Ideological Lines; Shizune

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Ideological Lines; Shizune

Post by Heretic_Engineer » Fri Feb 23, 2018 8:28 pm


I'm making a meme for the Subreddit, and request some assistance in the ideas of it.

The meme idea consists of comparing particular lines in Shizune's route, and comparing them with particular political ideologies. However, I am struggling greatly to think of lines for Conservatism or for Socialism (hoping not to get too political; just to scratch the surface of the respective ideologies)

To elaborate more, the Conservative line should resemble something more of a quote from a British Tory rather than an American Republican, as this gives a greater emphisis on the more historic attitudes of Conservatism that I feel would better fit the meme. Furthermore, I already have a line for Communism, so if you do suggest something for this, dont go for anything too radical (well, it would go radical, but more towards Anarcho-Communism rather than more traditional Soviet-Style Communism)

To anyone still active here, it would be a great help if you could supply some appropriate Shizune quotes! Thanks!

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