Anybody else loving the BGM?

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Re: Anybody else loving the BGM?

Post by Bardock9000 » Mon Jul 27, 2009 7:30 am

Shizune's Theme: The Student Council
Is my favorite, the violin and the piano go well with another and the melody of it was able to put my mind at peace.
I plug in my head phones and go to bed listening to this, and I haven't slept that peacefully in three years.
But because of that, I of course had a dream evolving said BGM.
I had a dream where each individual person of the cast took part in playing one of instruments I heard.
After waking up, I got a sheet of paper and made a list of each character what instrument they would of played.
Haiso, the guitar you hear at the beginning he is playing the entire time like how he is the main character in the story.
Shizune, the violin sense it fits personality and the music revolves around that violin.
Misha, xylophone she fits that type of character that would enjoy beating on each part of them making a unique sound.
Lilly, The piano because on how soft it is and reflects off the violin.
Hanako, the little bell and triangle doesn't play much of a role but can be heard clearly when its cue not the center of attention like the others.
Emi and Rin would probably be on the sound board playing those sounds that pop in that not a normal instrument could produce.
(example if you downloaded the song, at 00:40 you can tell about those misc sounds)
Kenji, He would be the conductor
(I had a argument with myself debating should it be shizune conducting based on the leader type, but sense the violin plays a big part in it I gave her the violin part instead)
There are probably more instruments involved I cant seem to name them or recognize them if somebody could provide a list of instruments that were used I probably can assign more roles.

I swear I heard a Tambourine somewhere in there but its not as obvious as the others, if it is I would assign Rin because I think it would look cute with her shaking it with it between her toes.
"This is me. All of me..."

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