Synesthesia and KS music

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Re: Synesthesia and KS music

Post by Cylog » Sat Jan 08, 2011 6:16 pm

I get a nostalgic feeling out of the blue when certain songs come up, usually classical and such, where I feel like I've heard it before a very long time ago, and Romance in Adante was one of them.

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Haha, nice one...
For me Romance in Adante makes me (interestingly) a bit nervous and uncomfortable, I think the whole song feels rushed and stuffed.
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Re: Synesthesia and KS music

Post by DMTucker » Tue Jan 11, 2011 2:45 am

Kind of wish I could experience the sensations of synesthesia, it definitely sounds like a unique and astounding way of experiencing something most people seem to barely give a second glance.

Concord kind of makes me think of a ballroom dance, at the second half/near the end two people in the center stepping in time to the 'doo do do, doo do do' part *no idea what instrument it is)

Painful History gives me the image of standing on the porch looking out into a rainy gloomy night nothing but the sound and feel of the water splashing on the roof and the dirt. Somber, Melancholic.

Parity generally makes me feel bouncy, chaotic, jumping around with each drum beat and rapid xylophone beating. Almost like the ADHD has kicked back in from my childhood. No specific place comes to mind though.

Standing Tall stands..well...tall on top of a skyscraper of some kind looking over the city below. I dont really get much of a feeling from this one.

Student Council has me in a warm room with the rays of a setting sun peeking in through a window looking out onto a vast open field.

Out Of The Loop (Why hasn't anyone else done Kenji's yet?) I see an old somewhat rundown bar with this one. A fat bartender with a few drunks sitting at the bar regaling half true tales and adventures.

Looking back at a couple of these seem silly but I really couldn't get much from Emi's in particular. Honestly though I have to wonder how one of my favorite songs, Lilium from Elfen Lied, feels to you Hamadyne. If you could, give it a try if you've got the chance and the time would you?

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