Emi + Phantom limbs =

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Re: Emi + Phantom limbs =

Post by Aura » Tue Jun 29, 2010 7:10 pm

It's a very fine line we are trying to balance the intimacy and eroticism regarding disabilities in KS around. I'd likely find the Hanako scenario acceptable, depending on how it's portrayed.
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Re: Emi + Phantom limbs =

Post by Wrench Wench » Tue Jun 29, 2010 7:21 pm

Well now I'm reminded of that awful comic.

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Re: Emi + Phantom limbs =

Post by Ozymil » Tue Jun 29, 2010 9:34 pm

Aura wrote:It's a very fine line we are trying to balance the intimacy and eroticism regarding disabilities in KS around. I'd likely find the Hanako scenario acceptable, depending on how it's portrayed.
Tsundere Lightning did a pretty good job of writing up an intimate moment between Lilly and Hisao by deliberately employing Lilly's blindness as a means of emphasizing the deep affection the two have for each other. Though to be fair, I guess her disability can't rightly be compared to that of someone like Hanako.
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Re: Emi + Phantom limbs =

Post by lurkmoar » Thu Jul 01, 2010 2:55 pm

So I'm back.
Given that this speculation will probably not in anyway result in a change to the KS story as it stands, I'm going through these possibilities just for fanfiction fodder.

On a less sexual note, phantom limbs might be the cause of a certain hyperactivity on Emi's part, why she's constantly running around. Imagine if your calves were constantly aching for a run, but no matter how hard, fast, or long you ran, they didn't stop aching, even though they don't technically exist.

Also, playing into Emi's shortness, perhaps she's short because she asks for the shortest prosthetic legs that wouldn't disproportionate on her, some patients with phantom limbs have reported that their phantom limbs feel shorter than their prosthetic limbs, so it feels awkward when moving them about. This could mean that Emi would feel like her feet were dangling, or that she was somehow levitating, as she stands or runs around. I'd imagine that would feel really weird.

It could also be that her phantom feet feel like they're constantly encased in some kind of sock, and as much as she tries to find some way to get them to breathe, to air them out, they always feel trapped and cramped. This isn't so much pain as an odd discomfort, but it could be an interesting quirk to give her.

As for Rin, the interesting thing about people born without limbs that still experience phantom sensation is that they often can move their phantom limbs voluntarily, they can reach for objects or gesture or whatever while they're talking for example, but often lack other movements, they report that their arms don't swing while walking for example. Perhaps this is another part of Rin's eccentricity that we (pardon the expression) don't immediately see? It is quite possible then, that Rin paints with her feet not only because she has no other choice, but because it's her personal preference.

Finally, about Hanako, has it been established somewhere if her scars are super-sensitive? Because I would imagine that the damage to nervous tissue that third degree burns do would leave most of her scarred skin somewhat unfeeling and desensitized. And isn't aloe vera for recent burns only?

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