Which girls are experienced?

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Re: Which girls are experienced?

Post by A_Gray_Phantom » Tue Aug 25, 2009 4:48 pm

I'm going to predict that at least one of the girls went through a change before she met Hisao, and thus was a different person that what we've seen evidenced today. If this game is plot-centered, then this would make for an interesting backstory. Try to imagine a kind, passive Shizune, or Hanako (as a child) striving to get the lead role of Cinderella in her grade school's play.

It is easier to imagine Shizune to have undergone such a phase a of character development. She may have been manipulated at some point for someone else's gain, and when she realized what had happened she chose not to never allow herself to be used again. Thus she strives for power and control over her life and by extension everyone around her.

Contrariwise, this could be counter-productive. If this is revealed, then the next time Shizune acts like a bitch, you might feel sorry for her. This would be an unwanted reaction, and wouldn't fit well with the character type that's become expected of her.

Thus I conclude that Shizune, the one most likely to have gone through a radically changing character development, and couldn't have gone through such a transition. This means that a formerly abusive relationship is not applicable for her.

Rin has a crush on the blind boy in her art class. She talks about him often, but not in a "we're former lovers" kind of way. I predict that, in the full game, if the player doesn't raise his affection level enough for her, then she'll end up with him instead. Or it may turn into a dramatic love triangle, between Rin, Hisao, and this mysterious blind artist. This is irrelevant, however, as we are talking about whether any of the girls have had sex. Please forgive the tangents.

I refuse to think of Emi in a sexual nature. Not until the first act is re-released with a more mature looking Emi. (She's freakin gimped Chiyo-chan for crying out loud :x :(.)

Lilly went to an all-girl school before going to Yamaku. After going to Yamaku, she's spent most of her time "looking" after Hanako (see what I did there?). I don't think she could've gotten close to a boy without worrying whether or not he'd get along with burn-tan...

Hey, I've always wondered: is "tan" a Japanese suffix? Like an honorific?


I've just analyzed all of the girls except Misha. Misha doesn't count, though, so yeah.]

My conclusion: we don't have enough character evidence to make a sound conclusion on whether or not any of the girls have or have not had sex. My personal intuition is that no, they haven't, but I have no evidence to back this up.
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Re: Which girls are experienced?

Post by Annoyingvideochar » Tue Aug 25, 2009 4:50 pm

From what I can tell of their personalities, I can't really see any of the girls being experienced. Save for Rin, but she wouldn't really care all that much about it ("Yeah, and?"). Shizune would stick her nose in the air at the thought of it until she met someone "worthy" of her. Lil seems to hold values that would make her wait till marriage. Hanako, scared of most human contact. And legless one (Who I forgot the name of), I don't really got a reason for her. So... yeah, meh.


Re: Which girls are experienced?

Post by Guest » Tue Aug 25, 2009 5:51 pm

A_Gray_Phantom wrote:Hey, I've always wondered: is "tan" a Japanese suffix? Like an honorific?
From Wikipedia:

"Some honorifics have baby talk versions - mispronunciations stereotypically associated with small children, and hence, cuteness. The baby talk version of sama is chama (ちゃま?), for example, and in fact chan was a baby talk version of san that eventually became regarded as an ordinary honorific.
There are even baby talk versions of baby talk versions. Chan can be changed to tan (たん?), and less commonly, chama (ちゃま?) to tama (たま?). These are popularly used in the names of moe anthropomorphisms, in which a cute female character represents an object, concept, or popular consumer product. Well-known examples include the OS-tan operating system anthropomorphisms and charcoal mascot Binchō-tan."

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