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Azure Henry
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Re: Recommend a VN

Post by Azure Henry » Fri Dec 18, 2015 1:08 am

I found Crescendo pretty enjoyable. Whenever I play a new VN, I tend to get attached to the first route I play and not enjoy the others as much. For KS, it was Hanako. In Crescendo, it was Yuka. She follows the same "broken bird" archetype as Hanako, but in a very different way. I'd definitely recommend it for anyone looking for something similar to the KS experience.
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Re: Recommend a VN

Post by Blackmambauk » Fri Feb 19, 2016 1:35 pm

The spin off of School Days, Shiny Days (which is a update remake of Summer Days with a new route to boot) came out last year by JASTUSA. Though a shitstorm was kicked up after they announced they were censoring few of the H-scenes due to underage rape taking place in them. Since they were worried about censorship laws in countries like the UK, Australia etc. who view lolicon stuff in a... negative light is the best way to put it.

Though they did release a restore patch for it at Christmas time that puts those scenes back in.

The link for it and how to install it are here ... guide.html, since JAST neglected to put a readme guide in the files.

As for Shiny Days, overall if you have been through School Days, then you know full well what this series is like, animated cutscenes with voice overs attached to them. Animated h-scenes with a variety of characters. Of quality you have come to expect from the School Day makers.

Loads of characters that pop up, bits where you will see make the characters make idiot decisions or want the urge to punch Makoto at somepoint, though he is not so much of a twat here than he was in School Days anime, though he still does have a few moments that only he capable of.

The routes were quite long I found overall, or they felt long in taking sometime to get to where you expect things to get to. The new route was particularly long despite the fact most scenes hardly advance the plot or characters much. Though there is a lot of callbacks and also links to other games in the Overflow Universe (which the School Day series is a part of), namely in some of the parents of the school day characters.

but also in some of the events that happened as well that affected SD as well in places.

Many endings like School days, though only one involves death and that's hinted not shown. So that takes away some of the enjoyment of it.

Overall how much you can take of Shiny Days depends on how much you like the character it focus on the most (which is Setsuna one of the side characters from School Days). As well as how much you enjoy the SD series despite their shortcomings that we all know of. Though for some reason I do enjoy the series despite of it's flaws, mostly cause when it's bad it is a hilarious experience, and also cause the makers seem to be either taking the piss out of the tropes it use it trying to deconstruct them. Whether they actually do is up for debate.
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Re: Recommend a VN

Post by Oddball » Sun Mar 13, 2016 8:08 am

Not sure I'd recommend it but there's no other real topic to talk about this stuff in...

I went and checked out a game from one of the groups that was inspired by Katawa Shoujo. It's a demo of Work In Progress. The art style is interesting and unique. I really like the style they used there. Most of the characters seem likable so far as well, but I couldn't get into it because the main character is an unlikable sad sack that seems to have brought all his troubles onto himself and his first reaction to pretty much every other character that's trying to be friendly to him is “Well, you're a jerk and I don't like you.” Maybe he gets better, but from what I've seen, he's just not likeable enough for me to care about him.

It's games like that that remind me of how much I enjoyed Hisao as a main character.
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Re: Recommend a VN

Post by ArcCain » Sun Mar 13, 2016 8:42 am

Yeah, he is a little flip floppy between writers but I like him too.
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Re: Recommend a VN

Post by Erenussocrates » Fri Dec 16, 2016 11:25 pm

would anyone recommend anything out of the usual pile of visual novels that have been plaguing steam nowadays?

And is Dengeki Stryker good?

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Re: Recommend a VN

Post by emi » Sun Feb 12, 2017 11:53 am

G-Senjou no Maou
Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai (has a sequel too)

these are much longer to finish but still good.
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Re: Recommend a VN

Post by TubaMirum » Sun Feb 12, 2017 6:49 pm

Kindred Spirits on the Roof if you're into that kind of thing. Steep price tag but there's a free demo available that should tell you whether it's written the investment or not. Less a VN than a story with pictures and music, but very good stuff all around.
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