Regarding Shizune's Mother

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Regarding Shizune's Mother

Post by cerebralpolicy » Sun May 30, 2021 5:39 pm

Hi, I've been working on lengthy video essay on Katawa Shoujo (it's convoluted) for the past month. I am almost done my script but I have run into a question that is just off-putting. Where exactly is Shizune's mother? Is she dead, separated from Jigoro, or just off elsewhere? I really don't think she's dead myself, something like that would likely be mentioned. This leaves the latter two options, and a fourth - she's in Scotland. So the answer to "where" is less important than "why is she never mentioned."

I found an old thread but I don't want to necro it, it has good points but no satisfying answer. To me a messy split makes the most sense, and offers a simple explanation to the question of why she is never mentioned. Jigoro is a prideful man who doesn't seem to acknowledge his mistakes, as such it is reasonable to assume he would refuse to acknowledge the split, let alone divorce papers - so he would probably expect his children to ignore it as well. Of course this kicks it down the road, the new question is why wouldn't Hideaki or Shizune mention it. I would assume Hisao doesn't ask because he thinks it would be rude, but Hideaki and Shizune would be reasonably safe from retribution if they told Hisao.

Since Misha cannot keep secrets that well, the separation would need to have occurred before she wound up at Yamaku. At this point I can see I am going nowhere in this pursuit, figured I would ask here.

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Re: Regarding Shizune's Mother

Post by Oddball » Sun May 30, 2021 8:05 pm

When you ask, "Why is she never mentioned" keep in mind that Shizune doesn't talk about her father or brother until you see them either.
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Re: Regarding Shizune's Mother

Post by OtakuNinja » Mon May 31, 2021 6:01 am

Well Shizune doesn't really talk at all :wink: But to be honest I think it is as you say. They divorced in the past and it isn't brought up because it isn't relevant to the story at this point in time.
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Re: Regarding Shizune's Mother

Post by ProfAllister » Wed Jun 09, 2021 5:26 pm

There are many possible answers, and many possible interpretations. Based on what A22 has said when he makes posts here, he clearly had an intention in why he did it, but he sure as hell won't tell you what it is.

All kinds of speculation abound, as you alluded to with your reference to previous discussions. Case in point: there's a wedding picture over the bed in the guest room Hisao is staying. Why would there be a wedding picture in a guest room? Who are the people in the picture? Is it saying something about the sort of person Jigoro is, or simply an unintended detail they were stuck with using, seeing as they crowdsourced the background images?
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