Performance Excellency or
Presence Excellency.

Heart-Compelling Method - The Solar Exalted rise above the common through their
understanding of others’ desires. This Charm supplements a
Performance-based roll to rouse emotion in others.

Husband-Seducing Demon Dance - In answer to the call of the Solar Exalted, in ancient
times, people gave up their homes and families and marched
to war. Some Lawgivers gave speeches and shone with the sun’s
radiance, but others called their servants with beauty—piping,
dancing or playing at the harp, wordlessly and terribly calling
their soldiers to their deaths.
The Solar gives a performance, her player rolling ([Charisma
or Manipulation] + Performance) and adding her Appearance in
bonus dice. This Charm exerts unnatural mental influence on all
who witness it. Characters with Mental DV less than the Solar’s
successes must spend two Willpower or fall instantly in love either
with the Solar or something the Solar represents. This effect does
not depend on gender or sexual preference. Targets incapable of
sexual attraction to the Solar suffer starry-eyed infatuation or
dedication to the Solar’s cause rather than romantic desire.

Hypnotic Tongue Technique - It is hard for mortals to resist the shining glory of the Solar
Exalted. This Charm exerts unnatural mental influence to create
a Compulsion effect.

Enemy-Castigating Solar Judgment - The Solar ignites her spirit with the Essence of the Unconquered
Sun. This Charm can enhance a physical attack. This
Charm makes the attack Holy and causes the attack to inflict
aggravated damage against creatures of darkness.
This Charm can also enhance social attacks that create
guilt, shame or fear, or where the Exalt uses a stunt to draw on
these emotions. It makes the attack Holy. This Charm makes
creatures of darkness treat the social attack as unnatural mental
influence that costs one Willpower to resist. This Charm also
halves the creature’s base MDVs against the attack.

Judge's Ear Technique - The Lawgivers are
the guardians of truth.
This Charm allows the character to recognize as lies all deliberate
lies presented to her. The character can also recognize
the deliberate use of half-truths, though doing so does not
tell her which part of the statement is true.

Speed the Wheels - The Lawgivers bring order and destroy corruption. The Solar
speeds the process of a bureaucracy.

Bureau-Rectifying Method - The Lawgivers govern wisely. This Charm supplements an
organizational effort that the Solar leads—a dramatic action
taken by a bureaucratic, mercantile or governmental organization.

Indolent Official Charm - The enemies of the Solar Exalted are creatures of vice. The
Lawgivers exploit their venality and allow them to defeat themselves.
This Charm empowers the natural indolence of others.

Foul Air of Argument Technique - Those who oppose the Lawgivers often break down under the
burden of their own failings. This Charm supplements a deliberate
attempt by the Solar to sabotage an organization’s operation.

Wise-Eyed Courtier Method - The Solar reshapes the beliefs of a society.

Taboo Inflicting Diatribe - The Solar furiously condemns or supports some behavior,
encouraging an entire society to accept or reject it.

Venomous Whispers Technique - The Solar convinces society at large to reject a given
individual or group. The Solar must touch an individual target
or interact with the targeted group. This Charm is an unnatural
Socialize-based social attack to undermine the target’s position.

Understanding the Court - The Lawgivers understand how people interact. This Charm
is an attempt to survey the power relationships in a given social
environment. The character builds an accurate profile of the
people and relationships involved, which the Storyteller can
detail as desired.

Mastery of Small Manners - The Solar attunes herself to the patterns of human interaction.
This Charm makes her responses to social situations
so natural and appropriate that in social combat she treats all
enemy groups as one point of Magnitude smaller than they are
(to a minimum of 0.) It also increases her effective Appearance
by one dot. When in doubt, other characters will be more apt
to do small favors and provide hospitality than not. Finally,
this Charm ensures that the character understands the basic
motivations of everyone present in the scene, as if her player
had rolled three successes on a mundane Investigation roll to
estimate each person’s motives.

Gathering the Congregation - The glory of the Lawgivers inspires mortals to awe. The Exalt
attempts to persuade everyone who can hear him to organize in his
service, his player rolling (Charisma + [Performance or Socialize]).
This Charm organizes all characters whom the Exalt successfully
persuades into a social group under the Exalt’s direction. The group
dissolves if the Exalt abandons it for more than a day.

You Can be More - The Solar
Mirror to Broken Heart Triumph enhances (Charisma +
Presence)-based attacks to build or repair Intimacies that the
Lawgiver shares with her target. Success enables the Solar
to achieve the desired effect instantly. With Essence 4+, a
mortal’s Motivation may be “attacked” in order to confer
a new and more heroic Motivation (chosen by the mortal’s
player). Mortals are explicitly not forced to resist this effect.
Success also transforms an extra into a heroic mortal.

Anima Effects: When an Eclipse Caste Solar is party or
witness to an oath, he may use his anima to sanctify it. The
character must shake hands to seal the agreement or touch
the hands of those who are party to it. In response, his anima
burns brightly, swirling with the words and runes by which
Heaven gave him the right to arbitrate such matters. Those
who break such an oath (including the Exalt himself) suffer
a terrible curse.
The Exalt spends 10 motes of Essence and a point of
Willpower to sanctify the oath. Those who break it will
suffer terrible luck from their oathbreaking. A number of
times equal to the Exalt’s Essence at the time he witnesses
or agrees to the oath, the oathbreaker will horribly botch a
critical action. When this happens is up to the Storyteller, but
it is always at the worst possible moment. The Exalted need
not even be alive when the curse takes effect—he sanctifi es
the oath, but Heaven enforces it. This sanctifi cation may be
invoked without cost once the Solar spends 11-15 motes of
Peripheral Essence.
In addition, Eclipses are protected by ancient pacts with
the spirit world, the demon princes and the Fair Folk. Crowned
Suns and their companions who are on legitimate business
with those beings may not be attacked without just cause
(though they may be goaded into attacking and nullifying
the oaths). Such creatures must honor the rules of hospitality.
Such beings may pretend to be uncompelled, but ultimately,
they cannot attack members of an embassy unless they can
provoke the characters into breaking the peace.
Finally, the Eclipse Caste Solars are talented generalists.
Provided they have a tutor, they may learn the Charms of
other types of Exalted, spirits or the Fair Folk. These Charms
cost double the normal experience of Favored Charms to
learn (usually 16 points). In addition, these Charms cost an
additional 2 motes to use. Eclipse Caste characters may not
start the game knowing non-Solar Charms without Storyteller

And there we go.
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Re: Character D&D Stats

Post by The Commissar » Sat May 30, 2009 10:37 pm

Ok, apologies for the double post, but this needs it.

Last week, on /tg/, /v/ decided to troll us with KS after they said that we like it, thinking we didn't.

It backfired, /tg/ loves it. Long story short, people said to stat them in Dark Heresy (Warhammer 40k Roleplaying game). It never got done...until now...

Those familiar with the Shimmie have likely seen this pic ( For those who don't know what it is, or are too busy to care, it is Hanako as a Sister of Battle Adepta Sororitas (Nun with Gun). Cue idea in my head. The following is not in the Exalted format I was using earlier, it is for the Dark Heresy Roleplaying Game, so expect less high awesome and more grimdark.

Gentlemen, I present to you Bolter Bitch Hanako.

Homeworld: Schola Progenium
Homeworld Traits:
Schola Education: A progeny's mind is the product of years of careful instruction in the fundamentals of knowledge and learning.
Skill at Arms: All progena are instructed by grizzled war abbots in the arts needed to defend the Emperor's Truth and, no matter what their calling, all are willing and able to shed blood if needed.
Sheltered Upbringing
Tempered Will: The harsh methods of the Schola Progenium chiefly aim to forge the most crucial weapon a servant of the Emperor has: an unbending will.
Career Path: Adepta Sororitas
Rank: Novice
Talents: Basic Weapon Training (Primitive); Melee Weapon Training (Primitive); Pistol Training (Las); Pure Faith; Sound Constitution (x2)
Faith Talents: Suffer Not the Unclean
Purge the Unclean: You can focus your faith through words, gestures and force of will, such that a Daemon may be cowed or cast out by the power of the Emperor.
Divine Ministration: You are vessel for the Emperor's mercy and beneficence, your skill and faith in His divinity can heal where no mere skill can.
Wrath of the Righteous: You are a killing angel and you visit the Emperor's righteous fury on those who deny His dominion over the stars or those who profane that which is sacred.
Blessed Radiance: Your holiness shines out, allowing all to see the truth of their own souls. Where you tread, those who follow need have no fear of the darkness, nor suffer the predations of the blasphemous.
Wounds: 13
Fate: 3
Quirk: Burn scars, skittish
Weapon Skill: 36
Ballistic Skill: 32
Strength: 29
Toughness: 26
Agility: 31
Intelligence: 34
Perception: 27
Willpower: 26
Fellowship: 23

And that's it. Skills and such aren't being put in because that just becomes math and not story, nor weapons.
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Re: Character D&D Stats

Post by minkus » Sun May 31, 2009 1:33 am

Commissar that is win. I prefer Grey Knights for 40K personally.

Do you think the KS girls would all fit in the same chapter of Ultramaines? Emi sounds like a good candidate for a techmarine, but Sisters of Battle would be a good group for them.

Kenji: I wear a hat now.

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Re: Character D&D Stats

Post by The Commissar » Sun May 31, 2009 4:02 am

minkus wrote:Commissar that is win. I prefer Grey Knights for 40K personally.

Do you think the KS girls would all fit in the same chapter of Ultramaines? Emi sounds like a good candidate for a techmarine, but Sisters of Battle would be a good group for them.
Emi is a techpriest, definitely, everyone at /tg/ decided that. We also said Shizune is Creed's relative, since they're both tactical geniuses. Lilly I think would be a psyker, since most of them are blind anyway.
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Re: Character D&D Stats

Post by Nosson » Sun May 31, 2009 3:52 pm

Both very awesome, TC. So whos up next on the Exalted list?

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Re: Character D&D Stats

Post by The Commissar » Sun May 31, 2009 4:54 pm

Not sure yet, I'm thinking Kenji as some Heroic Mortal.
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Re: Character D&D Stats

Post by The Commissar » Mon Jun 01, 2009 9:33 pm

Ok, never mind that, better idea, making Lilly a Dragon-blooded Water Aspect Exalt of House Nellens. The next one after this, for fun, will be Misha as an Abyssal Exalt...imagine her full yandere. Also, I truly need a life...or a job.

Essence 3 Water Aspect
Motivation: None
Strength 1; Dexterity 4; Stamina 2; Charisma 4; Manipulation 1; Appearance 5; Perception 2; Intelligence 4; Wits 3
Archery 4; Lore 3; Martial Arts 1; Melee 1; Performance 3; Presence 3; Ride 1; Socialize 5; War 1; Bureaucracy 5; Medicine 3; Awareness 4; Investigation 3; Integrity 3
Background: Breeding 2; Connections (Academic) 3; Reputation 5
Compassion 5; Conviction 2; Temperance 4; Valor 2
Willpower 8
Intimacies: Hisao and Hanako (positive), Shizune (negative)
First Ability Excellency: Socialize; Archery; Lore
Second Ability Excellency: Bureaucracy; Medicine; Awareness
Third Ability Excellency: Investigation
Terrestial Ability Reinforcement: Bureaucracy - The two greatest strengths of the Dragon-Blooded have
always been their superior numbers and their boundless capacity
for teamwork.
Elemental Concentration Trance: The simplest of Lore techniques exercised by the
savants of Air, this Charm allows a character to meditate
on her aligned element to temporarily augment her
capacity to absorb knowledge. Provided that the Exalt has
all the necessary research material handy, she can absorb a
week’s worth of study in a single day.
All-Encompassing Earth Sense: The Earth whispers to its children and warns them of the footsteps
of those who approach with hostile intent. While the Charm is
in effect, the Dragon-Blood cannot be surprised by any means.
Feeling the Dragon's Bones: With this Charm, the whispers of the Earth grow louder and
more informative. As long as she is touching the ground (or in a
building doing so), the Dragon-Blood can sense anything else resting
on the ground in a radius of (Awareness x 25) feet.
Sense-Riding Technique: Using this Charm, a Dragon-Blood can ride the senses of
another being. The subject must be within the Exalt’s line-of-sight
when the Charm is activated. Thereafter, the Exalt can see, hear,
touch, smell and even taste whatever the subject experiences, provided
that the subject remains within a number of miles equal to
the Exalt’s Essence.
Sense-Destroying Method: Having mastered the capability of riding another’s senses, the
Earth Aspect can now close off those senses, denying his subject
their use.
Sweeten-the-Tap Method: Overbold critics of Dragon-Blooded culture often complain that
too many Dynasts are nothing but orgiastic dilettantes. Even when
this is an accurate description of particular Dragon-Blood, however,
one cannot deny that such individuals are supremely gifted hosts.
With this Charm, a Dragon-Blood spends the requisite Essence
and instantly improves the quality, strength and taste of any nearby
quantity of alcohol. Aside from the Epicurean advantages of this
Charm, if the affected wine is drunk, the difficulty of any Socialize
rolls made against the drinkers decreases by one for the scene.
Unfortunately, there is a downside. If any of the drinkers
present botches a Socialize roll, the result will almost certainly be
some degree of personal embarrassment, from a drunken brawl to
an ill-advised seduction attempt.
Wary Yellow Dog Attitude: The wise Exalt remains constantly aware of the ebb and fl ow
of the social dynamics that surround her. Therefore, she is prepared
when a genteel social encounter suddenly turns into a violent
Warm-Faced Seduction Style: The fire that burns at the heart of every Child of Hesiesh can
inflame the passions of members of the opposite sex (and, often, members
of the same sex). When this Charm is activated, Essence pulses through
the Dragon-Blood’s veins in sympathy with the heartbeat of someone
he seeks to seduce.
Friend-to-all-Nations Attitude: A Dragon-Blood who knows this Charm can find himself at
home wherever she roams, from the heart of the Blessed Isle to
the most remote of barbarian territories. If the Dragon-Blood can
speak the local language, she can ignore any social penalties caused
by being a foreigner.
Benevolent Master's Blessing: To the bureaucratic masters of the Water Aspects, even a
collection of complete dullards (or worse, a group of soul-drained
victims of the Fair Folk) can be fashioned into an efficient workforce
for the short-term operation of any business. By spending a single
mote of Essence, the Dragon-Blood can divide his own Bureaucracy
Ability dots among a group of underlings who have no Bureaucracy
Ability dots with which to begin.
Confluence of Savant Though: To the Children of Daana’d, all bureaucracies are the same,
differing only in surface details that result from the personalities
of differing managers and staff. Once the Dragon-Blood grasps the
essential character of the bureaucratic milieu, she can insinuate
herself into almost any specific bureaucratic setting with ease. By
activating this Charm, the Exalt may instantly understand the inner
workings of the bureaucracy with which she is confronted, knowing
such details as who is in charge of specific tasks and where equipment
(including secret information) is kept. She may also substitute
her Bureaucracy for her Socialize Ability for bureaucracy-related
Geese-Flying-South Administration: While more martially inclined Dragon-Blooded look down on
their kin in the bureaucracies and business centers, other Exalts
understand that the business world can be as much a battlefield as
any military setting. In such an environment, what matters is simply
getting the job done. With this Charm, the Dragon-Blood can articulate
a single task: tax collection, troop recruitment, merchandising
transactions or almost anything else that can be accomplished in a
bureaucratic setting. The task must be one that is bureaucratic in
nature, however, and within the normal purview of the bureaucracy
to be affected. That is, the Exalt could declare as a task “acquire for
me 2,000 straight swords” but not “construct for me 2,000 straight
swords,” as the latter instruction requires craftsmanship rather
than bureaucratic acumen. Likewise, the Exalt could not order a
tax-collection agency to engage in troop recruitment or to direct
a mercenary company to completely reorganize a public library (at
least, not without a fairly remarkable stunt).
Bestow the Saffron Mantle: The Terrestrial Reinforcement Charm for Bureaucracy permits
a Dragon-Blood to supernaturally augment the Bureaucracy skills
of trusted retainers. Ultimately, however, the Dragon-Blood must
trust to the personal judgment of such retainers in doing their jobs
unless she micro-manages their work, a task beneath the dignity of
busy Exalt. With this Charm, the Exalt can designate a single trusted
mortal to serve as her proxy in business matters.

Not my best one, I'm afraid. Next one will be Abyssal or Infernal Misha (must decide which), for a nice change of pace. Emi will be done once the Alchemical (Exalted of Autochthon) book comes out, which will probably be never.
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Re: Character D&D Stats

Post by minin00b » Wed Jun 03, 2009 1:02 pm

hanako love reading.How come wisdom and inteligent so little?
I say 1+1=1000
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Re: Character D&D Stats

Post by SirMax » Sat Jun 06, 2009 6:37 pm

Darisc wrote: Hisao
Str: 10 - He's not a weakling, poor heart sure, but he's not scrawny... maybe a bit weakened from Hospital inactivity, but give it time and the score may raise a few points.
Dex: 11 - Meh, rather middle of the road here.
Con: 7 - With heart problems, this is no surprise.
Int: 14 - He reads a bit, and he says some big words here and there.
Wis: 16 - He's highly perceptive to the world around him, and has some interesting insights you'd not expect a highschooler to make.
Cha: 19 - He's a friggin' Video Game Protagonist, people are just DRAWN to him. The only way he can get them to leave is for him to just be an absolute ass to them outright.

Alignment: Varies between TN, NG, and LG - He's a somewhat blank slate protagonist but generally good natured and not chaotic.
Hisao'd make an awesome Sorcerer. Maybe a level or two of Cleric for some healing spells. Probably not a good idea to main-class Cleric with his low constitution and average strength, but 16 wisdom isn't bad.

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Re: Character D&D Stats

Post by The Commissar » Tue Jun 09, 2009 2:37 am

SirMax wrote:
Darisc wrote: Hisao
Str: 10 - He's not a weakling, poor heart sure, but he's not scrawny... maybe a bit weakened from Hospital inactivity, but give it time and the score may raise a few points.
Dex: 11 - Meh, rather middle of the road here.
Con: 7 - With heart problems, this is no surprise.
Int: 14 - He reads a bit, and he says some big words here and there.
Wis: 16 - He's highly perceptive to the world around him, and has some interesting insights you'd not expect a highschooler to make.
Cha: 19 - He's a friggin' Video Game Protagonist, people are just DRAWN to him. The only way he can get them to leave is for him to just be an absolute ass to them outright.

Alignment: Varies between TN, NG, and LG - He's a somewhat blank slate protagonist but generally good natured and not chaotic.
Hisao'd make an awesome Sorcerer. Maybe a level or two of Cleric for some healing spells. Probably not a good idea to main-class Cleric with his low constitution and average strength, but 16 wisdom isn't bad.
Nah, tons of spells will make that up, such as Bear's Endurace. And who needs HP when you can use save-or-die/suck spells?
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Re: Character D&D Stats

Post by The Commissar » Wed Jun 10, 2009 2:11 am

Alright ladies and gentlemen, TC here, this will be my last one for a bit, at least until the Alchemicals book comes out (which I hope is soon). This one will be Misha as an Infernal Exalted. Let me explain where this came from with a bit of an infodump (apologies). Each Exalted is chosen based on certain parameters. Solars, chosen on the Unconquered Sun, are people who do heroic things or awesome shit, Lunars, Chosen of Luna, are those who change and protect things, Dragonblooded, chosen of the Elemental Dragons, aren't really chosen, but are gifted by genetics, and Sidereals, chosen of the Five Maidens, are those who a guardians of Fate and Destiny. Now, there are 2 others, which is where I drew problems. These are the two absolutely evil Exalted (which I chose for Misha's "yandere" side). Abyssals, chosen of the Neverborn, the dead Primordials, are those who were destined for greatness, but died before their time and sold themselves to the Deathlords, and Infernals, chosen of the Yozis, the Primordials imprisoned in themselves (literally turned inside out), are those who sold themselves to the Yozis because they failed so utterly and spectacularly that their will is crushed. The latter is what I chose for Misha, as this will be that big thing among the fandom that she will go crazy after Hisao steals Shizune from Misha, and Misha cannot win her back (although I liked her flowery abbysal name I thought for her: "The Cacophonous Emanating Laughter").

tl;dr: Misha is evil cuz Hisao stole Shizune. She becomes a badass martial artist and manipulator. What I'm trying to do with her is make her manipulative, then when you're useless, you die. By fists. To the face. Here we go.

Essence 5 Fiend Caste, Chosen of the Ebon Dragon

Adorjani Urge: To suppress all forms of dissent against your intimacies

The Torment of Adorjan: When an Infernal character
who carries an Adorjani Urge accumulates 10 points of
Limit, she suffers the Curse of Adorjan. For one full day, the
character completely loses all communicative abilities. She
cannot speak, her writing appears to be gibberish and even
her hand gestures are completely unintelligible to others. All
communication attempts on the part of an affected individual
automatically fail. In addition, if the Infernal Exalt has any
Intimacies of which his Yozi patron disapproves, those Intimacies
are also subject to the Torment wherever they may
be found as a result of an arcane link with the Infernal.
Worse, the effects of this muteness are extremely unnerving
for those with whom the Prince even attempts to interact…
preternaturally so. For the duration of the Torment, the Infernal
(along with any affected Intimacies) also becomes a vector for
a magical version of the hysteria disease.

Motivation: Reclaim Shizune and kill all of her suitors

Strength 4; Dexterity 3; Stamina 3; Charisma 4; Manipulation 5; Appearance 4; Perception 3; Intelligence 3; Wits 4

Abilities: Martial Arts 5; War 2; Integrity 3; Performance 3; Linguistics 5 (Sign Language); Bureaucracy 5; Resistance 2; Lore 3; Investigation 3; Awareness 3; Larceny 4; Socialize 5
Backgrounds: Spies 2; Cult 2

Virtues: Compassion 4; Conviction 4; Temperance 1; Valor 3

Intimacies: Hisao 3 (Negative); Shizune 1 (Positive)

Willpower 8


First Yozi Excellency: Adorjan; Ebon Dragon; She Who Lives in Her Name

Second Yozi Excellency: Adorjan; She Who Lives in Her Name

Ebon Dragon Mythos Exultant: The Shadow of All Things is an unstoppable
force of antagonism. Unlike the permutations of
other Yozis, the Ebon Dragon’s version of this Charm may
enhance the stunt itself rather than its reward, converting
the bonus dice into bonus successes. If the stunt succeeds,
the character has already reaped the rewards of his dark glory
and gains nothing further.

Effortless Yozi Dominance: Adorjan; Ebon Dragon

So Speaks Yozi: Adorjan; Ebon Dragon - The Yozis do not need to think to express their natures.
They simply act, and success flows through that action. This
Charm may be purchased once for each iteration of First
(Yozi) Excellency the character knows. While active, So
Speaks (Yozi) allows an Infernal to use its prerequisite as an
innate power rather than a Charm activation.

Malfeas Charms:

Hardened Devil Body: Though the Yozis are beyond awareness of most damage,
let alone threatened by it, their servants can only manage
to embody a fraction of this durability. This Charm may be
purchased a maximum number of times equal to the lesser
of (Stamina or Resistance). Each purchase gives the Infernal
three additional -2 health levels and one extra -4 level.

By Pain Reforged: Pain puts life in perspective, pushing aside all other distractions.
This is the simplest truth Malfeas has learned from
his imprisonment within himself. Use of this Charm allows an
Infernal to ignore all negative effects associated with bashing
damage she has suffered. Such injuries do not cause wound
penalties or slow her down in any way. If reduced to Incapacitated
by bashing wounds, she does not fall unconscious,
but remains fully aware as further bashing trauma converts
to lethal. Aggravated and lethal injuries penalize characters
protected by this Charm normally. When this Charm ends,
all suspended penalties resume immediately.

Nightmare Fugue Vigilance: The Infernal exists at the cusp between sleeping and
waking, unable to shake the nagging suspicion that everything
she experiences is merely a dream. She truly slumbers only
to commune with her subconscious and then only to refresh
her psyche in contemplation of terrible things.

By Agony Empowered: This Charm permanently improves By Pain Reforged,
allowing that Charm to ignore deleterious effects from lethal
damage. In addition, if lethal damage would reduce the Infernal
below Incapacitated while he is using By Pain Reforged,
the damage does not continue into his Dying levels, instead
upgrading existing lethal wounds into aggravated damage.
Once the Infernal has aggravated wounds in all health levels,
further damage can mortally wound or kill him normally.
When purchased, By Agony Empowered does not mitigate
penalties imposed by aggravated damage. Infernals with Essence
5+ may ignore even these penalties, fighting to the last breath
without any sign of slowing or acknowledging their wounds.

Insignificant Embers Intuition: The heart of Malfeas burns jealously, invisible tongues
grasping like talons at the lesser flames smoldering in other
souls. This Charm enhances any standard (Perception +
Awareness) roll to notice sensory details about a targeted being.
In addition to whatever other information the character
notices with any threshold of success, the Infernal also discerns
the strength and aspect of the target’s Essence relative to his

She Who Lives in Her Name Charms:

Factual Determination Analysis: The Principle of Hierarchy recognizes the totality of
truth. This Charm may be used to test any statement the
Exalt reads or overhears and provides the Infernal with certain
knowledge of whether the statement was presented as
a complete truth. Any intentional deception or meaningful
omission of relevant data in any part of the tested statement
returns the same negative response, so it is best to test a long
statement frequently to isolate where the truth breaks down.

Unshattered Tongue Technique: Before the gods and their Chosen debased Creation’s
original language with babbling, broken dialects of mutual
unintelligibility, all of existence spoke as one. The Principle
of Hierarchy will restore that linguistic order. Upon touching
an intelligent being and activating this Charm, the Infernal
instantly imprints the target with knowledge of Old Realm
in the Malfean dialect and temporarily excises knowledge of
all other languages. This artificial fluency extends to writing
if the target has Lore 1+ and does not increase the target’s
Linguistics rating, but it prevents acquisition of other languages
until dispelled. Essence-wielding targets may spend
one Willpower to reduce the Charm’s duration to a scene
or three Willpower to cancel it outright. Non-extra mortals
can reduce duration to one day for three Willpower.

Essence-Dissecting Stare: She Who Lives In Her Name sees all that matters. This
Charm duplicates the benefits of All-Encompassing Sorcerer’s
Sight apart from its type and duration. (The charm allows you to see all dematerialized beings and essence motes.)

Counter-Conceptual Interposition: Faced with any physical attack, the Principle of Hierarchy
may reshape reality to produce a phenomenon or event
capable of neutralizing the attack. This Charm is a perfect
parry against any attack the Infernal can perceive, even
unblockable attacks. The default manifestation is an orb of
crystalline fire that appears in the path of the attack, shattering
to stop the blow or projectile just before it hits the Exalt.

Adorjan Charms:

Wind-Born Stride: Where Adorjan blows, few can run fast or far enough
to escape her touch. This Charm permanently enhances an
Infernal’s Dash actions. First, dashing
carries a DV penalty of -0. Second, the character automatically
succeeds in crossing treacherous terrain without needing a
roll. Finally, the Exalt adds his Essence rating to his Dexterity
for the purposes of calculating his base dashing speed and
does not subtract wound penalties from this calculation.

Death-Dealing Journey: To merely outpace opposition is insufficient victory.
The Infernal may dash reflexively each tick as though taking
Move actions, enabling him to dash and take other actions
without requiring a flurry.

Who Strikes the Wind?: The Silent Wind blows around and through all opposition
and adversity, untouched though the sky blackens with
arrows meant for her. This Charm is a perfect dodge against
any physical attack that is not unexpected, even if that attack
can’t be dodged.

Kalmanka's Grace (x3): The Infernal waltzes and pirouettes through sky-darkening
tempests of arrows, untouched and seemingly
oblivious to their passage. This Charm reduces the cost to
use Who Strikes the Wind? against a ranged attack by one
mote, provided the Exalt is moving toward the attacker.
The Charm applies a second discount of one mote against the
attacks of extras. With Essence 4+, a third one-mote discount
applies against attacks by mortals or natural animals. These
discounts stack, but even a free perfect defense still requires
a Charm activation.

Laughing Gust Denial: In the moment that Adorjan chooses not to be struck,
she is not. Whenever an Infernal with this Charm activates
Who Strikes The Wind?, she may pay six motes rather than
the usual cost, allowing her to perfectly dodge all attacks
against her for one tick rather than separately activating the
Charm against each individual attack.

Joy in Violence Approach: Nothing fills Adorjan’s heart with childlike glee like
the prospect of a massacre. This Charm enhances a Join
Battle roll, adding one bonus success per mote spent, up to
(lower of Dexterity or Wits rating) successes, as well as additional
successes equal to the number of times the Infernal
has purchased Wind-Born Stride. As a final benefit, the
Infernal regains one Willpower from elation the first time
she uses this Charm in a given scene, or two Willpower if
she joined battle while participating in social combat.

Self as Cyclone Stance: There is stillness. And then storm. This Charm is a magical
flurry composed of any Attribute- and/or Ability-based
actions besides ranged attacks.

Scarlet Rapture Shintai: In all of Malfeas, among all races of demons spawned
of every Yozi, one prayer unites the best and worst of Hell
in common terror: “May the peace of Adorjan not fall upon
me.” Their desperate pleas are prayers to her, empowering
her to bestow her unique instructive kindness upon them.
Upon activating this Charm, the Infernal’s body achieves
ascetic transcendence as it dissolves like eroded stone. In the
blink of an eye, the Exalt appears as a gust of crimson-hued
wind swirling with mirage distortions. When initially still, he
coalesces into a humanoid shape hinting at his material form.
As he moves, his ephemeral substance warps and stretches
behind him as amorphous streamers of light and pain, making
it impossible to identify him without the aid of Charms.

Threat-Monitoring Excitement: Danger is fun, and fun should be savored. So it is that
Adorjan’s perception of time slows to a crawl when she
detects immanent threats. This Charm may be activated
in response to any potential threat within range of the
Infernal’s senses, ensuring perfect detection of that threat.
Against an unexpected attack, this Charm also removes that
label, allowing the Exalt to defend normally.

Thousandfold Typhoon Hand: The enemies of Adorjan must concentrate if they hope
to see her blindingly fast strikes in time to defend against
them. This Charm may enhance any close-combat attack
against a single opponent, regardless of the Ability used for
the attack. The enhanced attack becomes unexpected unless
the target spends one Willpower to concentrate on defense
at the critical moment.

Running to Forever: Lesser beings may run for a time and falter. They do not
internalize the motion until it uplifts and rejuvenates them.
Infernals with this Charm experience no fatigue while dashing.
Any existing fatigue penalties from prior exertions abate
for the duration, returning without improvement when the
character stops dashing. At Essence 3+, the act of continuously
dashing counts as rest for the purposes of alleviating
fatigue. At Essence 4+, prolonged dashing also counts as
meditation for the purpose of Essence recovery.

Unimpeded Perfection of Exertion: Does the wind stumble? While the Infernal dashes, she
automatically maintains balance and exerts no weight on solid
objects, allowing her to skip from one blade of grass to another or
waltz across the snow without leaving footprints.

Foam Dancing Haste: Adorjan darts over rivers of blood without sinking into
them. She is above wallowing in gore, so this Charm further
enhances the functional weightlessness afforded by its prerequisite
to cover liquid surfaces. If the Infernal begins a dash
while swimming on the surface, she may continue to swim or
nimbly climb atop the liquid and run on it. If she continues
to swim, she dashes at the same speed as if running.

Gravity-Rebuking Grace: Does the wind fall? This Charm expands the scope of its
prerequisite. While dashing, the Infernal may move across
vertical and even inverted surfaces as though they were the
ground. If the Exalt slows below a dash while impossibly
aligned on a surface, he falls normally.

Ebon Dragon Charms:

Shadow Spite Curse: The Ebon Dragon offers no certainty of victory apart
from the certainty of an opponent’s defeat. Accordingly, the
Shadow of All Things lacks a Second Excellency but offers
this hateful alternative. Upon witnessing another character
perform a valid action within (Essence x 100) yards, the
Infernal may spend three motes per -1 external penalty applied
to the enemy. This penalty can’t exceed the Exalt’s
Essence by default, but the Infernal’s player may describe
the target’s failure in a way that earns a stunt bonus, and
the rating of this stunt adds to the Exalt’s Essence rating to
determine the maximum penalty. Shadows ooze and lash
out from the Infernal’s anima to momentarily entwine the
victim with obscene tendrils that inflict bad luck and sudden
lapses in competence. A valid action as defined by this Charm is one that
furthers the target’s Motivation, supports or protects any of
her Intimacies or directly contests the Infernal’s own actions,
provided the Infernal could enhance her own action with
First Ebon Dragon Excellency. Once an Infernal has Essence
3+, she may remove the Obvious keyword from this Charm
whenever she activates it.

Loom-Snarling Deception: The Ebon Dragon is among the greatest liars in history,
surpassed only by those Exalted who call themselves heroes.
Although Infernal Exalted of both varieties “naturally” exist
outside fate as living avatars of Yozi power, such glory ill fits
the needs of subtlety. Use of this Charm creates a convincing
disguise of a fictitious individual of the Infernal’s imagining.
Akuma may explicitly impersonate the people they used to
be before their damnation.

Eldritch Secrets Mastery: The lies of the Ebon Dragon may fool even magical senses.
This Charm is a permanent upgrade to its prerequisite. Whenever
it is active, this Charm ensures that the Infernal’s magical traits
appear to be whatever he wants them to be. If he wishes to appear
Essence 1, Essence sight sees him so. If he chooses to conceal
that he is a creature of darkness, he can fool the celestial lions
guarding the gates of Yu-Shan. If he wishes to seem as though his
motes have a Solar aspect, others know this to be so. Overcoming
this upgraded Illusion requires the usual means.

Witness to Darkness: The Ebon Dragon sees through darkness lesser than
himself. The Infernal can ignore all penalties and sensory impairment
associated with darkness in any form, treating pitch
black as though illumined by clear noon. Witness to Darkness
grants no additional capability to see through other forms of
visual impairment such as fog and smoke. This attunement to
darkness has a price, as direct sunlight in Creation imposes
a -1 internal penalty to all non-reflexive actions.

Inner Devils Unchained: Monsters lurk in the hearts of men, and not all of them
are figurative. This Charm transforms valid targets into members
of a First Circle demon race selected when the Infernal
purchased this Charm. It may be expanded to include other
races if she has spent at least one scene interacting with a
member; each species added costs one experience point. Valid
targets include any mortal, plus any natural animal that is morphologically
similar to the demon race in question (monkeys
for Erymanthoi, cats becoming Teodozjia). The target can be
no further away than the Infernal’s (Essence rating) yards.
The Exalt gestures toward the target and lifts her hand, as if
bidding a groveling inferior to rise from genuflection. The first thing to change is the target’s shadow, which
looks as though the victim had already become a demon. Roll
(Manipulation + Lore) against the target’s Dodge MDV. On
a failure, the victim recoils against the monstrosity stirred in
his heart by regaining one spent Virtue channel of his choice,
and his shadow returns to normal. On a success, the victim
screams in agony as bones crack and viscera burst from his
skin, tearing him asunder and inside out until his shadow
properly reflects him. The new demon keeps any superior
traits but otherwise has the usual statistics for its race and
begins its new existence materialized with an empty Essence
pool. It also keeps its memories, Motivation and Intimacies.
The Infernal does not control this creature, though it cannot
voluntarily attack him in any way until the scene has ended.
The demon undergoes a similarly agonizing transformation
back to normal when this Charm ends and gains the Creature
of Darkness deformity as a permanent Desecration effect.

Cornered Titan Desperation: The Ebon Dragon eschews close combat because he
is ultimately a coward in spite of his vast power. However,
preferences must be set aside in the face of necessity. The
Infernal may apply Ebon Dragon Charms that enhance ranged
attacks to any close combat attack, provided it meets one or
more of these criteria:
• The Infernal is making a surprise attack.
• The target has deliberately inflicted levels of lethal or
aggravated damage to the Infernal previously in the scene.
• The target bars the only exit from a place of confinement.
• It is Calibration.

Wickedness Beyond Life: The Ebon Dragon is first and foremost an enemy to life, but
he regards death as an unacceptable competitor to the enslavement
he brings. Purchase of this Charm expands all known
Ebon Dragon Charms that specify they affect living beings,
allowing them to affect creatures of death and automata.

Seeing is Blindness: The Ebon Dragon takes the sight of others to enhance
his glory. This Charm may enhance any physical attack,
causing it to trail eddies of liquid darkness as it strikes. Roll
the Infernal’s (Manipulation + Presence). Any target who
is hit by the attack and has a (higher of Perception and
Awareness) rating less than the number of successes rolled
suffers complete blindness for the rest of the scene.

Selfishness is Power: The Ebon Dragon’s nature is to serve himself, first, foremost
and generally exclusively. To the degree that anyone else profits
from interaction with him, it is only because he profits more.
The closest he comes to benevolence is allowing others to enjoy
the crumbs of his victory or in giving what he does not wish to
keep. The Infernal enchants his ego to guide and empower his
behavior. Through this awareness, he can automatically judge
the benefits of doing anything, provided he has any chance of
arriving at that conclusion as a result of gaining a threshold of
five on a successful roll using any Ability.

Cracked Cell Circumvention: From his thrashing imprisonment to present, the Ebon
Dragon has tirelessly and furiously labored to shatter the
walls of his prison. This Charm may supplement any action
that directly helps an Infernal escape physical restraints or
physical confinement.

Bloodless Murk Evasion: The Ebon Dragon has no form of his own under all his stolen
shadows. This Charm provides a perfect dodge against any
physical attack the Infernal can perceive, even undodgeable
attacks. Rather than moving aside in a conventional sense,
the Exalt’s body and possessions dissolve into tarry, writhing
shadows that immediately congeal back to normal anywhere
within (temporary Willpower points remaining) yards.

Martial Arts: Infernal Monster Style:

Retribution Will Follow: Striking an Infernal Monster stylist makes him angry.
This is unwise. Whenever the martial artist suffers one or
more levels of damage, his player may activate this Charm.
Doing so causes him to enter a savage killing frenzy for a scene
like that imposed by an uncontrolled Berserk Anger Limit

Raging Behemoth Charge: Like all monsters, the Infernal Monster is predisposed to
giving chase. He adds his Martial Arts rating to the number of
yards per tick he can cover with a Move or Dash action, provided
he heads toward a character he observed physically attacking
him this scene.

Infernal Monster Form: The Infernal’s eyes close and his face assumes a curiously sad
expression, as if he almost regrets the carnage about to follow.
When they open, they burn vivid emerald and his muscles swell
impossibly, increasing his overall size and mass by 10%. Stylecompatible
armor resizes with him, but most clothes tear unless
very loose-fitting. Use of this Charm is compatible with Lunar
tattoos. The martial artist gains the benefits listed below.
• Every unarmed attack inflicts piercing damage and
grants the monster a cumulative dot of Strength for the
scene. This dot does increase the damage of the attack that
provided it. No combination of Charms including Infernal
Monster Form can provide more than (Essence) additional
dots, and this bonus is treated as a dice bonus from Charms.
This Strength gain occurs even if the attack misses but only
occurs once per attack regardless of the number of targets.
• He can parry lethal and ranged attacks unarmed
without a stunt.
• He decreases the Speed of all unarmed attacks by -1,
to a minimum of Speed 3, provided he attacks once rather
than as part of a flurry.
• His body expands metaphysically as well as physically,
causing him to exist outside of fate and as a creature of darkness
native to Malfeas for the duration of the Charm. These
states carry all the usual advantages and disadvantages. In
addition to basic removal from fate, the character’s presence
imposes automatic failure on all thaumaturgical divination
methods (such as astrology) used within a mile, causing them
to return a single disturbing result: “The monster is here.”

God-Smashing Blow: The Infernal raises one or both arms and brings her
fist(s) down like a hammer, driving a target into the ground.
This Charm enhances an unarmed attack, causing the target
to suffer automatic knockdown with no roll to resist if
the attack hits. Additionally, every other character apart
from the Charm user within (Martial Arts) yards of the
impact must check for knockdown at a difficulty of (the
Exalt’s Essence).

Fist of the Old Ones: Those hurled away by the unholy might of an Infernal
Monster’s blows may count themselves fortunate. It is always
possible they will land out of sight and not die, just as it is
always possible that the monster will forget about them in
favor of new prey. Such are the limits of their hope. Whenever
the martial artist hits a target with a fierce blow enhanced with God-Smashing Blow, she
may use any type of closed-fist striking technique instead of
relying solely upon overhand hammer-fists. The opponent
flies back in the direction of the blow, so the attacker may
choose any remotely plausible vector.

Glory to the Demon-Monster: The Infernal Monster draws power from its limitless
anger. Whenever the character has Retribution Will Follow
and Infernal Monster Form simultaneously active, the cost to
activate all Infernal Monster Style Charms and Infernal-only
expansions to the style decreases by one mote.

Crack the Sky: The Infernal Monster will tear the sun from the sky.
Until then, it flings screaming reminders of this doom into the
heavens as unwilling heralds. As they tumble and spill their
broken innards on the earth, so will molten orichalcum blood
splatter the smoking crater of final twilight. This Charm may
be activated whenever the character releases an enemy from
a clinch by throwing her, provided the Infernal is capable
of lifting that enemy’s weight with a feat of strength. The
Exalt hefts her up one-armed into the air and slams her with
a thunderous punch from his other hand. The opponent flies up to (Martial Arts x 4) miles away
over the course of approximately five minutes and plummets
back to earth, impacting the land at terminal velocity
to suffer the usual damage and inflict the same damage to
the impacted surface. Everyone within (the Infernal’s Strength x 10) yards of the impact
point (including the Infernal) must check for knockdown at
a difficulty of (the Infernal’s Strength). Anyone blasted back
by this Charm who is stopped prior to reaching maximum
distance still suffers all effects of a terminal velocity impact.
Lifted inanimate objects may also be hurled extreme distances
with this Charm to the same overall effect.

And that is Yandere badass Misha. Contains one of my favorite charms in there (Crack the Sky). Gotta love being able to throw someone 25 miles away.
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Re: Character D&D Stats

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The Commissar wrote: Joy in Violence Approach: Nothing fills Adorjan’s heart with childlike glee like
the prospect of a massacre.

That is Misha in a nutshell.

Anyone know Maid RPG well enough to do Yuuko's stats?

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Re: Character D&D Stats

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nope, anyone got Maid the RPG? Isn't it out of print? oh and in Japanese.
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