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by Malagant
Thu Dec 08, 2011 2:11 pm
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Topic: Your natural choice
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Re: Your natural choice

The first time through, I played like an introvert who's not that interested in other people and who doesn't like to stick his nose in someone else's business. Which is pretty much what I'd do (and have done) in school IRL. I got the manly picnic, and I was actually a bit surprised at that. I had pl...
by Malagant
Wed Sep 21, 2011 3:55 am
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Topic: Misha's disabillity?
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Re: Misha's disabillity?

I'm pretty sure Misha is autistic. There are hints everywhere, like her constant pep and volume, to smaller things, like shaving away at the eraser on her pencil to get the top completely even. If you know the basic signs of autism it fits perfectly. I always thought it was kind of obvious. Eh, no....
by Malagant
Thu Jul 07, 2011 8:24 am
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Topic: Recommend a VN
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Re: Recommend a VN

Heh, now that we're talking about gruesome VNs anyway... Divi-Dead hasn't been mentioned yet. It's an oldie, made by the company that also created Discipline: the Record of a Crusade and Bible Black. Like the other two, Divi-Dead is also about mystery and supernatural themes, but it doesn't contain ...
by Malagant
Thu Oct 14, 2010 4:13 am
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Topic: If you *actually have* a physical disability, what is it?
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Re: If you *actually have* a physical disability, what is it?

Mine would be severe allergies. As in: serious risk of anaphylactic shock and other potentially fatal allergic reactions. As a child, I used to be severely allergic to nuts, pollen, and pretty much anything that came from animals, also including dairy products and hairs/fur/skin cells, etc. I outgre...