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Post by ArcCain » Sun Feb 14, 2021 8:48 pm

So I decided to boot up KS again after a very long time. It's been years since I last played and figured I'd start of with Lilly's route. A few hours into the first act however it struck me how hard Shizune and Misha try to rope Hisao into the counsel. I had forgotten how persistent they were and moreover how accommodating they are towards him. They show him around, help him get settled and eagerly try to get him into one of the clubs (the student counsel). Of course that last part is not entirely without motive.

Part of me feels like it is rude ditching them for the others. So much so that I'm tempted going back and changing who I start with. Then again, by this point Hisao himself is fairly open-minded and whilst he appreciates Misha and Shizune's help he also feels very guarded around them, where as with Lilly he is quick to open up. Rin just disarms him with her bluntness--no pun intended, and he even contemplates how fun it is helping her paint which is the first time he's expressed joy since coming to Yamaku. And Hanako catches his eyes since she's so withdrawn and mysterious. Emi of course is a bit of a trap since her choice catches most first timers by surprise and you don't see a lot of her until you are on her path.

Still, all girls catch Hisao's eye in one way or another and it makes me ponder the question of who he'd feel more drawn to spending time with verses who I, the player, want to go for.

Like I mentioned before; now that I replay the game I feel drawn towards Shizune whilst he seems more intrigued with Hanako and comfortable around Lilly and Rin to an extent.
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