Emi inspired running/workout

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Gamera Ramen
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Re: Emi inspired running/workout

Post by Gamera Ramen » Thu Sep 24, 2015 12:06 am

I stopped using the running schedule a long time ago, but I do try and go for a run every now and then (I fail to most of the time. For shame.)
I still have the Emi stretching guides on my phone, and I use those whenever I exercise (running or otherwise.) Besides the occasional run I also do some boxing and archery, so at least I'm getting some muscular exercise. My core strength is still pretty terrible, though, and I have trouble committing to exercise schedules long enough to actually accomplish anything with them. Maybe someday...
(I have to say, I'm real glad to see that this thread is still active after all this time :D )
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Re: Emi inspired running/workout

Post by Erenussocrates » Fri Aug 05, 2022 8:05 pm

Holy shit, this topic takes me way back. I'm going to gym, although I do weightlifting 3 days a week, I basically run for 4km's every single day except sunday, and that's only because the place is closed. I also don't give much mind for stretching before the run, because the run itself is a part of stretching for the weight lifting that comes afterwards, for me. (I also do actual stretches for weight lifting when I'm done running too)

I wonder if I'm doing anything wrong. I had to take a break for two weeks because of covid until last weekend, this week I resumed again. On top of everything, I have a very hard restriction on carbohydrates that I've put for myself, I only eat a small olive filled pastry as breakfast, drink some fresh orange juice at lunch, and after the gym, I eat the only single meal in a day which is comprised of salad and chicken for the most days.

For the first time today, I felt like I was under ketosis. Even though my body had energy to move, my brain basically stopped working. I was having a hard time trying to form sentences in my native language. And there was a burning feeling in my pulsating brain. I hope it doesn't turn into something serious like glucose deficiency induced seizure lmao.
But I have to power through, there's no way to melt this protruding gut otherwise. And it only gets harder with years too. I should be getting ketones from the burned fat into my brain.

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