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Katawa Shoujo Character's Persona Arcana

Posted: Mon Jun 01, 2020 8:36 pm
by Lianam
So there's one thing I wondered for a long time:
If Katawa Shoujo existed in the Persona Universe, what would be everyone's Arcana?

Some I think I pretty obvious right of the bat:

Kenji would be the Magician;
The Magician characters often are the "best friend" role, and often have some sort of romantic issues, both of which are accurate descriptions of Kenji.

Hanako would be the High Priestess;
The High Priestess belongs to women who are both reserved and intelligent, which fits with Hanako's character.

And Lily would be the Lovers;
Both because of the "healthy adolescent sex-drive" and the fact that the Lovers represents choice, fitting with the conflict Lily faces at the end of her route.

What do you guys think about the other characters?

Re: Katawa Shoujo Character's Persona Arcana

Posted: Mon Jun 01, 2020 11:36 pm
by brythain
Hisao is the Fool — he steps out into the unknown. If he follows the wrong path, he will... fall.

I think of Misha as the Moon; there's an element of deception and self-deception, there is ambiguity (e.g. in translation) and ambivalence.

Lilly is the Sun; there will be great success and happiness—or it is all an illusion that leads to sadness and regret. (But if you prefer the Lovers for Lilly, it's possible to have Shizune in this role; her endings are something like that too.)

Iwanako is the Tower; at least two lives badly affected, separation and loss, stuff like that.

Re: Katawa Shoujo Character's Persona Arcana

Posted: Mon Nov 23, 2020 4:27 pm
by Karnewarrior
Interesting; I've actually been mulling over the idea of restarting Pyrophobia, an old fanfic of mine, with a more explicit connection to the Persona-verse recently. As such I was considering which characters to make which Arcana. That said, I had them arranged a bit differently since *Hanako* would be the protagonist in this line of events, rather than Hisao. Stuff like Hanako being the Fool probably wouldn't fly in the canon timeline but are kind of expected when the story is from her viewpoint and about her physically beating the crap out of her nightmares and trauma. Hisao winds up in Lovers both because he's the official love interest for Hanako and because his storyline is mostly about him making a choice between the girls he's grown to like. Lily is almost certainly the Empress; from Hanako's PoV, she's regal, caring, and proud.

As Hanako cannot occupy the Priestess arcana herself, someone else has to take over. That one I'm not sure of - I think it would be best to make it some other character, rather than one of the mains. Rin actually matches the usual personality better than I expected but doesn't quite click well enough to make me pick her for Priestess over Moon or Death.

Shizune would probably wind up Temperance. With Hanako as protagonist her romantic side takes a backseat to the fact that her overbearingness is driving people away from her and she needs to find a balance between work and life before Misha's love runs out and she's alone for good. That being said, Tower also fits for the reasons described above - I imagine it mostly works out Temperance since I don't intend for Shizune to have a massive falling before the end of her "Social Link". If there was, the arcana would be switched.

Misha herself is probably Star. Sun might also fit, but I think Star works better for her, especially since there's that lingering sense of an impending fall wrt Shizune.

And naturally anyone who doesn't put Emi directly in the Chariot arcana is just wrong. Emi is 100% made to be the Chariot