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Re: Haiku

Post by WHAHAHAHA~ » Thu Dec 08, 2011 11:58 am

Sleet wrote:There once was a lass-fearing laddie,
whose paranoia kept him girl-free
Many people considered
that perhaps he'd been embittered,
by the girl from the school's library.
Oh you.

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Re: Haiku

Post by Sleet » Fri Dec 09, 2011 12:25 am

limericks are fun ! ! I can only do these when I'm sleep deprived. I fall into rhymes, alliteration, or puns whenever I start running on about a 1/24 hour sleep vs wake ratio.

The narcoleptic young miss of 3-3,
to rouse her, I shout out with glee.
I quickly guard my bits,
far too late, for her incoming knee.

There once was a blonde, dark skinned sharktopus,
Whose oceanic charms got the best of us.
It was love at first sight,
'til I received a bite
At which point I proposed in a rush.

In the study hall, sat our bestest friend Miki,
I requested a handjob; a quickie!
She reacted quite rash,
with a crotch-aimed bash.
Joke's on her, her stump came away sticky.

"WAHAHA~! That makes three games to naught!"
"Fuckmuffins..." I mutter, quite distraught.
Deafy and Fatso stand tall.
I now feel much too small
Strip Risk is less fun than I thought.
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Re: Haiku

Post by Sleet » Fri Dec 09, 2011 2:00 pm

Sorry. In my daze I messed up the meter on a couple, just fixed them. Here are some of the others I made before I passed out.

One day as the students were bragging,
"C'mon! No arms..." Rin's sleeves sagging.
"Try blindness, you peons."
"Think that's bad? I'm INDIAN."
Silence fell as Misha grinned, drills waggling.

Akira lingered, eyes restless at the bar.
"This is the longest she's kept me waiting by far..."
As her new lover entered,
something unexpected stirred
in the young trap's pocket, "a candy bar?"

"No, give me the one like remorse."
You try, though that's not a color, of course...
"Rin, can we take a break?"
She looks like she's baked.
"Shhh, let's go save Vin Diesel on my horse."

A lad had collapsed on the floor
Clutching a bottle of whisky, not poured
Through half-inch thick glasses
He accused the milling masses
"Yer all bitches... just bitches and whores..."

Good grief. This is becoming routine.
Other characters get nosebleeds
Panty shot? Heart concedes.
I've got to stop snorting Oxy Clean.

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