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Re: Character D&D Stats

Post by derm2 » Wed May 27, 2009 4:34 pm

My party would be:

Barbarian - Hisao: Excels in cluse combat and soaks up damage.
Ranger - Lilly: Picks off enemies from afar with her bow.
Thief - Rin: Specializes in pickpocketing.
Bard - Shizune: Keeps the spirit up with her songs.
Assassin - Misha: Silent and deadly, usually acts alone.

Mission: The dark lord Kenji has kidnapped the beautiful princess Hanako. He threatens to pour molter iron on her if she refuses to marry him. Can they save her in time?

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Re: Character D&D Stats

Post by Rednal » Wed May 27, 2009 4:37 pm

I feel another story coming on...

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Re: Character D&D Stats

Post by JamiroquaiAlien » Wed May 27, 2009 4:47 pm

derm2 wrote:My party would be:

Barbarian - Hisao: Excels in cluse combat and soaks up damage.
Ranger - Lilly: Picks off enemies from afar with her bow.
Thief - Rin: Specializes in pickpocketing.
Bard - Shizune: Keeps the spirit up with her songs.
Assassin - Misha: Silent and deadly, usually acts alone.

Mission: The dark lord Kenji has kidnapped the beautiful princess Hanako. He threatens to pour molter iron on her if she refuses to marry him. Can they save her in time?
Waaaait a minute...

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Re: Character D&D Stats

Post by Rednal » Wed May 27, 2009 4:49 pm

Don't say it. ^^

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Re: Character D&D Stats

Post by Caesius » Wed May 27, 2009 6:39 pm

I would be interested in seeing what other character comparisons we can come up with. Like those "what Pokemon/dictator/alcoholic drink/Starcraft unit/shitty emo indie band are you" quizzes.

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Re: Character D&D Stats

Post by JamiroquaiAlien » Wed May 27, 2009 6:59 pm

Caesius wrote:Starcraft unit
Hanako as a Firebat, anyone?

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Re: Character D&D Stats

Post by Caesius » Wed May 27, 2009 7:04 pm

JamiroquaiAlien wrote:
Caesius wrote:Starcraft unit
Hanako as a Firebat, anyone?
I was thinking more along the lines of a Lurker or even a Ghost.

Rin: Science Vessel.

Emi: Dragoon Fenix.

Nurse: Medic, or Wraith.

Shizune: Zerg Overmind.

Misha: Infested Kerrigan.

Kenji: Jim Raynor.

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Re: Character D&D Stats

Post by /tg/ anon » Wed May 27, 2009 8:42 pm

Ranger - Lilly: Picks off enemies from afar with her bow.
I could make it work. Blindsight can kick ass, and you don't get harmed by gaze attacks.

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Re: Character D&D Stats

Post by Layzuhl » Wed May 27, 2009 8:51 pm

Emi = Zealot

Rin = Dark Archon

Shizune = Battlecruiser

Misha = Thor
Lilly = Overlord thats been hit by optical flare

Hanako = Dark Templar

Hisao = Scv
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Re: Character D&D Stats

Post by atat » Wed May 27, 2009 9:08 pm

ok how about what type of shadowrunner:

I see:

Hisao: The face, adapted or not. human

Shizune: Hermtic Mage human.

Misha: Street Sam, all the way, ork

Lilly: Rigger, elf

Hanako: Merc, Human or Orc

Emi: Inflitration Specialist, Dwarf or Human

Rin: Street Shaman, human or dwarf.
Nixons back!!!!

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Re: Character D&D Stats

Post by /tg/ anon » Wed May 27, 2009 9:34 pm

Awesome job, President Nixon. I will come up with one in another system, but it will be a surprise which one (and may be full of awesome).

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Re: Character D&D Stats

Post by DuaneMoody » Wed May 27, 2009 11:18 pm

derm2 wrote:Barbarian - Hisao: Excels in cluse combat and soaks up damage.
Ranger - Lilly: Picks off enemies from afar with her bow.
Thief - Rin: Specializes in pickpocketing.
Bard - Shizune: Keeps the spirit up with her songs.
Assassin - Misha: Silent and deadly, usually acts alone.
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Re: Character D&D Stats

Post by The Commissar » Wed May 27, 2009 11:47 pm

/tg/ anon here. I decided to register for this so I can save my work and stop using a guess account. Anyway, here it is: stats for one of the KS characters in...Exalted. For those not familiar with Exalted, it is a high powered game where you combine all the awesome things of Greek, Norse, Middle-Eastern, and Chinese mythology and add anime flare mecha. Possible things to do in the game are parrying a nuke WITH YOUR FISTS, and punching people so hard they turn into ducks. This is gonna get really nerdy here, and most won't know what this is about, but for charms and spells, I'll say what they do. Get ready, this is gonna be some crazy shit...


Shizune here will be a Sidereal Exalt, chosen of the 5 Maidens, she is chosen of Jupiter, Maiden of Secrets. They are the bureaucrats of the setting, and are extremely manipulative, anyone that comes in contact with them forget they even exist if the Exalt wills it. Basically this is a "What if Shizune Exalted?" Basically, the concept is, that she becomes more of a player of mind games and manipulation.

Essence 4 Sidereal Exalt - Chosen of the Maiden of Secrets, Jupiter
Sobriquets: Heaven’s Eyes, Oracles
Motivation: To manipulate people into doing services for her by blackmail, favors, or mind games
Primary Attribute: Personal - Appearance 3; Manipulation 5; Charisma 3
Secondary Attribute: Mental - Intelligence 4; Perception 3; Wits 3
Tertiary Attribute: Physical - Strength 1; Dexterity 3; Stamina 3
Willpower: 8
Personal Essence - 16
Peripheral Essence - 45

Abilities: Awareness 3; Bureaucracy 5; Linguistics 5 (Sign Language); Lore 5; Investigation 4; Larceny 3; Socialize 5; Stealth 2; Presence 4; Occult 5
Virtues: Compassion 2; Conviction 4; Temperance 3; Valor 4;
Background: Backing 3; Acquaintances 3; Celestial Manse 2 (the Student Council room); Connections (Yamaku) 4; Salary 2 (seems to have money to spend); Savant 1; Resources 4
Intimacies: Misha 3 (Positive Intimacy); Hisao 3 (Positive); Lilly 2 (Negative Intimacy); Hanako 1 (Negative)

Charms: First Bureaucracy Excellency: Essence Overwhelming (EO:Ability) - Use 1 mote of essence for an extra die

Second Bureaucracy Excellency: Essence Triumphant (ET: Ability) - 2 motes for an extra success

Favorable Inflection Procedure - The Chosen of the Gods honor mere mortals just by
acknowledging their existence. A Sidereal can forge a powerful
connection to another person just by saying his name
in his presence.

Abandoned Words Curse - Exalt robs the target of languages, they must relearn them.

Blue Vervain Binding - Allows creatures to understand each other by intertwining their fates.

Lover's Oath - This Charm links the Sidereal and another person in
bonds of fate. The two characters need not actually be wed
or even in love for the Charm to work, however. They must
merely give assent of their own free will and understand
how completely their oath shall join them. Still, the bond
is sacred in the eyes of the Maidens, so it behooves the
Sidereal not to treat it frivolously.

Efficient Secretary Technique - When the character first learns this Charm, a measure
of his Essence crystallizes in his mouth in the form of a
small emerald pattern spider. The character spits out this
indestructible construct, whereupon it immediately dematerializes
and attaches itself to a part of his body. Thereafter,
the character may spend two motes of Essence to instruct the
spirit to fetch some particular piece of information for him.
If the information is available and not actively concealed,
the spider scuttles away along the weave of fate. The spider
returns in the space of a miscellaneous action and whispers
the information to the Sidereal.

Research Assistant Invocation - If the Sidereal finds himself frustrated with the minutia
of investigation or academic research, he can call forth a
loyal helper to assist him. He need only clap his hands
over a smallish living plant and activate the Charm. The
plant then grows rapidly and twists itself into the shape of
a clothed mortal with the Attributes and Abilities of the
“Savant” template, minus any
specialties. This research assistant speaks any languages the
Sidereal does, and it is unfailingly helpful in the character’s
investigation and research efforts. If an attack or some other
emergency imperils the assistant, though, it panics and immediately
reverts to its plant form on the spot, prematurely
ending the Charm.

Embracing Life Method - The Sidereal writes a prayer strip with the Scripture
of That Old Thing as she ponders a specific question or
subject of interest to her. The Sidereal buries the prayer
strip like a seed and waters it with her own blood. In a
single day, the strip sprouts roots and rapidly grows into
a tall mulberry tree that attracts the gratified attention of
local wood spirits. These spirits either leave small gifts or
write secrets on the fallen leaves.

Thought-Swiping Distraction - The Sidereal makes eye contact with a target for
long enough to exchange a few words, however brief, and
activates this Charm. When the Sidereal does so, he gets
a quick impression of what the target is thinking about at
that moment. The target loses his train of thought in that
moment as his mind goes blank for the blink of an eye.
It is impossible to maintain eye contact for long enough to
use this Charm if either the target or the Sidereal engages in physical
combat. The Sidereal can swipe a target’s surface thoughts
while either or both of them engage in social combat.

Methodology of Secrets - In the character’s sleep, the Maiden of Secrets reveals
to him her plan for fate.

Of Secrets Yet Untold - Whispering a long, soundless string of words that even
the Sidereal himself does not understand, the character
reveals to a god or elemental of Earth a secret about the
world’s destiny. The spirit glows faintly green as it internalizes
this secret, then the spirit can never repeat the secret
to anyone. In return for this revelation, the spirit owes the
Sidereal one important favor to be called in by fate itself
when the time is right. The Sidereal does not know the
nature of this favor, and neither does the spirit, until the
time is right—neither one chooses it.

Mark of Exaltation - The Sidereal makes of his caste mark a lantern that
can reveal unmanifested spirits.

Incite Decorum - A Sidereal can invoke his Maiden’s authority to facilitate
polite dealings with elementals and gods. Any spirit whose
Essence does not surpass the Sidereal’s must remain calm,
reasonable and peaceful in the Vizier’s presence.

Telltale Symphony - Charms, sorcery, supernatural effects and the presence
of spirits (materialized or not) all affect the strands of fate
all around them. These effects exert miniscule pulls against
the strands, causing them to vibrate at specifi c frequencies
and ring musically in the Sidereal’s ears, surrounding him
with a symphony of information.

Unweaving Method - The Sidereal tugs on the weave of a victim’s fate and
part of the victim’s very pattern unravels. The victim
(be it a creature or object) need only be in the Sidereal’s
line of sight when he activates the Charm. The Charm
inflicts a number of dice of aggravated damage equal to
the Sidereal’s Essence, and the damage cannot be blocked
or soaked.

Willing Assumption of Chains - Perhaps the greatest power the Maidens give to their
Chosen is the power to give a god new responsibilities—
and, therefore, a new nature. Yu-Shan holds many gods left
beggared and homeless when the Great Contagion and the
Fair Folk Invasion destroyed the gods’ former purviews. The
Sidereals sometimes recruit such gods by offering them the
chance to become the god of something again.
The Sidereal writes the Scripture of the Maiden in
Chains on a prayer strip, signs it and offers it to a target god.
The god signs, and the Essence-infused paper vanishes in an
emerald fl ash, to reappear in a certain offi ce at the Bureau
of Heaven. The god instantly gains the new offi ce granted
by the Vizier (possibly with minor alterations to the god’s
innate powers if the Storyteller considers this appropriate),
but no change in its Attributes or Abilities. Prudent Sidereals
choose gods who already have some qualifi cations for their
new posts. For their part, prudent gods ask what sort of duty
the Sidereal intends for them before they sign.

Terrestial Circle Sorcery

Celestial Circle Sorcery

Prior Warning - The character keeps one eye on the present while
the other eye watches for impending trouble

Expected Pain - This Charm provides a more specific and more immediate
warning about some impending trouble. The Charm
activates automatically when an immediate, unexpected
danger or unfortunate occurrence is just about to happen.

Wise Choice - When the Sidereal faces a choice between options, she
can peek into the future to see which choice would bring
her the best outcome in the next month. The Charm does
not, however, show the consequences of her decision beyond
that point.

Icy Hand - Not only do inefficiency and corruption undermine
a bureaucracy’s authority, they inject chaos and decay
into a society for the benefit of an amoral few. These failings
are bad enough in mortal bureaucracies, but when
the bureaucracies of Yu-Shan grow lazy or corrupt, all of
Creation can suffer.
This Charm, then, helps a Sidereal ensure the proper
behavior of a social unit’s member for the benefit of everyone
who relies on the organization. (This does not need to be
a literal bureaucracy: any social group that has definable
leaders, followers and procedures, no matter how informal,
falls under the Charm’s purview.) The Sidereal activates the
Charm as he touches a bureaucrat—which might require
a Martial Arts roll if the target is unwilling. As a bright
spark fl ashes from deep within the Sidereal’s eyes, his player
rolls (Charisma + Bureaucracy) against the target’s Dodge
Mental Defense Value. If the roll succeeds, the victim is
compelled to perform his duties honestly and to the best
of his abilities for five days.

Terminal Sanction - The Maidens gave their Chosen a frightening authority
over spirits. When a Sidereal activates Terminal Sanction
against a present god or elemental, the player rolls (Charisma
+ Bureaucracy) against a difficulty of the targeted spirit’s
Essence. Whether this roll succeeds or fails, the spirit must
materialize before the Sidereal and remain solid until the
end of the scene. If the roll does succeed, the spirit has even
more reason to fear the Sidereal. Should the spirit “die” in
that scene, the Sidereal has four choices:
• The Sidereal can destroy the spirit.
• He could bind the spirit to his service—either one task
of indefinite duration or general obedience for one year
and one day.
• He can bind the spirit’s Essence into an object, creating
an artifact rated at half the spirit’s Essence (round up). The
Storyteller designs the artifact, based on the powers of the
spirit. The artifact lasts only a year and a day, however,
before the spirit goes free.
• If nothing else, the Sidereal can simply let the spirit reform
in its sanctum, knowing full well what the Sidereal
could have done to it.
Thanks to the terms of the Yozis’ surrender, this
Charm also works against demons of every Circle and
adds a number of automatic successes on the (Charisma
+ Bureaucracy) roll against them equal to the Sidereal’s
Essence. This gives Sidereals a second chance to control
demons that escape control.

Underling Invisibility Practice - The more important someone is, the more people he
has scurrying to do his will. The more such people he has
under him, the less distinct they all become, until he barely
notices any individual one of them. By internalizing the
underlying concept, a Sidereal can wrap himself in that same
anonymity and invisibility... but only against people who
consider themselves better than the Sidereal—or at least
better than the type of person the Sidereal pretends to be.
A person might consider himself personally better than the
Sidereal, of higher social class, higher in an organization,
or just generally better than everyone. When a Sidereal encounters such a person while using
this Charm, that person cannot notice the Sidereal.

Paralyzed Mandarin Infliction - A Vizier can declare an ending to a bureaucracy’s
usefulness. The Charm attacks a social unit consisting of
the members of an established bureaucracy. The Sidereal’s
player rolls (Wits + Bureaucracy) and adds the character’s
Essence in automatic successes; the difficulty equals the
Dodge Mental Defense Value of the unit’s leader, plus half
the unit’s Magnitude. If the roll succeeds, the Sidereal can
impose one of two effects:
• The Pervasive Ennui Sabotage gives everyone in the bureaucracy
a fatalistic sense of the ultimate worthlessness of
their work. This overwhelming feeling of futility grinds the
wheels of the bureaucratic machine to a halt.
• The Frenetic Activity Infusion fills everyone in the affected
bureaucracy with the importance of their work.
Everyone becomes very busy... circulating memos about
modalities for planning sessions about mission statements
for quality control of department reorganization. In the
rush, nobody notices that the bureaucracy’s ostensible
purpose remains undone.
Either way, the bureaucracy remains paralyzed for as the
Sidereal maintains the Essence commitment, or until the
bureaucracy’s leader expends three Loyalty to get everyone
working again.

Shun the Smiling Lady - An office of the Bureau of Destiny holds a list of every
person in a generation who is destined to fall in love. A
spurned, vindictive or simply overprotective Sidereal can
remove a person’s name from this roster for as long as the
Sidereal commits Essence to this Charm. When he does so,
the victim’s Appearance drops to 1 before the application
of any supernatural effects. If a person with romantic feelings toward the victim has
a permanent Essence score lower than the Sidereal’s, that
person’s romantic feelings cease immediately. Intimacies
related to those romantic feelings also disappear. Neither
the feelings nor the Intimacies may be re-established until
the Charm ends. A player whose character’s Motivation
centers on love for the Charm’s victim must immediately
choose a new Motivation. This does not cost experience
points. If the player wants to resume the old Motivation
once the Charm ends, however, this does incur the normal
cost of two experience points.

Cash and Murder Games - The Sidereal chooses two people—a beneficiary and
a victim—and twists their fates to grant the beneficiary an
emotional dominion over the victim. The victim might fear
the beneficiary, desire her sexually, revere her or otherwise
define himself in terms of her. (The Sidereal can name herself
the beneficiary in such a relationship.) Regardless, the victim
cannot resist succumbing to the beneficiary’s will.

Life Without Compunction - If a character commits a social faux pas or otherwise
violates some cultural taboo, a Sidereal can use this Charm
to mitigate the social backlash. She can do so either for
herself, or on someone else’s behalf. With
one success, people no longer care about the social infraction.
With three successes, not only do people refuse to
hold the infraction against the person who committed it,
but they either consider the behavior acceptable under
the circumstances or hail the violator as a charming rogue.
With five or more successes, acceptance of the behavior
becomes part of the community’s Policy for the rest of the
story. Later, people regain their senses.

You and Yours Stance - Using this Charm, a Vizier can make other people want
to please him; actually harming him seems unthinkable.

Fortuitous Fellowship - The subtle Viziers find social groups to influence that no
one else knew existed... including the social group itself. This
Charm weaves strands of fate to draw together people who may
not have known each other before. As they meet and discover
common interests, they form a new social unit that can then
become a target for social mass combat or manipulation.

Wanting and Fearing Prayer - In each hand, the Sidereal holds a prayer strip bearing
the Scripture of the Whore. He infuses the strips with
Essence and names a target for each strip. (These targets
must both be within 10 miles of the Sidereal.) The prayer
strips disappear in fl ashes of blue flame (an Obvious event,
but nothing about the Charm is Obvious to the targets).
Each one then reappears wrapped around a bone in the
named targets’ bodies. The targets can’t feel or see the
embedded prayer strip unless the flesh over the strip is
somehow removed. When the Sidereal’s player activates the Charm, he attempts
two separate (Manipulation + Socialize) rolls—one
against each target’s Dodge Mental Defense Value, and adds
his Essence in automatic successes each time. If he succeeds
both times, he can then craft a new relationship (social and
emotional) between the two targets. This relationship lasts
for as long as the strips remain within the targets’ bodies,
even if the targets have never met each other before: fate
inexorably pushes the two characters together into their new
relationship. While the Sidereal’s Essence remains committed,
the targets experience a magically enforced Intimacy
toward each other, and a target must spend a Willpower
point to act significantly at odds with the relationship for a
scene. If a character spends a number of Willpower points
equal to the Sidereal’s Essence on subsequent occasions to
allow himself to act at odds with the relationship, the effect
ends for that character. (Half of the committed Essence is
no longer committed.) The other targeted character remains
under the effect, however.
Surgery can dislodge a prayer strip, but doing so requires
12 successes on an extended (Dexterity + Medicine) action
and inflicts one level of unsoakable lethal damage. If a strip
is removed in this way, the Essence committed to the strip is
no longer committed, but the other strip is not affected.
Once the Charm ends, the targets still have the designated
Intimacies toward each other, but they become normal
Intimacies. Without the Illusion effect to reinforce the Intimacy,
the two characters can lose the Intimacy by normal
means, or keep it if they (and their players) so desire.

Force Decision - When people face choices, wise Viziers shape the
people’s decisions. The Sidereal subtly channels Essence into
a victim so he makes the decision that the Seer wants.

Presence in Absence Technique - After one scene of social interaction, the Sidereal
can make the strands of a victim’s fate resonate with the
Sidereal’s own. The Sidereal picks a time or circumstance
when the target makes a social attack. At that time, the
Sidereal’s personality overwhelms the victim and works
itself out through his actions. The victim’s will is his own,
but the psychic resonance lends his actions the emotional
weight that the Sidereal wants.

Impose Motivation - As the Sidereal touches her target’s forehead to bless him,
a ghostly image of the Sidereal’s caste mark appears on the
target’s left palm. The player then rolls (Charisma + Presence)
against the victim’s Dodge Mental Defense Value, and adds
her Essence in automatic successes. If this roll succeeds, the
victim gains the Sidereal’s Motivation in addition to his own.


Terrestial Circle:

Demon of the First Circle - Summons a Demon to be bound by the Sorcerer.
Emerald Countermagic - Counters Terestial Circle sorcery and Thaumaturgy (mortal magic)
Coin of Distant Vision - Creates a coin, may be placed and scried on.
Corrupted Words - This spell helps sorcerers keep their secrets. It also
enforces oaths of silence or simply prevents someone
from speaking about a given subject. The sorcerer evokes a seething, bilious green
ball between his hands. He names the subject matter
about which the target cannot speak and releases the
ball. The vile green energy rushes toward and into the
mouth of the target and down her throat, dissolving
into a ward within the target’s body. Only Charms or
other effects that grant perfect dodges or parries can
block the curse.
Curse of Slavish Humility - Forces victim to worship a target
Droning Suggestion - Turns Social Attacks into Mental Influences
Fugue of Truth - The sorcerer casts this spell after meditating in a
lightless, soundless place for one hour. He attunes himself
to truth and the flows of Essence, rather than the tricks
that sound and light play on the senses. The meditation
enables the sorcerer to see through illusions, to resist
glamours, to avoid enchantments and to perceive what
is concealed, whether they are things or purposes.
Theft of Memory - Steals a memory from the target

Celestial Circle:

Demon of the Second Circle - Summons a second circle demon to be bound by the sorcerer.
Sapphire Countermagic - Dispells Celestial Circle spells and below

Necklace of Thought Given Word - Artifact N/A - Allows thoughts to be transmuted as speech as a miscellaneous action by the wearer, but is only usable for charms and spells, as the voice unintelligible.

Anima Effect: A Chosen of Secrets reflexively makes
the Lesser Sign of Jupiter for 10 motes. The Chosen’s anima
billows outward in a brilliant green that wafts around all
those affected. For one scene, the Sidereal and all her allies
within (her Essence x 10) yards are immune to mind-reading
and mental attacks from opponents with an Essence less
than the Sidereal’s. Against other opponents, the Oracle
and her allies add (her Essence) to their Mental Defense
Values. Allies enjoy this advantage only as long as they
remain within range. With the Sidereal’s anima banner in
the 11 to 15 mote range, this costs only five motes. If the
banner is fully manifest (16+ motes), this costs only one.

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Re: Character D&D Stats

Post by Darisc » Thu May 28, 2009 1:12 am

I think someone just stole my "award for putting so much effort into something so pointless" award.

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Re: Character D&D Stats

Post by Nosson » Thu May 28, 2009 10:25 pm

That was a very good read, The Commissar. I hope you make one for the rest of the characters, I am very interested in what they would be.

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